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Fiona Adler
Aliase: The Untouchable General, „The woman nobody likes“*
*I'm just now realizing the irony.
Summary: Apparently, a woman at the age of about 25
30 years old, but told me that she is at least 45.
She claimed to me that nothing can harm her.
I even witnessed a demonstration when some agents of
an enemy group attacked us.
Threat: Might cause me trouble, even though she seems to
be fond of me. Gotta keep investigating, in case we run
into each other.
Best Case: I have an extraordinary ally.
Worst Case: I have an extraordinary foe.

In any case, I need to find a way to keep her in check.
Interest: She claimed to me that she wanted to shake up the "scene".
She didn't tell me exactly what she meant. It's something new when someone
else has a mystery like this around them. That's how many of my
other side must feel.
I tried to tag them with one of my "markers", but they didn't work.
I have a hunch what this "immunity" is.
Recruitable? Maybe. I need to look. Made it appear to be mercenary.
Location: After our coffee talk, she disappeared.
She didn't tell me where.
She does not seem to intend to leave Europe for the time being.
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