The Gospel of Lightfeather: The Hymn of Lord Bright

Author: EtinjatEtinjat
Translator: JochoiJochoi
Source: SCP-CN
Link: 辉羽宝卷——圣教会苏生明王偈
Original book: 琅嬛福地藏书阁 / Library of the Blessed Land

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Black moon howling in the wild, demons hiding in the night

Sudden sounds of chimes and laud, dark clouds shattered in white light

Glare climbs through glass into minds, sage stone gleaming High King's sight

For time be born Messiah, praise in unison Lord Bright

With Him are the Ancestors, His words be Texts' first chapters

Pagans lost their faith in wars, people cultured in prosper

When hellfire swept the world, Four Horsemen lured predators

Faint cries mixed in the cold wind, 孰蛰昏秽起彷徨

Prayed Almighty to pour rain, sought Guixu for tabooed power










With your wisdom Eden's built, in your faith we're your servants

May glister crowds win the Sun, sincerely we praise Lord Bright

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