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Polski Corps for the Abnormal and Strange



Group #: GOI-XXXX, "Polski Corps for the Abnormal and Strange"

Membership: ~3,000 operatives

Resources: USD$4 million1

Status: Active

The Polski Corps for the Abnormal and Strange2 was created sometime after the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Not much is known about the organization other than government scrolls found in a cellar speaking about the formation of PCAS. Sometime after the fall of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, members of the PCAS went into exile in the countries of France and the Czech-Hungarian Empire.

The PCAS was reformed after the establishment of the Polish Republic shorty after the end of World War I, which assisted The Foundation in several operations in Eastern Europe following World War II. During the occupation of Poland3 the PCAS played a key role for Slavic resistance movements in the Eastern Europe area.

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