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Ítem #: SCP-ES-050

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-050 must be contained in the Low-Hazard Storage Area of Site-34.

SCP-ES-050 may only be handled by Class-C personnel who are responsible of that section and wearing neoprene gloves to avoid direct contact except if the effects of SCP-ES-050-1 need to be studied.

Description: SCP-ES-050-1 is the joint designation for SCP-ES-050-1; 70 white chalk or chalk rods and SCP-ES-050-2, a common blackboard or chalkboard where SCP-ES-050-1 has been used. SCP-ES-050-1 has a composition identical to kaolin.

The main effect of SCP-ES-050 manifests when a subject, called SCP-ES-050-A, manipulates an instance of SCP-ES-050-1 and uses it on a blackboard or chalkboard, converting it into SCP-ES-050-2. If the protection previously indicated in the Special Containment Procedures is not worn, the SCP-ES-050-A instances will experience the visualization of the concepts written in SCP-ES-050-2 and will proceed to imitate and/or imagine them.

The secondary effect of SCP-ES-050 occurs when an instance of SCP-ES-050-1 is manipulated by a subject specialized in an academic area, and shows a state of mind that varies between disillusionment, sadness, displeasure or confusion if they do not instruct adequate knowledge1 of the academic discipline of his expertise. The subject's state of mind changes radically when they share their knowledge in front of a classroom of subjects behaving like students, affirming that they harbored feelings of happiness. In either case, they will get an overall increase in perception and will show the following effects:

  • Scenarios to resolve regarding the proposed topic, if they are related to mathematical concepts.
  • A relatively accurate drawing of a mute map in geography.
  • Geometrically precise shapes when teaching drawing tasks without the proper equipment.
  • Being fluent in Latin and Greek.
  • Descriptions with a lexicon equivalent to an university student studying the history degree2, focusing on the idea of Greece being a more advanced power at the end of the 4th century BC.
  • Failure of the test when dealing with pseudoscientific concepts.

If SCP-ES-050-1 is used in a blackboard, it manifests the effects of SCP-ES-050 with a classroom capacity of 30 students. If SCP-ES-050-1 is used in a chalkboard, then the effect of SCP-ES-050-1 is limited, reducing its effect to a maximum of 3 people, decreasing its performance to comply with SCP-ES-050-A commands and a general increase in perception. If SCP-ES-050-1 is used in both, those who remain closest to the blackboard will ignore the chalkboard.

If the subjects are in the same room as SCP-ES-050-A, they will experience various effects related to the given subject content and the relationships with the subjects present in the test.

The effects of SCP-ES-050 begin to dissipate progressively starting from 10 minutes until 90 minutes after finishing the task, forgetting all the knowledge taught. However, the memory loss does not occur with historical data. See Interview Log 001-050.

The study of the properties of SCP-ES-050 and the interviews related to its study have been documented in the Experiment Log ES-050

Recovery Report: SCP-ES-050 was discovered and confiscated, in ███████, near the Mediterranean coast, after several complaints by the █████ High School about the state of the classroom █, specifically in the classes of the Teacher ██████. The delegate from the classroom █ said: "Even though our class didn't like to go out to the blackboard, I thought I had the feeling that something was going on, but I didn't know what. Subsequent interrogations of the rest of the students concluded that when manipulating an instance of SCP-ES-050-1, their mood and perception changed slightly, and in some cases drastically, depending on the subject and knowledge taught. SCP-ES-050 was confiscated by local police claiming it contained cocaine. Subsequently, SCP-ES-050 was sent to the Foundation by a intermediary from the police, claiming they needed more qualified personnel for their inspection. SCP-ES-050 was replaced by an identical chalk box.

After the containment of SCP-ES-050 some new objects associated with the anomaly have been discovered and listed in the Register of Objects Related to SCP-ES-050.

Addendum - Interview Log 003-050, ██-██-████:

Interviewed: Teacher ███████

Interviewer: Field Agent S█████

Foreword: The Field Agent S█████, at the request of Dr ████, will interview the teacher involved in the incident to determine the origin of SCP-ES-050. The Agent S█████ pretends to be a private investigator helping the police. The teacher prefers not to give his name.

<Interview Start>

Agent S█████: Good afternoon, mister ██████

██████: Who are you?

Agent S█████: I'm the private investigator S█████, and I am helping the police solve the problem of those chalks. If you don't believe me, I'll show you my credentials.

██████: All right. I will cooperate.

Agent S█████: Do you know how much the chalks you owned might be capable of?

██████: I was unaware of its potential, and I attributed its effects to my students, who made excuses for not going out on the blackboard.

Agent S█████: Can you tell me where you got them?

██████: I bought them from the new store that opened a year ago.

Agent S█████: I need more information about that store.

██████: Very well. That shop is owned by Stavros, a Greek immigrant with whom I have become friends and who sells products made in Mediterranean countries.

Agent S█████: Did you notice anything strange about him, when he sold the chalks?

██████: No, he just attended to me as usual.

Agent S█████: Do you have his address?

██████: Yes, you can have it.

Agent S█████: Thank you so much for helping me.

██████: I'll let him know.

<Interview End>

Addendum 2 - Interview Log 004-050, ██-██-████:


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