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Here's the suggestions for "How To Write An SCP" that you asked for. I got a bit carried away, so I hope it isn't too much or anything.

Item Description: A collection of 216 fountain pens. Each pen, when used to write, will deploy the user's blood in the place of ink.
Date of Recovery: ██-██-████
Location of Recovery: Grave, The Netherlands
Current Status: Each pen has been clearly labelled, and is currently in use by the Foundation's Demonology Division.

Item Description: Simple quill pen that renders its owner invulnerable to any sort of cutting, piercing, slicing, stabbing, chopping, slitting, incision or any other form of sharp force damage. Owner is regularly affected by blunt force damage

Date of Recovery: ██-██-████

Location of Recovery: ████████, Avon, England

Current Status: Contained in standard storage locker

Notes: Object was found on the body of ███████ ███████████, who was bludgeoned to death. A note reading "not so mightier now, eh?" was found at the scene

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