Lekter's Mind
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The human being is the greatest enigma of this world.

From the beginning of his history, he was intimately convinced of the existence of a force beyond all comprehension. Then he tried to tame it by giving it a form, a story, a name.

For some, it is a pantheon of divine entities that sits in the sky and dispose of men as distracting and servile pawns. For others, it is a ruthless warrior deity thirsting for persecution and sacrifice. Still others recognize it as a fickle god, who sometimes bruises and punishes men, sometimes offers them his love and forgiveness.

Thus, humanity has never experienced this force other than through myths and legends, dogmas of another age and senseless wars. Shaped by the distant and casual nature he attributed to his Creator, Human has built fragile institutions, made precarious agreements and entrusted blind leaders with the future of a dying world.

We, the Ordered, believe that all humanity deserves to flourish and to be forever preserved from the millennial obscurantism of corruption, ignorance and fanaticism.

We are not an elite that advocates subversion and disdainfully considers those who think differently. We are men and women united by an ideal of peace and learning.

We do not guarantee that we hold the key to your happiness. We hope it.

We do not boast that we have any universal truth. We are looking for it.

We do not claim to allow you to tame the extrasensory faculties of the human body. We affirm it.

We are not an ephemeral organization with obscure goals, greedy for money or power. We are the Order of Light.

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