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SCP-614-JP - The Enterable Televideo

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Item #: SCP-614-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-614-JP has been stored in the locker #423, low-risk object storage chamber at the second floor of Researching Ridge 2, Site-8109. The object is to be kept away from electric source unless under the experiment. SCP-614-JP-1 has been kept in the locker #424 in the said storage chamber. The instance is to be dealt in a way, which is appropriate for common VHS cassettes to long-term storage, and under appropriate environment, to avoid from damage or aged deterioration. The instance is not to be slipped into SCP-614-JP or any image producing device unless under the experiment.

Description: The appearance of SCP-614-JP coincides with a television with a built-in VHS cassette recorder released by Hitachi, Ltd. in 1978. Also, the functions of the instance are similar to the said model except for its anomalous property. There is no discrepancies between its production number and production log of Hitachi, Ltd., but investigation has revealed that an unidentified mechanism is attached to its interior.

SCP-614-JP is activated while it is playing a VHS cassette via its function as a videocassette recorder. When SCP-614-JP activated, individuals are enabled to insert their body into the chassis through its screen. Subsequently, the individuals will experience teleportation into a space (referred to as "footage space" below) which duplicates a situation the video was taken1. Footage spaces is assumed to be in another universe due to unsuccess of tracing via any devices. However, subjects are able to act at their direction — they can touch objects and communicate with people in the footage space in a way which they do those in our universe. Also, the subjects are able to return to our universe in arbitrary timing2. No attempts to bring back anything from the footage space is have yet succeeded. Any attempt to return subjects, who has remained in the footage space until a VHS cassette is played to the last, to our universe has not yet succeeded.

Log for entering experiment into footage space is stored at Shelf-002, Division-W1, Data Room-3, in forms of visual data provided by taking a video of SCP-614-JP's screen, data from devices which D-class personnel have equipped, and those personnel's testimonies. This report extracts some from the said experiment log.

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Research Assistant Shibano's Personnel File

Registered as: SHIBANO, Koreyuki

Occupation / Position: Researcher / Research Assistant

Security Clearance: Level-2

Specialization:Sociological physics, Oceanographical economics, Applied chemical mathematics

History: Research Assistant Shibano majored in Department of ████████ Science, Faculty of █████████, ███████ Postgraduate Institute and submitted his master's thesis, titled "Nuclear Fusion at Freezing Temperature via Tabletop Seasoning and String Telephones — Analysis and Practice via Utilizing Fur Seal Fat and Ways for Averting Neighborhood Trouble". After taking master's degree, he has worked for a common civilian company by putting his experience to use. But his thesis pulled the Foundation's attention and phenomena described in the thesis was assumed to relate to an unidentified anomalous object, then the Foundation made contact with him to ask temporal cooperation.The said object was secured successfully and designated as SCP-███-JP.

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