Current object class : Euclid.

Current threat level : ● Green

Current Special Containment Procedures:

This SCP may be locked in a pedestal surrounded by a 1x1 meter cylindrical glass (Currently.) strong enough to not shatter under excessive gunfire or explosion. the jar must be filled a safe slightly acidic liquid. looks like your stereotypical brain jar you usually see in sc-fi. this SCP must never become aware of information that it currently does not possess in a case where this SCP does happen to become aware that information that it currently doesn't possess. it must be given to it strictly under the watch of level 03 personnel.

Description :this SCP is a brain 3 times bigger than a humans.(Current scale) SCP-???? is also surrounded with slabs of its own mush and skin that are in full connection of it seemingly growing on its own but then stopped by the acidic quality of the liquid.

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