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Welcome welcomee within my Indo sando boxo

Kheline is me name and yes I said the same thing. Still got no shame

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Some Pointers!!

  • If scp is chosen to be an official scp / tale one day, the tab will gone and a link for it will be shown within a separate tab.
  • If my stuff is plagiarize or stolen concepts to which have all the points down detail with mine, I will definitely show the date of document shown within my microsoft word document of such project. And wish for the plagiarize project to be taken down or else further assult procedure approval from community staff will be requested.
  • If curious or wanting to contact me, good luck and please ask in person for contact.
  • If reviewing, I hope I did justice. carry on.
  • Translated spcs into bahasa indonesia (or the other way around) within this page of mine will probably not be as professionally translate by yours trully.


Indonesian Translations /
Penjermahan Bahasa Indonesia

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