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""Convert this sharpness to lacking colour in dye.
''The earth rests the water and divert it all away
""The sleepy water will slowly move through the sharpness to stain
""Then the break of the sharp wood would take it all away,,.

The talons holding it by their looked like they would do just that instead of doing that they glided the sharp edge across the paper

Ounce looking at an time there was one whom rejected anothers desires
Endowed with scales strength and greatness

The one with scales and greatness never liked the man
With freedom it was good
The beast was free to flee the territory of the man
It was good
The beast was free to steal and eat from the man
It was good

But an new being came the new one that was rejected

This new being had been attracted to many of different times and places
Those times and places were slaughtered and conqoured.
He was declared an king and took brides

He Wedded an introduced them to his seed
To bear those seeds and grow them inside of them.

Then he moved and started again slaughtering consuming taking brides
And he came and knew he wanted the scaly impressive one as bride.

But the large beastly one he wanted as bride was strong and resilient
So resilient that when he attempted to take the scaly one
The scaly one tore into his flesh ripped shattered his bone.
He patched his wounds healed his flesh mended the bone and all ready knew to flee.

He had before gained and ensared the wise and In likeness to the wise one ensnared he waited

And like an nicely cooked bit of meat he watched the fire go by.

The man drove the fire like many of the men before them their houses constructions grew.
And the large magnificent one skulked away whispering sins of rage heading to an land away.
In freedom it was good.

The king in his rotten viciousness and greed used what he sore of the man.
And approuched the gradious one.
Claws went into the ground four limbs combining into an crouching body tail waving and maw ready to shred
The king held out an hand
The large one said ""What are you doing,,.

As greeting like as it looked it wasn't for an spell struck outta the hand and struck the glittering beast on their large body
The roar could be heard pitched like an female in the distance.

""The man would wound and exhaust you one of skin of strength and existence of resilience.
""Ounce you had been battered and defeated I would be there to lay you down
The beast roared and launched again tearing flesh and ripping bone

Now the freedom was taken to migrate away

The scaly one as glamourous as an dragon was now cursed to hunger for those hated the most
Being drawn to them to gluttony them down
The instigated conflict begun with the king trading his earthly form of flesh and bone for the inflicted curse
The transation was done with enforced violence

The first eating of the villages and city's lasted days and many fell after that

The dragon in time resisted gaining some time and sating the insatiable appetite
but in those times the dragon found little in life for all life has been encumbered with rage
And thurs with time spent

The man found the mage
And in an fellowship they knew the dragon was to strong and resilient to destroy
So they joined many in kinship and trapped the it

Bounding the dragon to it's prison with heavy chains and magic
Their sighs of relief could be clearly seen
For they mulled off drinking amoung in celebration

Unknowingly the blood stranger to those that caught the dragon came
amissniss in hand

The king, the blood stranger to those
rode the dragon tail in the most unscrupulous way
flushing out embedding his seed in one of the joyous humiliations the king felt

Those whom wittnissed the time of blood act was unbelieved
for even when there was the strongest of concrete mentioning acts against those not of women defined nature was of jovial mocking

Time was spent the Jovial mocking ceased and moved to inferring the fear of the dragons unspoken speech
The gold given to the exorcists was as horse powered as they could at their time.
Spirits were exorcised that day

In time those witnesses who didn't speak for fear of spirits as well.

The dragons humiliation in the times after were an great heaviness to those with knowledge

The fear of the king and the dragon was strong in action for the king came back
The man perceived of both as low in hell and destruction
But even that was not shielded of the disgusting truth
Of the shared and exposed.

For those of lost spirits and the burden of heavyness was to much
But the fear of the more low to hell one contended with the guilty judgement
In trail and befuddlement of animalistic femininity or masculinity the beast was barren in impregnation

With Decisiveness of fate the man induced their war on the king
It was an bloody victory it was close but magic aided the victory

Of the king

The man was forced to agree of ensuring the dragon to him

But the unknowable to the most powerful man in the midst of the fighting
The gate was opened and the chains were destroyed and the magic was unspelled.
The distantly feminine roar echoed and their dealings were ceased all man there witnessed

The bodily razing and rending
Exorcizing the Scarlet king's spirit in the magic that the man ounce bound him with
An sigh of relief was not heard for the dragon attention was one them next
With definite of fate they were all gluttoned that day for none had the audacity to think of checking for the curse of the most foul addiction.

The survivors were of to very little people no man knew of the curse no survivors had the sights of all
that took hold
The rest went down the dragons gullet And the survivors just had the knowledge of the bloody violence of the king and the dragon for those that survived stile disbelieved someone ""Thought of an dragon as an maiden,,.

The tale spread from the survivors like root to the next door to the street to the town to the docks to the ships
From village to sailor to sailor of the world of magic again all ways they left out the ""deception" but from the sailor there was the overhearing flying "sea wrenches"

These fowl tempered bird females were of magic civil unlike the man
They knew of the places the And the wives the king had taken
They enacted their best mystics and defenders to go threw worlds and scout the dragon
Looking unto the dragon with magic they see the curse
laughing in high pitch
Lusting over the unattainable win
They were only one of the magic civil
They were only one flock

They were not my flocks
My hatching flock don't consider my old flock strong
My old flock don't consider my hatching flock with wiseness at all
In the end both of them had the same matters with both flocks
Of result the dragon snapped at them consuming them like the tiny meat their made of
Outta wrath for their mocking and weakness

Many times many discovered the beast alike was as patched red as the blood on him
Us of magic and beast had knowledge so I was quested to scribe
Journeying from the survivors of slaughter of sailors and the snatchers of sailors
With the finale of the rift this parchment would have to find those in knowledge and interaction the most of the scaly beast dragon.

As my old flock without weakness of action taught me my task was to message and scribe
I was instructed to either use the words they could take me no time to teach me about called diplomatic immunity.
Or transverse back spreading the blood and eating your foul corpses.

Malice of Osorio

The swift storm floated to the sky in feathery lightness the concrete firmed at the landing an grey tail slanting to rest against it.

""I finished are you sure I can't just take out the last line exaggeration I don't think it's an good idea to antagonize the jailers.
The bird next to her was night black with dark brown edges the lines on his face go as far as being an oldman
""Nonsense you are now named Malice you are one of our bestest warriors sirens
""You are not afraid of some man.
The anxiously twitched ""But I am afraid of some man

The dark old harpy ""No your afraid of zeus an god there are counted men are more civil then he is.
The grey harpy lifted up one of her foot claws after the other before saying ""You are very truthfully right now
The old harpy shifted bringing out his claw an an give me gesture tile saying
""On speaking of truth can I see what I've come for.
She reluctantly rolled up the parchment with one of her legs handing it to him expression somewhat worried.
He reassured her ""My goddess your scribing is most superb

""I know you taught me But I told you I like the old flocks they did well to get me and my sister's from zeus.
Quickly he rolled the scroll out Looking it over he asked his headown ""Are you of absolute integrity about this
""I am I are the bestest for the job. Her wings spread like she's pouncing of her seaprey before resting "" and my sister's and brother all ready over there So I have extra interest in going there.

The conversationalists old harpy said stile reading ""Well young formel if you show up and get all of your hidden identity's uncloaked then you could risk your fellow hatch siblings lives,,.

""Risk I'm willing to take this message could get really bad negative react back I would be stronger in come back conflict,,. She poofed up slightly.

The old harpy just put the parchment in front of her "you put recent history events in it.
""Well is that going to be darkened then
The old harpy just picked it up and pointed it to her to take
""The current history with that level of darkness is welcoming. Quickly his reasons were assured ""your telling the relevant truth of the tale shows the differentiation among magic civil enough to possible give them second thoughts of war.

""They acts of antagonists it would leave the first meeting on an negative idea of us.
He asked very directly
""Then why did you scribe even the shadowed current history's events in
It was an few words were all most silent ""Both of my flocks did evil in mockery. She put her wings more together hiding her torso ""It's Important for them to know.

He slightly bowed ""You are most honorable truthful lessor scribes would leave all of it out I would be happy .
"On formation you are agreed you got the gate passing to go
She straitened herself up proud
""I would keep my failures as minimum as I can.
She bowed her wing arch with the bow in an way that was taught to gentlemen ""I pledge to bring the light in and out of humanity and help the in need and those that are just
The old harpy looked happy it took an few steps they rubbed their head together one cheek to one cheek in oppersite to eachother as leaving in goodbye.

An note do research on greek mythology and think of how much of an jerk zeus is and the SJW POV that POV is more legit in those times but It's stile optional I'm worried I spent ages on this and I work really slow also I like my harpy so if she gets caught she doesn't get kept Also I know some of the quotation marks are not there I donno why that is.

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