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===Warning: Access to this document is prohibited unless protocol "Book Burning" is initiated===

Access to this document when protocol "Book Burning" is not initiated will trigger an automatic memetic killing agent. Please leave this page immediately. For all personnel ordered to combat a large-scale containment breach of SCP-444-JP under protocol "Book Burning", please wait for a few more moments.

Beginning Access Process…

Security has been removed…
Identifying condition of "444-out break"…
Identifying initiation of protocol "Book Burning"…
Accessing Emergency Database… Completed
Now displaying information related to SCP-444-JP
Thank you and See you

Item #: SCP-444-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-444-JP are to be altered or deleted in order to prevent the accidental reading of SCP-444-JP. Any personnel that has read SCP-444-JP is to undergo a Class-B amnestic. Furthermore, any personnel involved in the research and/or experimentation of SCP-444-JP are to also undergo a Class-B amnestic when transferred to another site/department.
In order to reduce the risk of SCP-444-JP breaching containment, all information relating to SCP-444-JP are to remain within Site-8141.

Description: SCP-444-JP is a set of words that cause a specific hallucination. When the set of words is read out loud, the subject will always become trapped in said hallucination, and will repeat a cycle of events. A simple description of the events are written below.

  1. The subject is standing in the middle of a field. The field seems to continue on forever in all directions and everything in sight is described as looking red, with one subject describing the sky as looking "redder than a sunset". The dirt, grass, and wind are all said to feel realistic, and anything happening to the subject's physical body does not affect the subject in the hallucination.
  2. After 4-7 minutes of the subject being in the hallucination, the subject realizes that it can fly "like a bird". The subject has no doubts it can fly, but cannot provide proof for why they feel that way.
  3. The subject starts getting a strong urge to fly. The subject starts to fly, and its physical body reaches its calmest state of the cycle.
  4. After 2-3 minutes of flying, a giant red bird starts flying towards the subject from directly ahead. The subject starts to feel fear towards the bird, and the subject's physical body starts becoming active again.
  5. The subject feels an immense fear of death and physical pain as it is eaten by the bird. The subject's physical body starts attacking anyone in the surrounding area.
  6. The subject dies in the hallucination. The subject's body enters a comatose state for 3 minutes.
  7. The cycle goes back to 1. Other than certain fragments, the subject has no memory of the previous cycle.

The subject can break out of the cycle of hallucinations if its body writes down the set of words that caused the hallucinations by its own will. However, due to the nature of the cycles and how the subject only has fragments of memories from the previous cycle, getting the subject to write down the words can take at least a few hours. After the subject has gone through several cycles of the events, the subject learns instinctively that by writing down the words it can escape the fear and pain caused by the hallucinations.

Once the subject is freed from the hallucinations, the subject will remember everything that happened in all of the cycles. The subject will become mentally unstable due to these memories and will usually not be able to provide clear information about the hallucinations. Further research on these hallucinations are halted as of now.

Addendum 1: SCP-444-JP was found in ███████ town of the ██████ prefecture at an abandoned Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (JOICL) facility written on a torn piece of paper.
When the Mobile Task Force arrived at the facility, it was already run-down and in terrible condition. It is thought that JOICL had already abandoned the facility by the time that the Foundation found out its location.
SCP-444-JP's abnormality was discovered when one of the operatives read the set of words on the paper out loud. The operative was immediately put into quarantine, and the operative eventually escaped the hallucinations himself and returned to duty after receiving a Class-B amnestic.

While most of the facility was destroyed along with its database, researchers were able to restore some of the information regarding SCP-444-JP. According to the recovered documents, SCP-444-JP was not created by JOICL but was rather accidentally discovered through the manipulation and improvement of another set of words thought to be used to try to create a different object. The reason the facility was abandoned is unknown.

Addendum 2: On ██/██/████, the operative that discovered SCP-444-JP started yelling "Scarlet bird, now is not the time to rise!" and fired his gun 8 times. 4 individuals were killed and 2 were injured during this incident.
The operative had been on duty without incident for the 5 months after escaping the hallucinations, and nothing out of the ordinary was noted during his regular psychological evaluations.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the operative had a notable decrease in IQ and heightened anxiety after the incident along with all of his memories involving the hallucinations being completely restored. It is hypothesized that the sudden decrease in IQ and increase in anxiety is a result of these memories resurfacing. Currently research is being done to determine if SCP-444-JP had a direct influence on the operative's behavior during the incident.

Those that experienced, were affected by, and killed by SCP-444-JP along with other documents that have the blood of the victims on them are hereby designated as SCP-444-JP-1.
All instances of SCP-444-JP-1 were buried 130m underneath Sector-8137 in a special containment capsule after Site-8141 had to be destroyed. All access to this page, including access by those with a Level 5 Security Clearance, has been restricted.
SCP-444-JP has not been given an object class in order to make this page harder to find and due to the fact that an object class is pointless and meaningless when it comes to this object. Whether it would be classified as Safe, Euclid, or Keter, it does not change what we must do.
The designation "Site-8141" has been given to another facility, and through the widespread use of amnestics the existence of SCP-444-JP has been erased from the Foundation's memory. Furthermore, all data regarding SCP-444-JP has been destroyed. I was the only person in charge of all of this.
At the time of writing this, I am the only one that even knows that SCP-444-JP exists, and soon that number will be zero.
All that will remain is this page and protocol "Book Burning", two systems with no soul.
I like to think I've done enough.
Then again, I must have been too late if you are reading this.
We never found out what SCP-444-JP even does in the end, so if you are in a situation where SCP-444-JP has breached containment, there is not much I or this document can help you with.
The only thing that we know for sure is that it is the "Bird of Recollection". It is at its completed form now. We were, you are, too late. It has already expanded beyond out control as you can see in the document above.
But there's still hope even if it's too late.
You at least have documents about its youth in your hands now.
Please, never repeat this mistake. Everyone has failed when it comes to SCP-444-JP

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