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Mecanismo que SCP-ES-195 utiliza para confeccionar las obras

Item #: SCP-ES-195

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-195 is to be kept in a 3 x 3 x 3 meter room and must be connected to an electric generator inside of a room in the second floor of Site-34.

Any work originate from SCP-ES-195 must be analysed looking for infohazards or cognitohazards in order to avoid incident. Works that no contain classified or dangerous information must be exposed on the Site-34 Library and will be avaliable of all personal for their recreative or informate use as long as it are not damaged or destroyed.

Foundation personale are authorized to distribute works originated from SCP-ES-196 in a supervised manner with experimental motives1.

Description: SCP-ES-195 is a cubic-looking machine made of steel, of 2 x 2 x 2 meter dimension. SCP-ES-195's front side consists of a slot for entering letter-size papers (21,59cm x 27,94cm) and one operable monitor with buttons. On both lateral sides, has a mechanism that extends to the ground, these mechanisms are composed of multiple metal cylinders joined with two rectangles of steel. Cylinders has the ability to rotate due to synthetic muscles at their ends, these muscles are constituted of artificial fibres composed of red coloured polymers, which contract and relax in a similar way to muscle fibres. Cylinders are also capable of dispensing multiple color ink (with an unlimited deposit of this). Due to these characteristics, SCP-ES-195 is able to create illustrated or written works with extreme precision and detail.

SCP-ES-195 has a mechanism capable of generating electrical discharges of up to 400 Gigawatts in a diameter of 1 meter (excepting the monitor area).

By inserting a paper into the slot, SCP-ES-195 will be able to create narrative, lyrical or essay works through a still unknown algorithm. Once a paper is introduced, the monitor will request for multiple data regarding the work, among which are the type of work desired (Illustrated and/or written), the genre(s), demography, format and other specifications2.

[next to] complete all requirements, SCP-ES-195 traslated the paper(s) used to the lateral mechanism, where the cylinders

Tras completar todos los requerimientos, SCP-ES-195 trasladará el (los) papel (es) utilizado (s) a los mecanismos laterales, en donde los cilindros se encargarán de dispensar tinta en este (os) según lo que sea más adecuado.

Una vez terminada la obra, esta saldrá por la abertura en donde se ingresaron los papeles. La representación dada por SCP-ES-195 en todos los casos será la más adecuada para los parámetros dados. No obstante, si se selecciona una obra que no sea un ensayo, SCP-ES-195 ha demostrado sacrificar calidad en los ámbitos de coherencia y narrativa para poder complacer a la demografía seleccionada. Las obras producidas por SCP-ES-195 no muestran similitudes con ninguna que esta haya producido anteriormente.

Addendum #01: Test Log

Addendum #02: Acquisition

Addendum #03: "The Art and the Artist"

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