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SCP-XXXX, photographed when open.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a standard storage locker, on top of it’s podium, surrounded by a cublical case of ballistic glass 9 cm thick. Access to SCP-XXXX’s locker is restricted to Level-2 Personnel or above, and at no time should SCP-XXXX be accessed without the supervision of at least one Senior Researcher+.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 5 x 8 cm late-Victorian-era pocket watch of unknown origin. The craftsmanship and design of the watch suggests no known commercial manufacturer of that time, as well as no name, insignia, initials, or otherwise of the original creator on any part of the object. The object is made from black-painted silver and brass, with a half-hunter cover and a chrysanthemum flower engraved on it's back side, and romanic numerals engraved from gold-painted bronze in black quartz. It shows a distinctly similar design of modern day pocket watches, and is primarily the same in functional design for intended use as a normal pocket watch, with the current displayed time last recorded as 7 hours and 36 minutes. The composition of the watch is remarkably resilient, showing signs of damage only after 40 KSI was pressed directly on the front cover of the watch. Further investigation into this is ongoing whether this is the material of the object itself or another anomalous effect of the object.

Closed, SCP-XXXX acts no differently than a normal pocket watch, with the only difference is it’s lack of ticking, SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties manifest once an individual opens the object.

Once opened, everything outside of a 2 meter spherical vicinity of SCP-XXXX will immediently halt, inflicted by a complete stop of space-time. Individals within the vicinity of SCP-XXXX, as well as other objects, will be unaffected by SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects, and can move freely at their own leisure, so long they remain within the vicinity of SCP-XXXX . During this time, SCP-XXXX’s second hand will begin it's normal function, the effects of the object reverting after the second hand completes one cycle, or 1 minute has passed. After this period, SCP-XXXX will close itself automatically, presumably by mechanical lock.

Individuals effected by SCP-XXXX will find no recollection of the anomaly, having felt no lapse of time between SCP-XXXX's activation and closure. This makes objects or individuals who move when the anomaly manifests itself observably 'teleport', due to the lack of conciousness of SCP-XXXX's effects.
Objects or individuals that manage to enter the vicinity of SCP-XXXX while under it's effects will be reverted back to their original state, and will stay as such until the end of the anomaly or if the object/individual exits the vicinity again.

Reports from individuals inside of the vicinity of SCP-XXXX have described the world as 'incredibly dull and gray' while the effects of SCP-XXXX were active. This likely has to do with the lack of light particles entering the retina due to the complete halt of light in a general sense. Other than this, no negative effects were displayed on the subjects, and each clarified they could do anything they could normally do while the anomaly of SCP-XXXX was active.

Closing the case while SCP-XXXX's effects are active have proven futile, individual subject reports have said to have felt the object had stayed relatively uneffected despite paramount efforts. Similarly, attempts to keep the case open have also proven unsuccessful, with some cases having their fingers severed off by the force emitted by SCP-XXXX's lock.

Addendum-A: SCP-XXXX was recovered in an small, unmarked red box at an abandoned mansion, located in [DATA EXPUNGED], Britain. The effects of SCP-XXXX were revealed after Junior Researcher Mason Vial mistakingly opened SCP-XXXX, afterwards, giving the object to senior staff on scene and noting the world, under the effects of SCP-XXXX was 'strangely dull'.

For further information, see Recovery Log XXXX-13-A.

Addendum-B: How SCP-XXXX's effects definably work, despite going directly against most known laws of physics, is unknown, although it is suggested the watch itself works seperately from the physics of the known universe, or simply ignores the laws of physics in a whole. Testing is ongoing to determine how SCP-XXXX fully functions, but no conclusion has been reached as of yet.


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