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Dr. Caccioppoli while visiting Site-██.

Name: Aldo Giuseppe Caccioppoli

Security Clearance: Level 3

Personnel Classification: B

Deployment: Site Vulcano | -IT branch

Languages: Italian (native) | English

Position: Anomalous geometry and mathematics.

Reason to be at the Academy: Dr. Caccioppoli submitted request to join the Academy himself, because, since he has been assigned to MTFs, having only basic fighting skills he risked his life more than once.

Functions: Dr. Caccioppoli is a specialist of places with anomalous geometries, or areas that are sections of n-dimensional spaces; he is also skilled with anomalous mathematics. Because of his capacity to "see" n-dimensional objects or non-euclidean spaces, he was recruited by the Foundation, and later also assigned to MTFs that had to navigate places with such properties, so he had to undergo basic military training.

He collaborates with the Advanced Engineering Subdivision1 at Site Vulcano to develop new solutions; in particular he works on developing mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to predict the behavior of anomalies, especially those with multiple instances, or that exist in flocks, or that appear to have random fluctuations or times of appearance.

Career: Dr. Caccioppoli has a degree in Mathematics, a PhD in Differential Geometry, and a master in Theory of Probability, all from the University of Rome. Was noted by the Hunter-Seeker Talent Agency2 while working at the Italian National Research Council, because of his rare ability to imagine 4-dimensional figures, like tesseracts.

Appearance: He is 38 years old, measures 1.79, and is physically fit. He has black short hair and black eyes, usually having a short beard. While working on site he likes a formal attire with shirt and jacket, that he also likes when on non-action missions. He usually looks a little grumpy.

Personality: He is a social person, but prefers to work alone, and may get nervous if interrupted. He is an overthinker, and tries to analyze any detail; for that reason sometimes he is slow to react and prefers to be cautious instead of rushing into action. He is good at calculating probabilities for real world events or even on the fly while on a mission; although in a minority of cases he may be spectacularly wrong.

During regular work hours he can be found in the math department, usually in a tiny meeting room he elected as personal study; in his spare time he can be found in the site's gym or in the site's cafeteria sipping tea and reading papers.

Traits and training:

  • Knows how to fire pistols from his military training and basic tactical maneuvering;
  • Has passed the basic combat-training for class-B personnel;
  • Due to his abstraction abilities he is able to show a high resistance to memetic and cognitohazard anomalies when concentrating, but on the other hand he is extremely sensitive to them if subjected to unexpected exposure;
  • Likes coffee and tea, and pizza is a conditio sine qua non;
  • He has a good knowledge of multiple fields of modern and cutting edge technology, and likes to be up to date;
  • Recurrent quote: «quod erat demonstrandum».
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