Full Recovery Log

Forward: This debriefing was conducted after MTFs had successfully retrieved SCP-XXXX.

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Interviewed: Commander ███

<Begin log,>

Dr. ████: Commander, could you start by telling what you saw as soon as you entered the lab? What exactly went down between your squad and the other group?

Commander ███: Right after we used some charges to blow the door of its hinges we rushed inside and were greeted by a long corridor, it branching into two paths at its end. Since there was twenty of us we split the difference and two groups each took a path. I went with the group who went left, this path leading into anther long corridor with doors inter-mediating every so often. We didn't run into anybody til we hit the end and we got some fiery welcome streamers with our surprise party. Good news though is that we were able to duck back behind the last door we went through. There was ten of us and five of them, so one smoke grenade later we had them dropped and pushed on till we ran into a highly secured blast door.

Dr. ████: And what about the other group? Did they run into anybody?

Commander ███: Yeah, some crazy [[EXPLETIVE]] who ran out them with a grenade. He was killed before anything went south though. They picked a name tag off him that said he worked for the G.O.C as a researcher, Dr. Cardinal or something of the like. They used the computer in the room they'd found him in to start looking for info only to find it wiped, completely kaput. They doubled back onto our position under my orders while we waited in the room that we had our confrontation in.

Dr. ████: You say this Dr. Cardinal was a labeled as researcher for the G.O.C? Are you sure you weren't mistaken?

Commander ███: We turned the tag in along with the others we later found. I believe they're still going through processing now but I can see the confusion. Why would the G.O.C attack itself? I don't know but hopefully those documents we turned in also help out.

Dr. ████: Hopefully, anyway to get back on track. About this room, what did it look like?

Commander ███: It was huge rectangle of a thing, with the door we entered on being on the one of the shorter walls and another huge blast door being on one of the longer ones; thing was locked by a code and we had to work for about fifteen minutes just to get through the sodding thing. Once through though we were in a large lab that consisted of construction equipment used to build something, I honestly had no idea what though and still have no idea how they manged to make what they did with it. The place also had a steel cube in the very back that had been built into the wall with a door facing towards us.

Dr. ████: Was there anything else in the lab? Monitoring equipment or-

Commander ███: Dead bodies, there was plenty of them. It had appeared they'd been shot by what could've been the soldiers we killed, but who knows? As for equipment, there was several computers and a few paper files strewn about, some in better condition than others.

Dr.████: It was at this point you radioed back to the Foundation and asked for further instructions. Why?

Commander ███: While we were sent in to clear the place, and had done just that, opening the door to that metal cube was something I was unsure about. Things aren't usually kept locked up like that for no reason. Though the precaution proved to be pointless after all.

Dr. ████: Could you please elaborate?

Commander ███: Per orders we opened the door only to be greeted by another one two meters or so in, a door that was of course, also opened. That's when I [[EXPLETIVE]] myself. (Commander pauses)

Dr. ████: Would you-

Commander ███: Yes I'll elaborate give me a bleedin second. (Commander shakes head) I think it's at this point I should mention that I had fifteen men posted at the entrance to the inner lab while four had gone up with me. Once we opened that second door a black thing about two and a half meters tall rushed out from the cell it was in, shoving past the couple men that had been in front of it like they weren't even there. As it darted past me I commanded my men to fire at it, bullets hit but didn't bounce, instead dropping to the ground. At first it looked like we had no effect on it, as it just kept running but after about three seconds or so it dropped to one of its knees before further assault knocked the thing out.

Dr. ████: Anything else?

Commander ███: Nope, after that we just hulled up and headed to Site-17.

Dr.████: Thank you for your time.

<End log>

The documents brought in by the MTFs were cross-examined and pieced together from their damaged states. While incomplete, two fragments were able to be constructed.

Log-26-A: Update on previous entry.

Subject: Anomalous Object.

Status: Incomplete.

Notes: Construction of the object has been halted by severe complications in programming, code failing to line up as instructed to. (Beginning of sentence was heavily blurred) forcing us to resort to more dramatic measures. While usage of (blurred) has been often, it appears to limit the effectiveness of the material and increase the likelihood of a full deterioration in cases of constant stress. Some have suggested the use of more heavy materials but the machines do not work well with higher densities, only able to produce partial pieces or inadequate ones altogether. (Rest of article is illegible.)

The second fragment, this one having a change in handwriting while also being signed.

Log-45-B: Update to last entry.

Subject: Anomalous Object.

Status: Incomplete.

We can't catch a break! Researchers dropping, materials failing and worst of all, our enemy is breathing right down our [[EXPLETIVE]] neck! Those idiots! We were so close to (blurred) only to lose track of the [[EXPLETIVE]] (blurred) and get ourselves tossed out! Every single time we take one step forward, we avalanche backwards! The glass doesn't [[EXPLETIVE]] work like it's supposed to, cracking whenever something breaths in its general direction. The (blurred) don't even lay correctly and our computers are going haywire! (Rest of the document was messing. Only a fragment at the bottom reading, "Dr. Humming" could be extrapolated.)

All documents were archived after being examined.

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