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Hasanly Hotel in Odega, Minnesota, USA.

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The door to SCP-0000 has been sealed shut, and all objects within are to remain undisturbed. Civilian knowledge regarding prior activity within SCP-0000 is to be suppressed with amnestics.

SCP-0000-1 is to be contained in a storage locker fitted with a Faraday Cage at Site-98.

Description: SCP-0000 is a spacial anomaly located within the Hasanly Hotel in Odega, Minnesota, USA, in the form of a room between the third and fourth floors of the hotel. SCP-0000 is not visible from the exterior of the hotel itself, and is only accessible through an unmarked door located in the south emergency stairwell.

SCP-0000 resembles an unfinished floor, with exposed pipes, wires, concrete walls, and pillars. The room does not contain windows, and possesses only one exit. Removal of surfaces at the adjacent floors will lead to the non-anomalous floor above or below. Analysis of the electrical and plumbing systems of the hotel have led to similar results. The definite location of SCP-0000 is unknown at this time.

At the time of its discovery, SCP-0000 contained a number of objects suggesting frequent occupation by an unknown individual between 1974 and 2017. The objects are as follows:

Designation Description
SCP-0000-1 Dell-brand laptop computer. Data was corrupted and unreadable at the time of discovery.
SCP-0000-2 Daewoo-brand refrigerator with an icebox. Contained moldy banana cake and swabs of human DNA in petri dishes at the time of discovery.
SCP-0000-3 1992 Mercedes-Benz 500E, black in color, with valid registration to the Hasanly Hotel. As no entrances exist within SCP-0000 large enough for a vehicle to enter, no extraction method could be devised. The vehicle was discovered in an operational state.

No plans regarding the construction of SCP-0000 could be found, and debriefing of hotel employees revealed a lack of knowledge regarding SCP-0000 or its purpose. Analysis of the DNA samples recovered from SCP-0000-1 matched prior hotel guests that have stayed at the Hasanly Hotel between 1974 and 2017.


The picture with the caption "Stacy".

Addendum 01: Following an attempt to extract data from SCP-0000-1, a collection of photographs were recovered, depicting the same woman. Analysis of the photographs revealed them to be non-anomalous. The woman in question was identified as Stacy Hunsaker, a maid employed by the Hasanly Hotel since 1995. Hunsaker, designated PoI-8922, was successfully interrogated at Site-98 on 8/13/2017.

During the interview, it was revealed that PoI-8922 did not possess any knowledge regarding the photos, instead expressing duress, confusion, and suspicion. PoI-8922 was administered Class-A amnestics and released.

Additionally, a computer program titled "HasanCam" was recovered in an operational condition. When activated, the program will access live footage from closed circuit television cameras within and outside of the Hasanly Hotel1. The program will only operate on SCP-0000-1; operation attempts on other computers have failed.

Experimentation regarding SCP-0000-1 outside of SCP-0000 has proven that the application will successfully connect to hotel cameras without an Internet connection, including when within a Faraday cage. Attempts to disable hotel cameras through power outages have failed; the cameras will begin to operate without a power source when accessed by the "HasanCam" program.

No other copies of the application have been found, and no knowledge regarding it exists among hotel personnel or management.

Addendum 02: Through access of hotel documentation, it was discovered that an individual named Wayne Burdusis frequently drove SCP-0000-3 during his employment at the Hasanly Hotel. Burdusis, designated PoI-8923, was located by Foundation personnel in San Joaquin, California, USA. PoI-8923 was interrogated at Site-48 on 9/25/2017 for possible knowledge regarding SCP-0000.

Interviewer: Agent Richard Rensink

Interviewed: PoI-8923

Date: 9/25/2017

Foreword: PoI-8923 was not notified of the discovery of SCP-0000-3 prior to the interview.

<Begin Log>

PoI-8923: So, who are you again, and what do you want to interview me for?

Rensink: My name is Richard, and I'd like to ask you about your prior employment at the Hasanly Hotel in Odega, Minnesota.

PoI-8923: That place? I haven't been there for a few years. What do you want to know?

Rensink: We need to know the period of time that you worked at the hotel. When did your employment start?

PoI-8923: It was in 1968. I just graduated from high school at that time, and needed steady work. I worked at that hotel for about four decades until I retired and moved to California.

Rensink: Why did you choose to continue your employment at the same hotel, Mr. Burdusis?

PoI-8923: It's a nice place to work, with fancy decor, good management, and you get a small pension if you retire after a lifetime of working there. Besides, I developed a very narrow set of skills that wouldn't work anywhere else, so I couldn't get another job if I quit.

Rensink: Have you owned a personal vehicle at any point?

PoI-8923: No, I didn't want to own a car. Too expensive. I had a driver's license, but no car. When I needed to drive, I would borrow a company car from the hotel.

Rensink: Do you remember the make and model of this vehicle?

PoI-8923: Yeah, it was a 70s Plymouth station wagon. It was meant as a family shuttle for guests, but I would take it on personal errands sometimes.

Rensink: Um, did you ever drive any other company car?

PoI-8923: When one of the maids, named Stacy, crashed the Plymouth, the hotel purchased a replacement car. This was during the period where they were trying to rebrand themselves as more upscale and luxurious. It didn't work. The rebranding, not the car. The car worked. The rebranding didn't.

Rensink: What was the make and model of the replacement car, Mr. Burdusis?

PoI-8923: I think it was a black German sedan. They got it in 1996. I had to drive that one instead, cause the hotel management insisted on having only one shuttle.

Rensink: Did the second company vehicle go missing at any point?

PoI-8923: It went missing in 2004, and the hotel ended up buying a passenger van as a replacement. I never drove that van, it was too high up and smelled like toddler piss.

Rensink: Let me change the subject. How well did you know the layout of the hotel?

PoI-8923: I still know every nook and cranny. Did you know there's a water fountain on the fifth floor that dispensed the coldest water in the building, and no one could figure out why? Even when they renovated the place, that fountain's water would be the coldest.

Rensink: The hotel underwent renovations before?

PoI-8923: Yeah, in 1974. They wanted to add an entire floor, but that went right out the window. I think the hotel didn't have enough money to finish, actually.

Rensink: One last question, Mr. Burdusis. When did you retire?

PoI-8923: 2014. They threw a big party with cake in the ballroom. It was banana cake, my favorite.

Rensink: That's all the time we have today, Mr. Burdusis. Thank you for your time.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: PoI-8923 was administered Class-A amnestics and released.

It was confirmed following the interview that SCP-0000-3 was purchased by the hotel in 1996. Prior to its acquisition, a Plymouth Gran Fury Sport Suburban was decommissioned by PoI-8922.

The Hasanly Hotel underwent attempted renovations in 1974, with the result believed to be the creation of SCP-0000. The cake discovered within SCP-0000-2 was verified to have been made in 2014.


A still frame from the footage in question. Taken at 6:25.

Addendum 03: On 10/11/2017, during routine testing of the "HasanCam" application on SCP-0000-1 at Site-98, a humanoid figure appeared in security footage entering SCP-0000 through its door. Of note was that the door was sealed shut prior to the footage being recorded. Foundation agents arrived at the entrance to SCP-0000, only to find the door still sealed. The humanoid figure only appeared in the application footage; no personnel present at the location perceived the figure.

The footage has been transcribed below.


<Begin Log>

[0:01] The south emergency stairwell is empty.

[0:23] A humanoid figure wearing a valet vest and hat walks up the stairs towards the entrance to SCP-0000.

[0:29] The figure appears to insert a key into the door, and opens it successfully.

[0:33] The figure enters SCP-0000, closing the door behind them.

At this point, Foundation personnel are alerted to the presence of the figure, and are dispatched to the hotel in an attempt to confront the intruder.

[4:06] A hotel employee walks past the door carrying a tray of food.

It is estimated that Foundation agents arrived at the 5:35 mark, carrying concealed weapons.

[5:37] The stairwell is empty. No agents are visible.

Due to the lack of agents visible, contact is made to ascertain that the agents are indeed stationed at the entrance to SCP-0000. They respond in the affirmative.

[6:18] The stairwell is still empty. The lights flicker.

The stationed agents report that the lights flickered at the same point in time as in the footage.

[7:59] The hotel employee from earlier walks down the stairwell with an empty tray.

[8:02] The employee pauses in front of the door to SCP-0000. They do not move.

The stationed agents report confronting a civilian at this point. The civilian answers that they are a hotel butler providing room service.

[8:45] The employee in the footage begins to walk down the stairs again.

The agents confirm that they have let the civilian leave at that point in time.

[12:20] The humanoid figure exits SCP-0000 carrying SCP-0000-2 in its arms. It turns around and shuts the door.

The stationed agents were notified of this development, but reported that no individual actually exited SCP-0000.

[12:28] The figure puts down SCP-0000-2 and appears to make an obscene gesture towards the camera.

[12:31] The figure shouts "Where's my computer? I know you have it!" towards the camera in a masculine voice.

The agents were notified, but reported not hearing any statements.

[12:35] The figure shouts an indiscernible statement as it picks up SCP-0000-2.

[12:39] The figure walks down the stairwell with SCP-0000-2.

The agents were notified of the figure walking down the stairs, and again reported a lack of individuals.

[12:43] The stairwell is now empty.

<End Log>

After 50 additional minutes, the agents were cleared to leave the hotel. None of the agents became visible through the HasanCam application at any point. Post-incident inspection of the camera involved did not reveal any defects.

Addendum 04: On 10/13/2017, a Ford E-350 passenger van was discovered in a ditch outside Odega, Minnesota, USA. It was discovered that the vehicle was registered to the Hasanly Hotel, and contained an empty Daewoo-brand mini-fridge. Foundation personnel confiscated the fridge from law enforcement, believing it to be SCP-0000-2, and delivered it to Site-98 for study. Analysis of the fridge revealed no anomalous properties.

The same day, a black Mercedes-Benz 500E resembling SCP-0000-3 was discovered in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Odega with a note attached to its front windshield. The note read as follows:

To Stacy,

Don't crash this one too.

It is of note that security footage of the area displayed the vehicle manifesting instantly in the parking lot at a time corresponding to the figure being present within SCP-0000 during the events of the video log detailed above. Further research revealed the apartment complex to be the legal address of PoI-8922.

On 10/16/2017, the entrance to SCP-0000 was unsealed successfully. SCP-0000-2 was discovered within the anomaly in an undisturbed state. SCP-0000-3 was not present.

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