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Item #: SCP-092-ES

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-092-ES is stored in a waterproof laminated glass chamber, with standard measurements: small size and conditioned at a constant relative humidity of 60%, in the Biological Research area (Southeast Wing) of Site-34.

For registration and monitoring of the personnel assigned to this project, an IP video surveillance system will record at all times SCP-092-ES and its containment chamber.

Description: SCP-092-ES is an organic conglomerate of clay texture and ocher color composed mostly of fatty acids, calcium salts and paraffin.

The compound is inert, sterile and devoid of toxicity, and demonstrates a plasticity similar to common modeling clay. SCP-092-ES retains its state and properties in environments with a relative humidity of 60%, losing its malleability until completely hardened when the humidity in the environment is below this figure. Despite numerous attempts to rehydrate the compound, it has been impossible to recover the plasticity state of SCP-092-ES once it has hardened to date.

The anomalous properties of SCP-092-ES are manifested only when the compound is applied to the human surface epidermis. Between 2 and 3 minutes after exposure, the tissue acquires a plasticity similar to the original compound. SCP-092-ES, as well as the affected epithelial and muscular tissue, may be molded at will as long as the compound remains moist and continues to be applied in the area.

SCP-092-ES can be easily removed with warm water from the exposed epidermis while it remains moist. If this is done, the altered physical changes will themselves revert to their original morphology within a time period proportional to the severity of the change.

If the compound becomes dry in contact with the exposed epidermis, any changes applied to the morphology will become permanent and SCP-092-ES will be completely indistinguishable from the emulated tissue from that moment, acquiring by means of cognito-mimetic properties, the color, texture and appearance of the emulated features.

SCP-092-ES has been shown to be successful in altering and even generating new epithelial and muscular tissue as well as partial success with nonspecialized nervous and connective tissue. Given the failure of all experimental tests, the compound does not appear to have anomalous effects on bones, blood or cartilaginous connective tissue.

It is possible to obtain a partial record of the experimentation with SCP-092-ES requesting its clinical report [ref: Document 034.092.016/N2].

Recovery: SCP-092-ES attracted the attention of the Foundation for the first time on 07/04/1979, when a series of events related to horrible facial deformations among the children were echoed in the press of the city of Ankeny, in the State of Iowa, United States. Operators of the Foundation administered psychoactive field therapy to both affected and witnesses of the anomaly. Of the 11 documented cases of anomalous effects produced by SCP-092-ES, only one of them required severe reconstructive surgery. Before the event took on a national significance, it was explained to the media, as an alibi, that the event was due to a serious case of food allergy.

All instances of SCP-092-ES of affected households were requisitioned during the subsequent investigation; A total of 8 aluminum cans labeled "Dr. Wondertainment's Incredible Putty," weighing 100 grams each; And traced the origin of the anomaly to a single advertisement published weeks earlier in a children's local comic book.

Part of the original labeling of aluminum cans containing SCP-092-ES may be requested for investigation [ref: Document 034.092.001/N2].

The Foundation, with the help of the postal service of the city of Ankeny, withheld the mail directed to the address announced to avoid a possible further dissemination of SCP-092-ES among the population. Although it was verified that the postal address corresponded to a nonexistent place, a total of 5 letters were sent with the intention of tracing its location.

A week after the last letter was sent, Area-12 received a purple envelope sealed with the Dr. Wondertainment logo, inside this one was found a discount of 25% on the next purchase of Wondertainment products And a Dr. Wondertainment customer service letter.

Document 034.092.002/N2 - Transcription:

To the girls and boys of Area-12.

Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderful Customer Service has been overwhelmed by your letters for a few days. And that has been amazing!

We love that you have that great interest in getting one of Dr. Wondertainment's Incredible Putty™ free samples and even though it's fantastic, it's going to be impossible since we've all finished free units of this super-mega-fun product.

But you should not be sad because Dr. Wondertainment's Incredible Putty™ is proving to be a real success and soon, along with our new line of products for the little ones, it can be purchased at your nearest toy store.

Do not forget to tell your parents!

A super gigantic greeting,

Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderful Customer Service




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