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Item #: SCP-MinecraftSteve

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Steve is to be contained in a 4x4x4 meter enclosure made entirely of grass and dirt. The thickness of the wall should be 3 meters to help prevent a breach. In case of an attempted containment breach, additional bulletproof concrete is added right outside of the wall. Any personnel under Level 3 are not allowed to access the specimen's chambers.

Description: SCP-MinecraftSteve is a humanoid figure who appears to be a caucaisan male, who is also much "blockier" than the average human. It wears a blue shirt and dark-blue jeans. The subject has short brown hair and is just about 194 cm (6 feet 4 inches.)

The behavior of this individual is violent towards certain animals. If it sees an animal, especially a [REDACTED], it will materialize a sword (nicknamed SCP-MinecraftSteve-1) which, through testing, is confirmed to be made of diamonds. SCP-MinecraftSteve will proceed to run towards the animal by phasing through anything in its way. Whether it's solid surfaces, burning hot liquids, or even [DATA EXPUNGED]. The entity will then use SCP-MinecraftSteve-1 to [REDACTED] to it, leaving behind nothing but its raw meat.

Behavior towards humans is less eratic than towards some animals. Depending on the person, it will either [REDACTED] them or attempt to communicate with them by omitting weird grunts and oofs. SCP-MinecraftSteve can understand most languages, but is incapable of verbally communicating any of them.

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