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Last known photograph of SCP-3527, before containment.

Item #: SCP-3527

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There should be no shape or form of any view to any point outside the area where SCP-3527 is contained, and any and all forms of windows or views inside the chamber should be strictly one-way, with emergency blast and bullet proof shutters spanning 8cm thickness at ready for any possible fractures in the windows around SCP-3527's containment area, Containment area for SCP-3527 should be fifty (50) meters below sea-level, in an area well known for being seismically stable, to prevent any damage to the area and chamber integrity. Area outside of SCP-3527 on surface should be marked as a Red-Zone Perimeter (RZP), and guarded by an Armored Security Force.

SCP-3527 is to be held in a steel, eight (8) by six (6) meter cube, with the walls being three (3) inches thick, is to be suspended over a large hole, which should span no more than fourty (40) feet wide, and have a depth of two thousand (2,000) feet. This hole should span the entire area; the entrance of the cube should be by a singular extendable walkway. The chamber should be suspended by four columns of standard iron, which should be set to detonate. Readily avaliable replacements of this chamber should be present at all times; the singular doorway of each chamber should be gas and magnetically sealed, and two seperate doors will be opened by sequence, to avoid possible containment breach.

In the event of a containment breach of SCP-3527, depending on the scenario, one of a multitude of events should be sequenced according to the following,

  • Should SCP-3527 breach containment outside of it's containment chamber, inside the site, or in the 10 mile Red-Zone Perimeter (RZP), emergency task force MTF-Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") will be dispatched to the known or last known location of SCP-3527, and are to secure it, specifically restricting the use of arms and legs. SCP-3527 will be transported back to it's containment chamber VIA one Cryogentic Preservation Tank (CPT).
  • Should SCP-3527 breach containment outside of it's containment chamber, and move outside of the 10 mile Red-Zone Perimeter (RZP) of the site, then, by clearance of a Level-4 personnel or above, SCP-3527 will be located VIA GPS from two wrist and ankle bands, which will release a heavy sedative, rendering SCP-3527 to a state of unconciousness. Retrevial will be commenced shortly after.
  • Should SCP-3527 breach containment outside of it's containment chamber, and move to a celestial body, planet or satalite in the solar system, any foundation owned platforms or satallites will be put on Protocol #4B-2, and be put on high alert for SCP-3527. Retrevial done VIA sedative and drone.

Description: SCP-3527 is a Caucasian male in his mid-twenties. Hair and eyes are light brown, skin tone is fair with golden undertones. Subject measures at 1.88m in height and 170 lbs, average build. No sign of scars or injuries are present. Subject wears a large blue raincoat, blue jeans, a white shirt with no noteworthy features, and black-blue running shoes. SCP-3527 currently has an IQ score of 124. SCP-3527 is currently held at Site-25, underground.

SCP-3527 has a regenerative property that allows it to sustain injuries that would normally be significant to humans, and does not seem to age. Subject seems to feel pain inflicted on the subject.

At time of death, SCP-3527's original body rapidly decays, until the body, clothing, and any other item held by SCP-3527 is reduced to dust. SCP-3527's body then rapidly reforms itself in a location chosen by SCP-3527 in memory, from the farthest point in time being in a span of 1 hour. The reformation itself is viewed as a body regrowing itself from a suspended point in air, and bone, organs, muscles, and flesh all manifesting themselves in that order. SCP-3527 seems to be concious at the point the brain is regrown, and will resume movement even during the regeneration process. Regeneration includes clothing and items, which will all appear in the same condition SCP-3527 had them upon deceasement.

SCP-3527 has proven difficult to contain at the late stages of its containment, appearing to have some extent of superhuman strength and durability.

SCP-3527 seems to show extreme amounts of aggression to any individual who views it at a disliking, such as disgust, hate, or fear. SCP-3527 will, upon acquiring knowledge of an individual with views, will seek out the individual in an attempt to kill them. Prior to this, SCP-3527 will show no remark or memory of the murder of the individual, even if the Subject is near the body of the individual at the time.

Addendum: SCP-3527 was found in ██████, Texas, in █-██-2009, during a recent plane crash from an unknown origin. SCP-3527 was revealed to be inside a heavily locked compartment, with multiple signs of faliure in attempts to ram open the doorway, which was made of compact steel.
Medium-sized dents inside the doorway signified a heightened ability, but not enough to break the iron. A retrevial team secured SCP-3527 shortly afterwards.

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