M Element
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The state of SCP-CN-010, which it was initially found.

Item#: SCP-CN-010

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-010 is contained in a double-layered cell which the outer is a 6mx6mx6m cube, and the inner is a 3m radius sphere. SCP-CN-010 is to be fed once a day and not to be given SCP-CN-010-1 if it is not allowed.

Description: SCP-CN-010 is an Aye-aye. When SCP-CN-010 rest on the stem of woody flowering plant (at this time the stem is designated to SCP-CN-010-1) and stay within the space which the surface is over 3mx3m, it will become to the "hibernated" state; if there are other Primates creatures within the space, it will begin the following changes: the primates except SCP-CN-010 within the space cannot leave the space and attack SCP-CN-010, and the outside objects cannot enter the space. At the same time, SCP-CN-010 will begin knocking SCP-CN-010-1 with the middle finger, and the loud knocking can be heard within the space; when SCP-CN-010 bites SCP-CN-010-1, the space will be broken and opened by powerful external force, then a giant finger-shaped object will enter the space from the broken place and pull out (or impale and pull out) the inside primates from the space, after that, the finger of SCP-CN-010 will hook the prey from SCP-CN-010-1 and eat them, then return to the "hibernated" state. During the process, no change can be observed from the outside of sealed space. It is discovered through surveillance camera that SCP-CN-010[DATA EXPUNGED].

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