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An MRI image of an SCP-0000 growth. [PLACEHOLDER]

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel stationed within public health institutions are to determine whether an individual is an SCP-0000-A instance through the following criteria:

  • Complaints from the individual about an alleged lack of "free will" regarding physical movement.
  • Sudden jerking movements.
  • A tumor resembling SCP-0000 appearing in X-rays of the individual's cranium.

If at least two of the above criteria are met, Foundation personnel are to notify the nearest Site, and arrangements for the transfer of the SCP-0000-A instance from civilian institutions are to be made, with amnestics administered as necessary.

Instances of SCP-0000-A are to be contained in separate standard humanoid containment cells, with weekly meetings with an on-site psychologist. During such meetings, the SCP-0000-A instance is to be physically restrained, and personnel are to wear standard hazmat suits.

SCP-0000-B is to be surrounded by a barrier, with entry prohibited to all civilians and Foundation personnel. Those assigned to monitor SCP-0000-B are not permitted to interact with its residents. SCP-0000-A-1480, SCP-0000-A-1495, and SCP-0000-A-1498 are the only residents permitted to exit SCP-0000-B temporarily, and are to be monitored remotely when doing so.

Extracted SCP-0000 growths are to be contained in high-security bio-hazard containers.

Description: SCP-0000 is a potent cranial infection with isolated sapient abilities over its human host. Physically, SCP-0000 resembles a tumor composed of yellow organic matter, with a large collection of thin tendrils affixing it to the surface of the frontal lobe. These tendrils perform different functions, including connecting SCP-0000 to the nervous system, siphoning blood and nutrients from nearby arteries and cells, and expelling spent blood cells through the veins.

Autopsies conducted on SCP-0000 tumors reveal them to operate under unknown means. Although requiring regular sustenance, SCP-0000 tumors possess a yellow plasma-like mass, which appears to operate as a "second brain", dictating the functions and actions of the individual affected with SCP-0000.

Victims of SCP-0000, designated SCP-0000-A, will have their muscular systems overwritten by SCP-0000, denying full bodily autonomy to sufferers. Although SCP-0000-A instances retain their senses and sapience1, the SCP-0000 tumor will possess the ability to override certain physical actions, and are able to determine and perform movements. As SCP-0000-A instances remain fully aware of their circumstances, the symptoms of SCP-0000 infection may cause distress and confusion.

Currently, its method of transmission and infection is unknown. SCP-0000-A instances are unable to infect others through direct contact or transmission of bodily fluids. Amputated SCP-0000 growths will not attempt to infect another host, instead remaining dormant.

It is of note that SCP-0000 prioritizes its own self-preservation, and will actively prevent SCP-0000-A instances from terminating themselves. Attempts to extract SCP-0000 growths from their host will result in the growth performing measures to make removal more difficult, often resulting in additional control over their host.

Discovery: The first known SCP-0000-A instance, designated SCP-0000-A-1, was discovered at a hospital in Positano, California, USA on 5/20/2013. News quickly spread in local media regarding a "deranged man claiming to lack free will" regarding its movements and actions. Photographs were eventually released displaying the SCP-0000 tumor, and Foundation personnel were successful in transporting SCP-0000-A-1 to Site-56 for further study.

On 7/11/2013, the second known instance of SCP-0000-A, designated SCP-0000-A-2, was discovered in Colorado, USA, and contained at Site-127. Previously, it was believed that SCP-0000-A-1 was the only human afflicted with SCP-0000; this belief has been altered accordingly.

Following these events, a total of 1,578 SCP-0000-A instances have been identified, with 1,220 currently contained alive.

Addendum 01: The following is a partial list of notable SCP-0000-A instances.


Given Name: Diego Fernsten

Notes: Through regular interviews, SCP-0000-A-1 expressed confusion and disarray, as it lacked knowledge regarding the reason to its new lack of bodily autonomy. Although expressing apprehension towards Foundation personnel, it eventually consented to surgery to remove the SCP-0000 growth from its brain after non-aggressive coercion from Site Director Palermo.

A surgery to remove SCP-0000 was scheduled to occur on 5/28/2013. However, when informed of the surgery, SCP-0000-A-1 became aggressive, and attempted to assault personnel. During this event, SCP-0000-A-1 verbally claimed that it did not oppose the surgery, stating that its actions at that moment were involuntary and dictated by SCP-0000.

Before the procedure, SCP-0000-A-1 was restrained to the operating table for its own safety. SCP-0000-A-1 consistently claimed a lack of responsibility for its own actions, blaming it on its SCP-0000 growth. When an attempt was made to administer anesthetics, SCP-0000-A-1 broke free from its restraints, and proceeded to violently attack personnel. It verbally apologized repeatedly during this event, claiming to literally not be "in control" of itself.

SCP-0000-A-1 underwent emergency termination by security personnel. A posthumous autopsy was conducted, and the dormant SCP-0000 tumor successfully removed. It is currently believed that the prior violent behavior of SCP-0000-A-1 was due to SCP-0000 exerting control over it to prevent its removal from its host.


Given Name: Diana O'Flynn

Notes: SCP-0000-A-37 was discovered in Belfast, Ireland on 9/14/2014, and is contained at Area-08 in the United Kingdom. A series of interviews were conducted successfully regarding its predicament.

On 9/21/2014, during preparation for surgery on SCP-0000-A-37 to remove its SCP-0000 tumor, a routine CT scan was performed. It was discovered that SCP-0000 had submerged into the frontal lobe in a manner that led to the growth of additional tendrils. These tendrils had burrowed deeper into the brain than had been previously recorded. The surgery was cancelled thereafter, with SCP-0000-A-37 being administered Class-B amnestics to remove any promises of treatment.

Currently, study of SCP-0000-A-37 has been postponed. It has been hypothesized that SCP-0000 inserted itself deeper into the brain with the intent to prevent its removal, while simultaneously gaining more control over its host.


Given Name: Dolores Ficarra

Notes: The legal spouse of Foundation Doctor Franklin Ficarra, SCP-0000-A-579 was admitted to Site-48 on 12/13/2018 after its husband recognized its symptoms of SCP-0000 infection. SCP-0000-A-579 was forbidden access to knowledge regarding its condition, to prevent SCP-0000 from exerting further control over its host in self-defense.

Through interviews, SCP-0000-A-579 expressed that its condition began "last year", and refrained from discussing its condition out of fear. Precautionary screenings of its family did not reveal any other SCP-0000-A instances.

On 1/4/2019, Dr. Ficarra attempted an unauthorized interaction with SCP-0000-A-579. The incident log has been transcribed below.

Following this event, Dr. Ficarra's productivity declined sharply. On 1/8/2019, Dr. Ficarra was administered Class-C amnestics and was told that his spouse had died in a vehicular accident, in order to restore his productivity.

A posthumous autopsy conducted on SCP-0000-A-579 revealed that its SCP-0000 tumor had replaced an estimated 17% of its brain matter, with tendrils attached to its spinal column and ocular sockets. This result closely resembled that of SCP-0000-A-412, SCP-0000-A-433, and SCP-0000-A-510.


Given Name: Dani Fukuzawa

Notes: SCP-0000-A-815 was discovered in Fukuoka, Kyushu Island, Japan, at an unknown date. Currently, SCP-0000-A-815 is contained at Site-29 in South Korea.

The SCP-0000 tumor within the brain of SCP-0000-A-815 has replaced an estimated 35% of its matter, with tendrils expanding down its spine. Despite this, SCP-0000-A-815 continues to display its own sapience and awareness separate to that of SCP-0000.

The following interview was conducted at an unknown date. Due to a native language barrier, this interview was conducted entirely in English.

Although international Foundation personnel were able to verify the existence of SCP-0000-A-815, no records of this interview exist outside of this document.

Addendum 02: A community of SCP-0000-A instances was discovered in a gated complex in Saskatchewan, Canada on 2/14/2020. Designated SCP-0000-B, this community consisted of forty-five SCP-0000-A instances, displaying precise coordination between each instance. It is presumed that their SCP-0000 growths are able to communicate between each other, although their means of doing so are unknown.

The buildings within SCP-0000-B are arranged with a courtyard and garden in the center of the complex. Electricity and water is provided by local municipal services, paid through the employment of SCP-0000-A-1480, SCP-0000-A-1495, and SCP-0000-A-1498 with outside businesses.

During interviews, the residents of SCP-0000-B expressed acceptance over their condition, and often expressed gratitude towards their SCP-0000 infections for the strict schedule it imposed on them.

An interview with an SCP-0000-B resident has been provided below.


Given Name: Darius Flanagan

Notes: SCP-0000-A-1477 arrived at SCP-0000-B under the guidance of its SCP-0000 growth on 8/11/2019. SCP-0000-A-1477 has been "assigned" the job of transcribing historical records regarding the SCP-0000-B community.

Immediately following the interview, it was discovered that Researcher Bradley contracted an SCP-0000 growth. Although the method of infection is still unknown, Bradley was made physically unable to leave SCP-0000-B. Bradley was designated SCP-0000-A-1578 and is currently contained within the community.

Due to this development, Foundation personnel are forbidden from entering SCP-0000-B under any circumstances, and research into SCP-0000-B is currently suspended.

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