This is stile an ideas dump I just put the more dumpy version on the other account I made trying to find out how to make more pages Also I don't think I can fit int all my ideas

Is mostly made of civilians and formally wiped love ones
Maybe they shared the name chaotic neutral or the rest of humanity name before the ones who wanted to help the non humanoid anomalous more split from them neither are against each others rights completely since their both right activists with anti amnesiacs I have it mostly on my ideas dump I put it on this account to be less of an dump

In an armed conflict
Also I think if my groups were in an armed engagement the first ones would be for the D class the split one helping the SCP's but neither are out to harm the other patients they would be healers who has an anti amnesic guns.
Who puts almost random previously dug up affect the ones in the higher command have an higher likeliness of this affect being lethal and the split off group has less resources or an kit based more on the anti amnesics and not sure about if they'll shoot scientists since they don't come in with an gun but I think the first one aligns more with the foundation second one Chaos so shooting them is optional.

So their alignment-

Older group for humanity have more heal in them-D class,MTF-Optional,scientists-Optional
Split group for SCP's have more hurt ability in them-SCP's,Chaos-Optional,Scientist-Optional
If the Global Occult Coalition entered the game I'm pretty sure Both groups would be out to slaughter them
The serpents hand are more suited foe being the the mage position

Not sure if this counts for both my two group ideas but it's probably in the text dump I put this in the first tab cause I think the rest of humanity group if someone doesn't give me an better name for them came first cause my harpy siren came from another dimension so they need more fleshing out

You are very gracious for defending those huddled around the fire
Those who live in the light don,t face the dark
But whose of human might live in the dark get blinded by the light
The dark may conceal the fright and spite
And the beauty and the fight
An torch is needed in those huddling night
Aid from the torches fire spread
To those freezing in the dark in prideful stride
Then maybe you can see the beauty in the night
Unless those hide outta sight may not be able to use the fire
To change fiends to friends
And ice to water
Fire and water is live with life
To ward off the dying in the night
Signed the rest of humanity

Copy and pasted

I wanna start An free the nice SCP group in universe cause there are very little groups trying to do good there is not much concerns for the protect part for the SCP's and want to publicly expose most other groups including the foundation.

There is actually two groups and they do wanna make SCP's public knowledge

Am working on using these ideas mostly trying to think of how my group would interact I think they'll just have the belief that the scarlet king is after 682 trying to also work my Harpy SCP idea into their group since sirens are from Greek Mythology I think she'll be from the other timeline where greeks are more prominent but learn't from my group she would likely hate where she came from.

My group the more recently made SCP rights group would likely not be taken seriously and likely to be put down but secretly the foundation is just that cause their right but it messes with the foundations plan.
They were originally planning on faking the big lizards death but them failing to secure contain and protect gets in the way of that.

Next is an comment on how I need people int he organisations for characterizations and such

I think my group would be good natured wants to reveal the SCP's to the in universe public but is along the lines of people who die first due to their inexperience and them possible being mostly civilians? Likely previously Amnestied loved ones they hate secret organisations- Secret organisations in that world mostly are badly morale and have anti amnesics. So They'll have an bunch of uncritical failures and or accidentally ruin some lives with their learning curve I used thios premise for something else probably cause of personal experiences.
Example-Not knowing all the info so nearly messing up the foundations plans with the Willsons Wildlife Reserve.
and-Is Stile unsure how they would know about SCP 682 and the Scarlet king Since my Harpys Culture is information learning oppressive-Harpys with sing song and angry lightning powers are in the minority but I don't think my Harpy would tell them that.
Possible it's an swap universe and the Harpys are actually very intelligent but Hoard information they definitely have distinct forms of Sexism.
Maybe I should use what I was originally gonna put in-
I decided to put this in since I didn't wanna out us viewers and makers so yer I made an theory and is gonna use the theory.

and that'll be an complete deux ex machina even more then the anti amnesia but the anti amnesiacs are essential for their existence maybe I should leave it open to if they want to inappropriate my harpy as secretly one that write things into that universe.
An Quick note I think the organisation about giving humanity an voice to the secret organisations is older do things that make them die less and likely the one who taught /gave the anti amnestics and the SCP rights group came outta them my ideas change a lot
The foundation seems non humanoid discriminatory

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