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SCP-069-UA - translation from ukrainian languahe on english.

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Photography of object

Item #: SCP-069-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-069-UA must be contained in a vault with soundproof walls; the height of vault should not be less than 2 meters, and the length and width - not less than 10 meters. With the exception of the course of confirmed experiments, it is prohibited to place any objects inside the SCP-069-UA, or to allow the influence of any musical melodies and powerful sounds on the object, or disrupt the free motion of object. Experiments with the premises SCP-069-UA in closed spaces with sizes less than 2 x 2 x 2 meters are prohibited.

Description: SCP-069-UA is a coal-fired smoothing-iron, what made of cast iron and has a weight of 5.1 kg. On the left side of the irons are engraved the inscription "Issue date 1933" and the emblem of the Soviet Union. Probably, the smoothing-iron itself was actually made at that time; but, apparently, the anomalous properties of the object acquired later.

Every day at 5:00 AM an event AEX-069 is occurred. Till event AEX-069 the object rises above the ground at a height of 50-150 centimeters. Further, within the next four minutes, the object flies around the area on a unique trajectory. In the event AEX-069 is occurred then the object SCP-069-UA is located indoors, it will move inside the premises. If is it possible to object to visit the adjacent rooms, it can fly up to 25 rooms.

It should be noted that the object prevents attempts to disrupt its motion during the AEX-069. Experiments have shown that if at the beginning of the AEX-069 the object was fixed (for example, tied by a chain), then with the onset of the event, the SCP-069-UA makes sharp moves that break the fixation (in the case of a chain, lead until the chain breaks). The upper limit of the strength of the anchorages, that could be destroyed by the object, was not found. Also, during the event AEX-069, the object tries to avoid obstacles. Thus, during one experiment before the onset of the AEX-069 event, 10 glass sheets of 1 x 2 meters in size were placed in the camera with the object, and during the next event AEX-069 the object never encountered glass sheets.

Also every time, then the event AEX-069 has occurred, the melody, which is further denoted as SCP-069-M-UA, is sound from the object. Most often, the SCP-069-M-UA is the Hymn of the Soviet Union; this version of SCP-069-M-UA is denoted as SCP-069-M1-UA. Also, if on the beginning of the AEX-069 object has been filled by the coal (or another combustive substance), then during the event AEX-069 take place a total combustion of the coal (or another combustive substance) with the release of an appropriate amount of heat and smoke. The combustion of the coal and the rich range of fuel materials occurs completely and without the ash residues. If the SCP-069-UA was filled by non-combustive material, then the results may be very different, and, obviously, depended from the properties of the material.

History of discovering: Object was discovered on warehouse of abandoned factory in Donetsk region of Ukrainie, [EXACT ADRESS DELETED], what was closed in year 1991. According to the further investigation showed, subject [PERSONAL INFORMATION DELETED], in the past the welder with qualification of fifth level, later transferred to work as a guard at the warehouse for health reasons, has disappeared shortly before the closing factory. Also subject was the active member of the local cell of CPSU1. Later the Task Force "Gossip Writers" found on the creepypasta-site http://███████ story about the iron, what was "possessed by ghost". The photos, on three (3) of which was depicted the SCP-069-UA levitated in air, and video, with a recorded event AEX-069 was attached to the story. The initial analyse of the photos showed that they are not fake. One of the eyewitness also testified that he got a fracture of his hands when he tried to grab the object while it flew in the air. After that the object was successfully captured by the agents of Foundation, and all eyewitnesses were issued amnestics. A blackout, what represent the story of the "flying iron" as the fiction, was posted on the site.

Personnel with clearance 2/069 and more are able to read file E2-069 with fragment of experiment log:

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