SCP-056-UA - Pit on the road
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Instance of SCP-056-UA
at ██/██/████ in town [REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-056-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It is should be reported about all instances of SCP-056-UA to Site UA-80, and all instances must be recorded to file Prot056ua-PIT, which is aviable to any personel with level 1/056-UA or higher clearance. MTF "The Abnormal Administration for Traffic Safety", equiped by tractor, must intercept all messages about SCP-056-UA and eliminate effects of the phenomenon. All affected subjects and, if it nessesary, withnesses must be amnesticized. If is it need a more reliable cover, MTF "Gossip Writers" must be used. Decisions about repairing of vehicle and other objects and medical care of affected must be made by joint decision of supervisor of object, embedded personnel from Ethics Committee and from Economic Department.

Description: SCP-056-UA is the phenomen, what take place in Ukraine and nearby countries, and which is the emerge a deep pit on the traffic road. The pit depth is from the 40 centimeters to the 150 centimeters, and wide is from the 0,5 meters to 2 meters; however, have been registered cases, when the depth of SCP-058-UA was up to 5 meters, and wide was up to 7 meters. Usually SCP-056-UA emerge in that time, when road is covered by snow, ice, puddles, dirt and other materials and objects, that make it difficult to see in time the SCP-056-UA. SCP-056-UA emerge in that places, where before there were no pits, at least a pits of such size. Also, usually, SCP-056-UA emerged filled by the water, and, in sometimes, with liquid dirt and trash. Due to these circumstances, the car or another vehicle, that drives over the pit, easily falls in SCP-056-UA; this event is designated as AEX056-A, and affected vehicle is designated as E056-UA. Event AEX056-A may result to damage E056-UA, injury or even death of passengers and causing an crash accident on the road.

Через деякий час після початку події AEX056-A яма SCP-056-UA зникає з місця своєї появи; цій події присвоєно ідентифікатор AEX056-B. Зазвичай це відбувається через декілька хвилин від моменту, коли E056-UA залишає SCP-056-UA. Аналізи декількох вилучених E056-UA не виявили у них жодних аномальних властивостей. У декількох інцидентах спостерігались випадки, коли E056-UA "спливав" до поверхні SCP-056-UA, після чого на місці останньої з'являлась звичайна калюжа, яка була там до появи феномену SCP-056-UA. Також у разі якщо E056-UA цілком опускається під поверхню SCP-056-UA, він може зникнути в момент настання події AEX056-B. Спроби знайти зниклі E056-UA не мали успіху. Зв'язок з усіма радіомаяками та зондами, відправленими до SCP-056-UA, зникав після події AEX056-B.

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