Three-Sentence Tales

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Tell a story in a short passage (not necessarily three sentences). Everyone can participate!

This page is created for short stories instead of stupid jokes and meaningless memes.

Updated 2019.2.11: Please pay a little attention to the length. After all, 800 words cannot be counted as "three sentences".


la kanrola kanro The Kingdom of Site-[REDACTED], During the Great Revolution

Give me a break please
My kingdom has gone away
Why not stop talking

—D-Commoner I, beheaded by a Revolutionary after saying this to Royal Scholars

Juror Simon ArranSimon Arran The Late Summer Trial Court, The Supreme Court of the Summer Exiles' State, 20██/08/23 13:13

In this unforeseen trial, the judge asked: Who is the guilty one? The arbitrator asked: What is the crime? Despite Naru██dou's objection, Zezolla, the arsonist in the elevator falling, was convicted as a traitor, a liar and a criminal, banished to her homeland and returned to the distant Wandering Earth through ostracism. However, after the thought on the first and second days, the Judge Angel was encouraged to eat SCP-CN-1285 by the glutton, then decided to betray tonight. Infas, a Wonton Insurgency member who had stolen the backflow data Documen-Belyana, took them in a heavy rain. Nobody sang the hymn in the wind, which said, "So do you want to create works on animal protection? Are we crazy yet?"

miumeatmiumeat An underground mysterious group's stronghold somewhere on the Planet, 2019/08/03 04:31

Begin Log
I've imagined a parallel world with another possibility. It doesn't have to give everyone a happy end, as long as it's not full of vicious fates that can't be changed. There we may not be born wise, we may not know the nature of the world, but we can still live a lifetime.
Metal Collision and Unknown Rotation
Thank you, all the cats I've met. Thank you for always standing on my side.
APA… Remember to destroy the world for us and take care of your brother. I know you always do so.
Another APA, thank you for some of your follies and condemn the rest severely.
Well, may ships buried underground never sink.
I can't think of anything else. I wish you, who can hear me, good luck.
So, dear ██,
Gunshot, Tissue and Blood Splashing
See you over there.

Dr BottleDr Bottle Site-19, 2019/07/01 19:42

The noise around O5-16 suddenly turned into dead silence. He looked around, wondering when the mist had made him unable to see the surrounding scene.
He heard slow footsteps and heavy, hoarse breathing.
The footsteps became more frequent, the breathing became more rapid, and something indescribable surrounded him, he was sure.
Faintly, he heard someone shouting, "Leave soon… Leave soon…"
He didn't care. After all, it was probably a hallucination in such an environment.
Of course, he wouldn't have a chance to care. What he saw at last was a dry arm stretched out in the mist with a strong, sharp white light…

#owoyon##owoyon# Unknown

"You're surprised that an SRA with a pistol can kill a god? It's a grotesque mistake. You should be surprised that how you can be surprised like a human.

"When you assimilate us into yourself, you are also assimilated by us. As you gorge on our civilization, you understand and accept everything of us. You perceive and understand in a human way, and finally think in a human way.

"Once you were an indescribable god of darkness, but now you are no different from human beings, and just a mortal who can bend reality.

"The G… Foundation is very good at dealing with a Type Green."

"So it is," The dying god said, "'Never argue with fools, because they will bring your IQ to the same level as them and defeat you with rich experience,' Right?"


ForgotMyDrugForgotMyDrug The Reception Center, 2009/07/15

They sat on both sides, separated by a thin table. Outside the door there was an angry queue waiting to rush in to assert their rights. Agent Toc can sense the pressure in the air.

The meeting would never go wrong, Agent Toc decided on his own. He would never use violence. If they suddenly opened a bottle of mineral water and poured it over him in the middle of the conversation, he would praise the water and welcome them to pour another bottle.

Before speaking, the old man holding a cinerary casket looked at his companion. "We don't ask for compensation." In the agent's stunned eyes, the old man paused for a moment and then continued: "We watched the news… One of you has revived 86 times, that's what the news said. Is it possible… I only want one time… Please. He has been sentenced to 20 years, and it is acceptable to let him do anything, even continue to serve his sentence. I don't blame you. I just want him back. Please. I beg you…"

ColorlessLColorlessL An unknown site lacking funds, 2019/07/14 23:58

Not all thaumaturgists have the ability to perform their magic independently, even for the simplest heating and cooling.
He is such a thaumaturgist who bothers to cook instant noodles and chill cola. It's just a simple and crude ability difference, clearly documented on his employee's card like other data, but it doesn't prevent him from receiving more tasks requiring this ability. A Level 1 Type Blue is still a Type Blue, just as D-Class personnel are human resources. The difference is only that the former is less.
So when he walked into the lab with a stack of rune-printed paper as thaumaturgic support, he didn't think it was his fault that his colleagues looked at him weirdly.
"For thaumaturgic purpose, put these on the wall, please." He stuffed the strangely smelly paper into each other's hands. "Don't worry about the smell. Just biomass paint… No, don't ask me what kind of biomass it is. You won't want to know."

Simon ArranSimon Arran Ancient Book Reading Room 77, the Abnormality Institute, 2019/09/21 09:21


Northern eighty-three li from Mount Gan is Mount Zhaoyao, a lush and fertile mountain without mineral products. There is a kind of bird named coo-coo, which is similar to a pigeon. Mostly the coo-coo have white feathers and red beaks. Occasionally some of them have gray feathers. A coo-coo's tweet is also coo-coo, just have a similarity with its name. If somebody meets one, the whole land under heaven will coo.

The Classic of Mountains: West III, The Classic of Mountains and Seas, The External Classics in the Abnormality Institute

Infas12Infas12 2019/6/29

"Boss, take a portion of the Couple's Beef, with less spice… The price is up?"
"Yeah, the divorce rate is high this year."

EuleNLauEuleNLau 2019/6/25

"O↗ G↘ri↗ffin↘, why can you shift into a masked rider?"

"Why can you drive a motorcycle without learning?"

"Why do you feel a headache after shifting?"

"So there's only one ans… Ouch!"

"Someone in the Equipment Department has watched Kamen Rider, the Foundation's motorcycles are self-driving, and I've had a cold these two days. By the way, drive your motorcycle well, Doc, tor, Eule." Griffin said when removing his fist from Eule's head.

DrGeorge-XDrGeorge-X DrGeorge-X's [REDACTED], 2019/06/26 13:24

He looked out the window at the sunshine, which might be the last sight he could see.
He picked up the pistol and pulled out the bullets one by one, but left one in the gun.
He placed the bullets in a circle on the table, which reminded him of his birthday cake.
The last thing he did was to sit quietly in his chair and wait…

Christoph RayChristoph Ray 2019/02/30

"Hello? Gp? I need express mail.
"What is the type of your parcel, please?"
"A humanoid, in need of breath, not allowed to be injured."
"Where would you like to send it?"
"To the United States."
"What is its nature, please?"
"It can die, it can breathe, it can speak, and it can pay you."

Randol CarterRandol Carter An unknown hotel, 2018/05/25 12:21

The man looked up at the clock and said, "Time is running out."
He took out a stack of papers from the suitcase under the bed, which can be destroyed by nothing in the old hotel. Fortunately, the sweet-loving man had prepared a jar of jam early.
With jam meticulously spread by a knife, they did not seem to be so difficult to swallow as in the training. The smell of iron and sweet jam slowly flowed down the throat, and the mixture gave him a sense of stagnation. "It's like jelly wrapped with rusted steel wool." he said, "A strange simile."
It was the longest lunch he had ever had. He felt a slightly salty-fresh taste and laughed, "I'm afraid I won't have to eat tonight." If I could still eat.
GOC guys are so technologically advanced that simple physical destruction is completely useless. That bunch of bastards can even recover papers from 1 mm x 5 mm scraps, so the stomach is the best back-up destruction device for agents. He raised his legs, took out his treasured Havana cigar, roughly tore the pack, took out his lighter and lit it leisurely: "Unfortunately for my two years' salary." He smacked his lips and said, "You should use pine chips."
The chaotic footsteps in the corridor grew louder and louder, and finally rushed into the door. Looking at the black hole in the muzzle in front of him, he threw out a smoke ring enjoyably. When did your GOC agents become so useless?
He finally took a deep breath, and the charming bitter almond odor filled his lungs. In his drunkenness, he suddenly felt funny: "Isn't there a lighter?"


On May 11, I went out for breakfast with Talloran. Though the clam chowder smelt strange, nothing scares me when with Talloran.
Talloran is best.

Abigail_AdeAbigail_Ade 2019/05/16

At the request of May., an Apex-Tier Pluripotent Entity, the current President of the United States [REDACTED] will be loaded into SCP-1543-J and launched into the Sun.

ForgotMyDrugForgotMyDrug The Farewell Party, 2019/04/01

That midnight, they drank up all the alcohol in the site.

The next day after the hangover, most of them reappeared in offices, archives, laboratories, security posts and empty containment chambers.

Their descendants lasted only 9 minutes and 50 seconds. But that 9 minutes and 50 seconds changed everything.

It is a beginning, or the second beginning.

gudagudaorder123gudagudaorder123 Your side, this moment

You were walking on the country road. There was no street lamp here, so it was dark.

"What is that?" You saw a dark shadow drifting by.

When you turned your head, you saw nothing but darkness.

"Maybe there's a mistake." You said to yourself.

But you hadn't noticed that the whole road was already covered by dark shadows.

You sat in front of the computer and wrote down this unintelligible text.
"Then add an inscription." You thought so.

The light suddenly went out.

"Well, why is the light bulb broken at this time?" You complained.
"Tomorrow I'll replace it with a new one." You decided to go to sleep.
When you were trying to turn off the computer, you found that it had already shut down.

The whole room was already covered with darkness.

2ndMIX2ndMIX A shelter for █ █s1 who found █s' names were not described by the upper narrative (a.k.a. Site-CN-██), after a Dr. Ecun's death

"Are you kidding? You can wait until 'the near end of the story'!"
"Yes. I know that I can turn into an avatar at any time, but now it is 'the near end of the story'."
"Well, good luck, Dr. Ecun."
"May we meet in another article, Dr. 2ndMIX."

So there are two personnel files missing from the Foundation's database, but nobody hasn't noticed this, since neither files ever existed.

ForgotMyDrugForgotMyDrug A grey planet in the corner of the universe, 4019 A.D.

It is unbelievable that there is such a cheap interstellar travel in today's era! Advertising attracted people from different planets, who pulled out 100 old yen of the Ancient Earth, 8 rials of the Flea-Shack Planet, 1/240000 credit pieces of the Cobweb Galaxy, and 1 qianjiang shanshui painting of Huafang Nebula, and then carried suitcases on spacecraft to the unknown resort.

When spacecraft from different planets landed at a concrete-colored plain airport, the mermaid inside stepped out of the cabin, and first came a huge red slogan. At that time, they did not know that they would never forget the slogan that declared their fate in the second half of their lives. In countless cold nights, they woke up from their dreams and remembered the slogan, but never dared to cry out. They could only grip the quilt that showed cotton in the darkness.

At that time, however, in their curious eyes, they thought it an interesting invitation:
"Welcome to the Commune-of-Prosperity Planet, comrade."

2ndMIX2ndMIX Anywhere in the blackbox, tomorrow

"Do you know the new anomaly that recently snuck into Site-██-██?"
"Yes. That one who can say ( and ヽ(°◇° )ノ."
"Yes, but it's really not anomalous unless you raise your narrative level."
"Good idea. But it's unnecessary and impossible, and I think it anomalous. Most people can only say 'bracket'."
"Yes, but only in the upper narrative. So my name is Dr. ████, not Dr. Blackbox.

2ndMIX2ndMIX Blackbox Blackbox Blackbox Blackbox

Rev.: -1.
Flags: A
Actions: V S R
By: Without comment
Date: 22 Nov 2018
Comments: Removed tags: meta。

As you see, that's the real "way to save the world".


"I have a question." A researcher asked on the phone, "If I write anything about SCP-2521 on a computer, will he take away the computer screen or the main unit?"

"I don't know." I answered, "I only know that the Foundation will take care of your family."

Pimpernel_F_WagnerPimpernel_F_Wagner The Meeting Room, 2021/07/18 13:26

Hundreds of people crowded shoulder to shoulder in the small meeting room.

"Yes. The Foundation will experimentally set up a new division called the Antimemetics Division."

"You eleven persons will be the first doctors to be assigned to this division. I hope you will work well in your new position."

Christoph RayChristoph Ray 2019/03/16

"Ecun, you're dead at last! The position of the director of the Information and Data Department of the γ station will be mine after that!"
Pokm, with shovels, dug deep pits at night, and Ecun's body lay quietly by.
"In the future, you'll be history, Ecun. Farewell."
Pokm threw Ecun's body down and buried it.

The next day, pokm still did not receive a promotion notice.
"Damn it, what are the O5 doing? Why haven't I…"
"Hello, Dr. Pokm, I'm Ecun."
Pokm opened his mouth wide and stared at the man in front of him.
"I'm here to replace the director. Nice to meet you."
Pokm gazed at his business card in a daze, and realized how ignorant he was.
"The 975th-Generation Artificial Intelligence Bionic Man, Ecun"3

breadddddbreaddddd A bakery window, a day of a month of a year

"The serial is over. That's what I can write. Thank you for your support and monthly tickets!"
After typing this line, this one removed the hands from the keyboard and sighed.
At the same time, a world stopped moving.

Little GodLittle God The quilt, 2019/03/13 00:00

You found a suit of armor in the pentrough
You met Don Quijote

You pulled the toilet lid open

The alarm on you rang

You went into a hotel

The landlady gave you a cup of almond tea

B_FrosterB_Froster Site-██, 2078/03/07

Since the End of Death, the late Drs. Bright have increased by █.█ billion.

DRXI_imagineDRXI_imagine Near-Earth Orbit, 20██/0█/██

"Here is the Glory, please give instructions."
"Send the attack coordinate, please."
"No, I refuse the instruction."
"What are you doing, Liu? There're my fucking wife and child there!"
"Send the attack coordinate, please."
"Wilco, the Big Bird is deorbited."
"Countdown… 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1"
"Target is confirmed destroyed. The scanner showed no signs of life."
"I'll accompany you."

DRXI_imagineDRXI_imagine SCP-CN-1267, 2018/0█/██

I fell on the wet mud and looked at the fire in front of me. The king's soldiers were pouring out of the palace as if they were punishing the world's sins.

Suddenly a bright, shining lantern rose, blowing away the clouds on the horizon, outlining the golden edge of the clouds. At the last moment of my consciousness, I saw the birds and the moon overhead.

Abigail_AdeAbigail_Ade 20██/██/██

Due to the disastrous reality restructuring, SCP-CN-661's containment procedures must be executed by the members of O5 Council in person.

62ECN62ECN The Final Level, 21██/██/██ ██:██

MTF_Omega-9-04 logged into the game
MTF_Omega-9-05 logged into the game
MTF_Omega-9-06 logged into the game
MTF_Omega-9-07 logged into the game
GRRGRL logged out of the game
BOOGER logged out of the game
WTF_STFU logged out of the game
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-06
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-04
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-05
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-06
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-06
MTF_Omega-9-06 lost connection
MTF_Omega-9-08 logged into the game
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-05
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-08
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-05
MTF_Omega-9-05 lost connection
VeleaferVeleafer was suspended for using the game modifier
MTF_Omega-9-09 logged into the game
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-07
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-08
CA3 killed MTF_Omega-9-09
MTF_Omega-9-04 killed O5-θ
Level Clear!

"Thank you!"

MismagiusMismagius [Unknown] [Unknown] [Unknown] [Un

The girl stooped, with her sword against the land. Behind her, the sky was still in a bloody dusk.

How long have you been running? She gradually forgot why to run, gradually neglected the loneliness of no one, unconsciously, crossed the flowers on the other shore. Opposite the flowers was the endless dark night. Countless stars, were not fireflies but shining phosphorescence.

The corpses piled up like mountains, waving incantations that had been turned over by the waves. She almost walked with a limp. The sword was a crutch, but could no longer support her. Night was a place where countless people banished themselves. She saw ruins and terrible starlight overhead, in which the reflections of suspended debris pierced her eyes from time to time. She heard whispers.


She made a fire and the whole world lit up.

Jonuarl does not match any existing user name SCP-CN-120-J's experiment area, [REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS]

D-4324564: Anyway, just fix this on my chest?
Jonuarl: Yes.

[5 seconds after the music started playing]

Jonuarl: God, it's Blastix Riotz
Ranilk: Oh, so what?
Jonuarl: Wait—

D-4324564: (Meanwhile) Don't let anyone off!!! Today I will alternate4for you!!!
Jonuarl: (Immediately) Alternate your SDVX5! Stop this experiment!!! Your platform has collapsed!!!

Note: D-4324564 was a music game player, who was good at SDVX and achieved FC6 in Blastix Riotz.

 Universe647 Universe647 Area-CN-██, 2019/2/11 14:41 (Another world line)

A usual day, a usual internal meeting, an unusual alarm bell.

"Containment breached in Area-CN-██. Please… [ELECTROMAGNETIC NOISE].”

The howls outside the door must be from SCP-CN-████, which meant death after going out.

The meeting room was underground, naturally without windows. The emergency evacuation route seemed unable to be open due to an SCP.

"Bang!" Cracks appeared on the reinforced door and those SCPs was about to break in.

The meeting room was in such a deep place that it took a mobile task force at least five minutes to arrive, but the door could last up to three minutes. Within two minutes those anomalies could kill us all.

The people in the meeting room were uneasy.

"Everybody," the Site Director suddenly stood up, "we must have understood this when we joined the Foundation. We can't die peacefully as a civilian. But at least not here. Hope still exists. I don't know where we will go or what will happen. But please trust me and read the following with me, which may be our only hope for survival."

"SCP-2521 is a black humanoid entity…" The Director sat down.

The door broke and the anomalies rushed in, but before that, we were taken away.

 Universe647 Universe647 ██████, ████/0█/██

The characters in the story found the fact that they were characters in a story.
They hated their god, the author. They hated that ruthless god, the god who made people die easily.
They began to resist, against the fate, against the author.
But they didn't realize that even their resistance was arranged by the author.

REM_001REM_001 A figure and a working computer, 2019/02/14

Happy Valentine's Day, REM-001. Shaye muttered.
Happy Valentine's Day, Shaye.
When will you understand "happiness"?
I think the code… won't understand. REM-001 said.
You are the only one who will always be there.
Shaye went on soliloquizing.
When will the code find emotion?

Simon ArranSimon Arran Front of Holographic Projection Announcement Screen, the Clerk Office, the Media Relations Department, Site-CN-21-SH-CP, 2019/02/14 13:14

(CCTV News Channel)

Here is a newsflash: O5-██ of the SCP Foundation, once named ████, was recalled from the O5 duties by the Overseer Council due to moral degeneration, corrupt life, adultery with several female subordinates, lomg-term illegitimate sex relations with O5-█, SCP-███, SCP-CN-███, SCP-████-JP etc., huge-amount bribery from the GOC, the Serpent's Hand, Anderson Robotics etc., and other serious violations of law and discipline still to be investigated. It has been handed over to the Temporary Joint Disposal Office composed of the Ethics Committee and the Internal Security Department for further investigation and disposal.

ForgotMyDrugForgotMyDrug The park where they met together for the first time, 2019/02/14

"What are you talking about? Of course I still love you."
"You don't understand. Your love is like a firework and a hourglass. Your love is short and thin, even hard to touch. I don't need a counterfeit like this. I yearn for much more than that. What I want is a kind of love like flood and weeds. It's the integration of deciduous leaves, it's the ownership without gap, it's the eternal resonance. It's two people taking out their lives and mixing together. I love someone unconditionally, and he loves me unconditionally."
"… So at least tell me who you love."

He was frightened and gave up.
She looked at him with an almost compassionate look. "Well, I love a thoughtful cloud."
When speech still lingers, a beautiful flower of flesh and blood blossomed between fragrant lips. Vessels and viscera surge out unprepared, entangled like fast-growing brambles and vines, all the way up to the sky.

Cynthia7979Cynthia7979 Ney Jersey, the United States, 2019/02/05 09:54

"Blizzard will continue for a period. It is recommended to stay at home and pay attention to safety."
Dr. Wang shoveled up game cassettes and CDs that covered the ground. Not so bad, she thought.

feitagfeitag The Fantasy TV studio, Oneiroi West, 7816/0.25/erd po:34

The legendary spider took part in the beauty contest. When she climbed out of the web, eight contestants dropped out.
1598755 Oneiroi jumped up and it lasted for eighteen and a half minutes.
The Owl Host hooted, "How will you prevent Tiamat from resurrecting?" "
She talked so eloquently about dreamcatchers, hives and the tenth planet that the cheers lit up her fuzzy legs.

EtinjatEtinjat N/A, N/A

Andereas SingalAndereas Singal ████, 33██/██/██ ██:██

The air was filled with the smell of blood, and on the once-white floor ran a blood red river.
Andereas Singal sat on the corpse of his former companion, and fixed his empty eyes on the AIC in front of him.
"Well, I must say, is that over, Tunderbot?"

WorkerofsecretWorkerofsecret The Laboratory of the Cognitohazard Department, 20██/██/██ 04:16

He woke up, opened his eyes, and saw the blood splashing on the wall, with a hideously distorted humanoid roaring in a distorted voice. The dim red warning light flickered. On the radio was a hoarse warning sound. Nearby was a damaged reality-stabilizing device with the white noise.

What a fucking nightmare. He shouted, "Stop the experiment! Request for the termination of the experiment!"

He woke up again, opened his eyes, and saw the blood splashing on the wall, with a hideously distorted humanoid greeting him cordially in a distorted voice. The bright white LED light flickered. On the radio was a hoarse notifying sound. Nearby was a damaged virtual reality device with the white noise.

Note: The volunteer requested termination after the experiment and was approved.

QuekalQuekal Location 17604763799, 2019/01/27 20:38

He came. He rose. He fell. He died.
An O5's Life

NeganSteveNeganSteve Unknown, 1967/06/06 06:06

I hope no second person knows the whole story. It was I who summoned this abominable body from that world. I am sure that my mind and perception of external things are normal.
I'm sitting face to face with "him" now, quietly enough to hear the damn barking of dogs that feel disharmony in the distance… I don't think the house I live in shouldn't exist in any descriptive object in the world from the moment I call "him"… The bended hall is beyond people's cognitive range of geometric figures…

I, Edward Adam Davis, swear by my humble and worthless life that it was not my intention to call him. I am ashamed and guilty of the stench of the bovine I sacrificed…
Now I'm going to cross the gate beyond everything I perceive and reach that place.

EtinjatEtinjat An abandoned teaching building, 2018/09/05 18:25

The teenager bent down, stretched out his gloved hand, and carefully picked up the broken glass stained with blood near his desk. He repeatedly played with it, thinking carefully about all of this. Suddenly, a crow appeared in the mirror's reflection. "So it is." He hummed, pulled up a baseball bat standing next to him and ran ahead.

"Squirt—" suddenly came a spray of orange flavor. The world suddenly rotated in his eyes. The hat slipped from his head and an armed man was seen in the trance. "Damn the man in black…"

The man in black untied the boy's scarf and put a vaccine on his neck cortex. "Well, when I was young, I also joined the school's Strange Event Investigating Society, although I always feel a sense of deja vu. Forget it, and I have to carry this guy back."

EtinjatEtinjat A dark bedroom, 27 Feb 2020 04:02 04:44

I'm so sleepy… No, I have to finish this SCP…

Hmm… OK, thanks… Oh my God! Who, who is the suit man who gave me a cigarette?

… Fortunately, there's nobody nearby. Well, sleepy and confused… Sudden death if I don't sleep…


NobelNobel Site-CN-21, 2008/05/13 22:13

The agent ran into the house, covered in blood.
Five minutes ago, a transport accident happened. An anomalous item escaped near the safe house. The agent was not sure whether he was affected, since he didn't even know the nature of the other side.
The agent went into the kitchen and drank a whole glass of Early Times Bourbon with a painkiller. His hand shook so violently that he almost dropped the bottle on the marble panel.
The cold liquid mediated the discord between his throat and stomach, and he felt much better.
He decided to go out at once.
He opened the valve.
When the water touched the face skin, a few seconds of trance appeared in the mind, but the short bell immediately pulled him back to reality.
Through the preview, the agent saw the first few words to the effect that the item had been recovered and the witnesses had been asked to go for a medical examination.
Strangely, he couldn't unlock his phone.
The agent wanted to find a tissue paper to wipe his face, because the water flowed all the way to his philtrum and even into his lips. He licked it reflexively and then froze, seeming to realize something.
Whether the itch, the containment breach, or even the ingenious timing of the text message, there is always a hint of something, just like the notice on the screen.
"Face Undetected"

Abigail_AdeAbigail_Ade Audio communication, 2019/01/16 16:00

White_AkatsukiWhite_Akatsuki The Liberation Monument, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City, 2019/01/01 00:01

"Wait… Don't you smell a strange odour?"

"Without your warning, I really don't smell it. It's too small."

"Well, that guy has appeared. It seems to be a big deal hahahaha… Unexpectedly, those idiots dare to bring flowers and fruit here to trade. Though many people will see them, who will take notice of them on New Year's Eve?"

"Eh? About Zhuohua, should we inform the Council? After all, it's a Jiazi-Level target… Hello…"

Astra_Glorice_SWSAstra_Glorice_SWS "Night Sea View" Oceanic Observational Station, Site-CN-03 Cooperative Front Facility, "the Southern Cross", the East China Sea, 2019/01/11 22:33

"Damn, this is the drilling platform's 13th rescue message received this month. Why do they always have problems with the load-bearing equipment in their facility? Do they want us to build them a base with Loty alloy?"

"You know, we have a very naughty friend who runs around in the East China Sea, Vladivostok, the Yellow Sea… They almost went through it. Compared with us, they need more resources hidden under the sea, as well as some ancient and exotic equipment.

"Wait, Drilling Platform CN-DH-33 has lost its working signal!"

2ndMIX2ndMIX K City No. 1 Middle School (Former Site-CN-141), the fifth day after the concept of "anomaly" was erased in K City

"Zhao, I'm back."
"If I remember correctly, this should be your third disappearance this year. Won't your wife settle accounts with you? Oh yes, Li. I just read an amazing piece of news in the newspaper. Look at the title: Another medical miracle! Man knifed in his body twelve times, jumping from eleventh floor and successfully rescued! That's amazing! It's like… immortality!"
"I'll go out and be right back."

Jonuarl does not match any existing user name Prof. Jonuarl's Office, Site-CN-169, 2019/01/06 14:04

"As I told you, this kind of article, is intolerable to the Foundation!!!"

"But I didn't write anything in the Taboo List."

"So what's the matter with white paper!!!!!!!"



[[Containment Breach]] SCP-001-J's containment chamber, 2018/12/29 23:06

Button Pressed
"Is it over?"

RachudRachud Site-CN-██, 2018/12/28 13:30

Researcher Izsac heard the app's reminder and turned off his self-made software for browsing the People's Daily.

"Work again…" Saying so, he clicked on SCP-CN-1700 and forked out the warning "database crawler link exception" in the confusion.

2649-117 372-112~38 cn1700-129 cn1700-6210


Nice to meet you, Chief Executive Officer, I don't know why we should punch sharks… without killing them…

The world needs a villain… and our lifelong enemy is the Little Prince Shark, who can always destroy all obstacles in his way forward and save his compatriots.

So… why on earth?

Maybe because we can't write our stories, but at least we can punch our god. Well, it seems that He didn't notice it.

EtinjatEtinjat Every site, 2018/06/21

No one knows when there were so many packets of candies in the site. The staff members guessed that it might be a surprise from the top of the Foundation.

As soon as they tore the packets, colorful candies sprang up from the packets, like a rainbow fountain, flooding the entire site.

Everyone laughed happily and pushed each other into the sweet ocean of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

After being examined by the Memetics Division, the staff members were administered amnestics on ground of cognitohazards, but they all laughed happily.

And the Antimemetics Division has also launched an investigation into "nonexistent" project heads and items.

Cynthia7979Cynthia7979 The office, 2018/12/21 08:28

"Artemis, the company requires white shirts. It's not in holiday now."
"Yeah, I'm wearing a white shirt."
Dr. Liu found that Artemis was thinner.

Desert_WalkerDesert_Walker Deep in the stars, no time unit

The human soul reached the end of its travel.
"We recovered another unknown individual."
"Its source is…"
"the same as the casuality spaceship's"

Leviathan Crow does not match any existing user name A common wooden desk, the Library, ████/0█/0█ 00:01

The crossroad's fog light flashes
The puppet's carving knife knocks
The silver moon's crow caws
The red camellia blossoms and falls
The white dress flutters
The heartless doll walks
The headless scarecrow can't smile

Recorder Crow once again recorded an old and unknown nursery rhyme.

The sound of the carving knife clicking on the wood was approaching with the flashing lantern.

Simon ArranSimon Arran The documentary projection room, the Library, Nobody's afternoon tea time, 2028/12/25

The gods looked down at the burning old homeland gradually disappearing in the blue flame, turning and flying toward the more vast stars… Their magnificent powers enveloped tens of thousands of galaxies, and their fervent divinity permeated beyond comprehension. In the knowledge of the gods, the innumerable hateful objects from the deep sky of the star sea were no longer enough to worry about.

A dormant dragon felt a blue spark rising suddenly at a dusty spot on the edge of the Virgo Supercluster, and a lazy starfish half asleep and half awake was slowly stretching out its tentacles full of suckers…

Darkness and void replaced the eleven dimensions of the Virgo Supercluster, leaving only the big dragon and the starfish's tentacles scrambling for the insignificant bait in the unobservable realm… In the Great Abyss, crows circled around the Faceless God, whistling at each other as before.

——Absurdist end: after the massive human apotheosis

NicolasLNicolasL ?, 2018/12/15 17:40

With a gentle breeze through the open window to the office, Nicolas looked away from the computer screen, intending to share a piece of chewing gum with his fellow researcher. But when he reached out his hand, there was a loud noise outside the window, and his colleague's head burst.

Nicolas woke up.

"It was just a bad dream."

He slowly raised his head, but found himself lying on the edge of the platform on the roof. A sniper rifle beside him was in line with the window of his office. The head of his colleague in the sight was so conspicuous. He had a dull pain in his left arm and looked down. The special pinhole was the cause of the pain.

He could not and would not recall, but felt that the head at the intersection was so obstructive. He pulled the trigger.

After the loud noise, accompanied by a crisp metal collision sound, a bullet shell lay alone on the platform, reflecting the afterglow of the sunset.

Cynthia7979Cynthia7979 A building, 1999/12/25 02:10

It was Christmas in 1999.
The Foundation fought with all its might against anomalies.
Artemis, an agent with only one breath left, was bathed in candies and laughed heartily.

Notexam HousesNotexam Houses The Deduction Department of the Chinese Branch, 2018/12/08

 "No! It! It's impossible." A new staff member in the Deduction Department looked at the data he had worked out, howled and huddled in his office chair.
 "What's the matter with you?" Notexam, an older researcher, approached with concern.

 "I've got the truth of the world through deductive algorithms… the truth," the newcomer huddled tighter, trembling, and said,

 "The world… isn't real."
 "… Would you like pizza?"
 "… Is there any chili sauce?"
  Get used to it.

Gali Z RGali Z R The car, 2018/12/07

"Gali, what are you doing? Where's my dog?"
"My rabbit is dead. I'm burying it."
"So why are you digging such a big pit?"
"Because it's in your dog's belly."

"Gali, what are you doing? Where's pokm?"
"Yogurt and Bread are dead. I'm burying them."
"So why are you digging such a big pit?"

EtinjatEtinjat The Corridor of Myriad Worlds, N/A

With a bang, the masked man on the other side fell into a pool of blood.

He walked slowly over and poked the mask with a bone stick.
Under the mask stained with black blood,
A strange face was dragged out, sewn and mended with other leather.

"Oh, it's Ecun again."

He licked his teeth,
Which still seem to have a sour taste of meat residue after meals,
Quietly counted from one, to nine.
"So… there's still one last Ecun…"

Then he put the gun on his temple.

KlantistDOTKlantistDOT Unknow, the 3rd Area of the Sweet Dream, +0000/02/34 07:44

The executioner brought up the sharp blade
Another square gravestone fell on the agents' graveyard
Do you think you killed yourself?
"What are you doing?" Another tree asked
"Oh, that boy was brave at that time…"
Coward! Deserter!
The Sweet Dream is useless to the homeless, but the Foundation has lost a dispensable employee.
Do you think you are dispensable?
You are naturally ignored
By the way, isn't this dead world dispensable for the living?

MScarletMScarlet Site-CN-71, 2018/12/22

"Hey boy, you look so good."

"It's near the Holiday. Merry Christmas, my friend!"

"Ah, it seems that you have been here for less than half a year…"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Think about it. Christmas is the day when Jesus was born, right?"


"Religious, and then Christmas is a carnival, right? It has unlimited business opportunities, right?

"Um… what?"

"It has a strong religious significance, a strong cultural heritage, a carnival for most people, and unlimited business opportunities…"

"This represents a lot of anomalous commodities and events, my friend! Merry Christmas! Get ready to enjoy working overtime!"

zhuganzhugan Site-81██, Japan, 2018/09/12

Overnight, paper and electronic equipment disappeared all over the world.
It was just because the horrible werewolf learned something indescribable by accident.

Notexam HousesNotexam Houses Site-19, 2018/12/0█ 19:16 Eternity and Satan

It will snow tomorrow.

"Please don't forget me, if possible."

"I think I will forget you, and the passing of time will eventually erase everything.

Decades after your death, I may thoughtfully sprinkle a glass of sake every year in front of your grave.

Then thousands of years later, in the same place, I may unconsciously piss…"

"Eat shit!"

It's sunny today.

EtinjatEtinjat The Chat Room of the Chinese Branch, 2018/12/05

Have you heard that? There's something anomalous in France, probably memetic or something. It's all in a mess.

Ah, you said that. The nearby Global Occult Coalition suppressed it and administered amnestics in the first time. It's hard to understand why their efficiency suddenly became so high. So it was last time in Ukraine and they even hindered our action.

Um4vm06Um4vm06 2019/??/?? 然後他放棄思考一切了





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TO 塔罗兰






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Simon ArranSimon Arran 2018年11月30日15:45 , 于█都████████博物馆门前。

成王十七年六月既生魄,召公掘得吉金数块,合重二千三百四十六斤,似有夏残碑,其文漫灭不可识。卜之不祥,小贞吉,大贞凶,象曰:君子以涉过,道未光也,用晦而明,不往阖灾?唯首出庶物,动乎险中,顺天时而分之,共万民而览之,德合无疆,后顺得常。王乃命周公分置吉金于岐山、镐京、洛邑 。

嗣后遂有康王赐金盂南公 铸盂鼎,孝王赐金膳夫克 铸克鼎,宣王赐金毛公歆 铸毛公鼎事。

收容现状:大盂鼎镇于█都█████████博物馆 ,大克鼎镇于█都████████博物馆,毛公鼎镇于█都█████████博物院。

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2ndMIX2ndMIX :2018年12月7日0:00分到8:00分为止,一直待在已废弃的K市希望中学内。


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62ECN62ECN 20██/██/██ 19:28 , 王氏奶茶铺门口

“两杯大杯珍珠奶茶,我的那份珍珠加一点到她那份里。”Dr. Ecun攥紧了她的手。



FK-NakagoFK-Nakago 2018年/11月/23日 Area-CN-07的一个普通早晨






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SCP-logoSCP-logo 未知 地点:Site-19

+30 科学
+15 理性
+10 战斗能力
-25 伦理道德

EtinjatEtinjat 2044年2月21日 北京,新华社电

简 讯




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  • 心靈感應
  • 印刻
  • 自爆電腦裝置
  • Are We Cool Yet?


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EvdeadEvdead 2018/11/22 17:35,逆模因部基金会员工咨询处



“你已经休过假了呀?十一长假串休,你忘了? ”

SoulAlteratingSoulAlterating 2018/11/22 17:49 外勤研究員辦公室




62ECN62ECN 2018/11/12 17:40 , 逆模因部门口


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  • 警告,M-fm-000右腿义肢剩余电量19%,请及时充电。  “进入节电模式。”

EvdeadEvdead 2018/10/19 08:49 , Site-CN-02 机械技术实验室

  • 警告,M-fm-000右腿义肢电量耗尽,请及时充电。    “启用备用电源。”

EvdeadEvdead 2018/11/07 23:29 , Site-CN-02 04区右翼男厕

  • 警告,M-fm-000右腿义肢备用电源耗尽,将于5秒后关机。 “█,我██裤子才提到一半啊!”

Yz_DogYz_Dog 2018/11/22 8:32 , Site-CN-██ 员工休息室


EtinjatEtinjat 2018年6月1日 00:50 , Site-CN-██ HMCL会议室


  • 每隔12日投放:
    • 8~16岁女性x1
    • 未满5月的婴儿x2
    • 铅 5kg
    • 汞 20L
    • 活体驴x1
    • 伐地那非x6.9kg

否 决


EtinjatEtinjat 2018/10/30 22:38 , Site-CN-01 监督者议会中国分部档案管理中心


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[[module Rate]]

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