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SCP-233-JP - 押入れの冒険 / Adventures in the Closet

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Item #: SCP-233-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: Site-8136, in which SCP-233-JP is located, is to be disguised as an office building of Foundation front companies to prevent neighbors from invasion and attention. Doors of SCP-233-JP (hereafter SCP-233-JP-1) have been removed and stored in the Standard Containment Chamber in Site-8181. No experiments with SCP-233-JP is to be allowed at present, except with permission of O5 Personnel.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-233-JPが存在するサイト-8136は財団フロント企業のオフィスビルとして外見を偽装し、近隣住民の侵入と注意を引くことを防止してください。SCP-233-JPの扉(以下SCP-233-JP-1)は取り外され、サイト-8181の標準的収容室に保管されています。現在SCP-233-JPを用いた実験はO5職員の許可がない限り禁止されています。

Description: SCP-233-JP is a closet approximately 0.83 m2 in area, at a private house (former Saiga Residence) assigned as Site-8136, in ████████ City, ████████ Prefecture, Japan. When living thing enters into SCP-233-JP and SCP-233-JP-1 is closed behind them, metallic door (hereafter SCP-233-JP-2) appears on the wall of SCP-233-JP. The outside of SCP-233-JP-2 is connected to another dimension (hereafter SCP-233-JP-A) which differs from the present one (hereafter the Basis Dimension). Coordinates of the destinations change at random within Kanto Region of Japan in SCP-233-JP-A, with trend to be in "dark, narrow, and hideaway place".
説明: SCP-233-JPはサイト-8136に指定された████県████市の民家(旧犀賀さいが邸)内の和室に存在する、面積半畳の押入れです。SCP-233-JP内に生物が入り、SCP-233-JP-1を閉めると、SCP-233-JP内の壁面に金属製の扉(以下SCP-233-JP-2)が出現します。SCP-233-JP-2の外は、通常の次元(以下基底次元)とは異なる次元(以下SCP-233-JP-A)に接続されます。接続先の座標は「SCP-233-JP-A内に存在する日本の関東圏」の範囲でランダムに変化しますが、「暗く、狭く、人目につかない場所」である傾向があります。

When SCP-233-JP-1 is opened, SCP-233-JP-2 disappears immediately, and objects passing it is bisected by the wall of SCP-233-JP. When SCP-233-JP-1 is opend from the inside, SCP-233-JP-2 in SCP-233-JP-A doesn't move, and personnel are able to return to the Basis Dimension via SCP-233-JP. However, if SCP-233-JP-1 is opened from the outside, location of SCP-233-JP-2 in SCP-233-JP-A moves to random coordinate, making difficult to return for personnel who entered.

Though geography and cultures are remarkably similar to ones of the Basis Dimension, evidences of massive destruction by unidentified occasion can be observed. Japanese nationals in SCP-233-JP-A are put under a wartime martial law like WW2 by "the Temporary Government", (Valid government of Japan has ceased its functions.) and people all over the world have been led to the similar situations. It is considered that population has been greatly decreased, and the Foundation contacted with normal mankind in only █ cases. Besides, contact with "the Temporary Government" has been unsuccessful.

Furthermore, there are some endemic species (hereafter SCP-233-JP-3) that don't exist in the Basis Dimension. Instances of SCP-233-JP-3 measure 8 m long, have subdued flesh color bodies, and are similar to reptile in morphology. They walk on two legs, and hostile against mankind. Usual firearms are effective to kill SCP-233-JP-3, but their bodies are so tough as to tend to cause significant damages; it is to be made principle to avoid combat. Instances of SCP-233-JP-3 are unable to open any doors, or use devices or tools since they are incapacious, but their sensitive organs are so developed as to complicate getaway; personnel are to avert them carefully when encountered.

Inhabitants of the former Saiga Residence have not been confirmed in public records since 19██; they are regarded as the missing. Though neighbor residents also have not seen them for the same period, management of the residence has been entrusted up-front to a civil property management service company, a security company, and a homemaker service company until 20██, keeping the former Saiga Residence as it was at the time. After 19██,





+ 探索記録233-JP-06 アクセス拒否

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