Square Eyes

Item #: SCP-3016
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3016 is to be kept in a 5x5 meter thick, lead lined, soundproofed concrete room in Research Sector-██. No personnel above Rank 3 is allowed to view SCP-3016 from the adjacent screening room for more than 12 hours at a time. Any experiments involved with the viewing of SCP-3016 are to be conducted inside of specifically prepared rooms with armed guards in close proximity at all times (see document 3016-A-23).
It is crucial that SCP-3016 (and SCP-3016-2) must be monitored at all times via a security camera. Any tests regarding the psychoactive effects of SCP-3016 should take place between 0900 hours to 1800 hours (SEE ADDENUM A-1). Should any abnormal behaviour occur in either SCP-3016 or SCP-3016-2, Director ████ is to be alerted at once.

SCP-3016 takes the form of a Panasonic Viera 42 Plasma Television. Functionality wise, the device does not differentiate from any commercially available model aside from several weak cosmetic scratches. SCP-3016 was recovered from a rural farmhouse in Pike County, Ohio after local reports of audible screaming and gunshots were heard from the property. The family inside were found dead of multiple gunshot rooms. Upon scouring the property, faecal matter was found concentrated on the living room seats and the carpet. SCP Agents were sent for extraction after information regarding the family’s dangerous obsession with the device came to light in police interviews.
After viewing SCP-3016 continuously for at least 4 hours, SCP-3016-2 (The Viewer) often experiences a mild nausea as well as insomnia. Usually after, SCP-3016-2 reports hearing whispers in the room. Further analysis of camera feed confirms the whispers are a psychosomatic effect of prolonged exposure to SCP-3016. No signs of addiction are present at this stage. However, even when the power supply to SCP-3016 is cut, security feed at this stage reliably shows that the device
power up into a static screen.

SCP-3016 will usually go back to viewing SCP-3016 the following day. Despite the program being played, SCP-3016-2 becomes enthralled with the program regardless of what it actually is. The extent of this obsession with SCP-3016 goes as far to block out bodily functions required for survival. SCP-3016-2 often reports that their appetite is non-existent, as well as the lack of a desire to use the toilet despite visibly soiling themselves.

There are also semi-confirmed reports of the viewer turning animalistic in nature towards anyone they haven’t met/perceive to be a threat. Whilst this behaviour is not present in some subjects, caution should be taken monitoring SCP-3016-2 at any time towards 1800.

Addendum A-1: Level 3 authorization required.

Subject: SCP-3016/3016-2
Date: 05/29/2002
Viewer: Doctor White
0900: SCP-3016 playing through nature documentaries. SCP-3016-2 showing no abnormalities at this early stage.
1032: 3016-2 reports repeated, faint whispering from the testing chamber. Further CCTV analysis confirms this was psychosomatic.
1218-1523: No abnormalities, except for audible rustling by SCP-3016-2. The channel has been changed to a crime show.
1626: SCP-3016-2 has visibly urinated themselves. They do not seem to have taken notice of this and are continuously watching SCP-3016, despite the fact that static is the only thing visible on the screen.
1813: Catastrophic failure. SCP-3016-2 suddenly turned feral, breaking into the adjacent screening room with nothing but their bare fists. They inflicted several bite wounds on Doctor White.
1827: SCP-3016-2 has been confirmed terminated following several dozen rounds of gunfire by security personnel.

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