Item #: SCP-████

Special Containment Procedures: SCP is not to be exposed to any stimulus of Queen Elizabeth II, whether images, video, or any direct mention or reference by human vocalization. Under no circumstances will any Foundation personnel in the SCP’s containment wing ever to engage in conversation or any other activity regarding Queen Elizabeth.

SCP is to be contained in a typical Class-D cell, and provided necessary amenities for a non-anomalous human being. Also under no circumstances will this SCP be granted an Internet connection to prevent it’s exposure to stimuli of Queen Elizabeth.

Requests by SCP-████ may be approved only with the approval of at least two Level 3 researchers. If any requests could lead to the humanoid’s exposure to any stimulus of Queen Elizabeth II, request is to be denied.

In the case of an Kirnaos Event, misinformation campaigns are to blame terrorist groups for the attempted kidnapping, and MTF Lemuria-1 "Obsessed With The Royals" is to have Class-C amnestics administered to members of the Royal Family, the Crown, and any people who attended the event who could be traced.

Description: SCP-████ is a humanoid, currently thought to be around 142 years of age, but has shown exceptional longevity. Aging apparently does not occur in subject, and can still walk normally similar to that of a human adult. Subject still refuses to acknowledge the end of World War 2, even when showed direct evidence of such. It’s main anomalous property, however, is that when exposed to any stimulus of Queen Elizabeth II, via any means, such as video, images, direct vocalizations by other human beings engaged in discussion about Elizabeth II, within the SCP’s audible range, SCP-████ will trigger a Kirnaos Event.

During a Kirnaos Event, SCP will manifest a portal with an estimated diameter of 1.73 meters, which will lead to a point between 1-20 meters away from Elizabeth II’s current location. Upon SCP’s arrival at the site of Elizabeth II’s location, SCP will then attempt to kidnap Elizabeth II, along with other people near the site of Elizabeth II’s location, such as servants, soldiers of the Queen’s Guard, or other members of the Royal Family. SCP will also try to incapacitate certain officials and bring them into the portal. There have been ███ recorded Kirnaos Events since 1961, but all attempts have been unsuccessful..

SCP is a former Nazi veteran, part of a secret Nazi government organisation to attempt kidnapping prominent British officials, presumably holding their lives hostage for peace, or other unknown condition. SCP repeatedly declines to reveal the nature of this secret organization, even under strict interrogation with torture.

Basic concept: A humanoid that is obsessed with trying to kidnap Queen Elizabeth.
Greenlights: Sufficient recieved, both greenlights:
Greenlight 1: http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-11475514/a-humanoid-that-wants-to-kidnap-elizabeth-ii-the-queen-of-en#post-4234832
Greenlight 2: http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-11475514/a-humanoid-that-wants-to-kidnap-elizabeth-ii-the-queen-of-en#post-4234842
Planned Title: Her Majesty, GET IN DA THINGY NOW!!!!!

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