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Mugshot of Dr. Melham al-Majari taken in connection with his recruitment into the Foundation in 2002. The light skin tone in this image is uncharacteristic for him, and a result of Vitamin-D deficiency due to prolonged lack of exposure to direct sunlight. The neutral facial expression seen here is normal for him in most situations.

Name: Melham al-Majari

Security Clearance: Level 3

Personnel Classification: C

Deployment: Site-61

Languages: Arabic (native), English, Nubian (native)

Position: Memetics Specialist; Decipherer; Translator.

Functions: Dr. al-Majari primary occupation consists of translating foreign language material into English for the Foundation, a position in which he as worked for the past twenty years with above satisfactory results. Al-Majari's passive knowledge of an uncommonly broad amount of languages makes him one of the Foundation's most versatile translators. This knowledge also covers a considerable number of ancient languages, netting him a regular stream of assignment in deciphering archaeological texts both anomalous and mundane, a task he both enjoys and excels at. Moreover, al-Majari has completed several Foundation courses on memetics, cognitohazards and infohazards, and is often called upon to work on projects involving anomalous written and/or spoken language.

Career: Melham al-Majari was born to Magyarab parents in southern Egypt in 1971. He completed his secondary education in Aswan and his tertiary education at the Alexandria University. Most of his educational time has been spent studying linguistics and various languages, both within and without Egypt, and working as a translator for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. It was here he was recruited to the Foundation in 2002, after receiving a recommendation from [DATA EXPUNGED], then a GOC liaison to the Foundation. Dr. al-Majari quickly proved himself capable in a wide variety of linguistic tasks, and soon expanded his skill base through his memetics studies. He remains an important asset to the Foundation, in particular its infohazards research endeavours.

Appearance: He measures ca. 169 cm and has a somewhat stocky figure. He sports close-cropped black hair, a full beard, and has dark brown eyes. His wardrobe is limited various formal attires, mostly limited to variations of the smart casual style. At work, Dr. al-Majari always wears his Foundation-issue lab coat and a pair of black, rectangular, thick-rimmed glasses. He speaks English with a largely monotone Received Pronunciation accent.

Personality: Dr. al-Majari possesses an innate aptitude for language acquisition, able to achieve passive fluency in a new language in a matter of months. He also possesses a strong interest in linguistics, memetics and semiotics, and has been known to "ramble" at length about his favourite subjects when given the opportunity. Other interests are mostly narrow in scope and considered unusual, such as his fascination with various types of jellyfish. His personality has been described by coworkers variously as "peculiar" and "difficult", most often citing his lack of non-verbal expression, unpredictable temper, and general inflexibility with regards to plans and schedules. Notably, al-Majari can become visibly angered when is requested to change his plans or routines, when his work is repeatedly interrupted, or when he is forced to stop working on a specific task. He has expressed that he dislikes working with others due to a difficulty in understanding others' way of reasoning, and feels at best when he is allowed to retreat to his office and immerse himself in a certain task.

In June 2007, Dr. Melham al-Majari was diagnosed with [REDACTED], an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), by Site-66 psychiatrist Dr. Henry Waterford. He has since made weekly visits to his assigned Foundation psychologist, Judit Steinsvik, who specializes in ASD.

Traits and training:

  • Has a medium level allergy to wasps.
  • Always carries a can of wasp spray, due to said phobia.
  • Has completed the Foundation courses in "Cognitohazards", "Infohazards" and "Memetics" 1-4.
  • Has taken up to Class-4 memetic inoculation.
  • Proficient in all Foundation languages, and possesses passive knowledge of many others, living and dead.
  • Dislikes children and detests teenagers. Has a fondness for animals, especially canines.
  • Possesses considerable experience in the fields of translation, transcription, decipherment and cryptography, having worked for the Foundation for fifteen years.
  • Is comfortable working anywhere as long as he is provided with his laptop, a desk, a chair and an electric outlet or other electrical source.
  • Is good at categorizing things into tables, lists and diagrams, and often performs these tasks as a means of relaxation.

Drs. al-Majari and Steinsvik have brought it to my attention that al-Majari has been subject to widespread bullying and denigrating remarks (e.g. "Dr. Neckbeard"), which have negatively impacted his performance. I wish to remind you all that the Foundation takes a firm stance against any form of harassment between employees, and that further instances of this behaviour will be met with disciplinary action.
Think about it yourself: You're harming the performance of somebody in charge of dangerous anomalies. What do you think happens when such a person's attention is disrupted? By something as petty as bullying, no less.
We're all adults here, and I expect you think and act like one.
- Özgör Nasirdinov, Site-61 Chief of Security

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