Rabe "English Versions for Friends" Sandbox 2

German Branch Orientation

Hello and welcome to the German-Austrian-Eastern Swiss branch, or as I call it: Central European branch.
My name is not imported since you'll hardly ever see me again. For now call me "White Rabbit", for this I am when I explain to you in the depth of the construction that is our branch.

Ah, and I'm going to speak standard High German, we're not monsters. I hope, when you are from another branch, that you have studied the Duden on the way here, because You will need it.

First of all: Who's your boss?
Answer: The O4 Council. Not the real Name, but that's how we know them.
Yes, we have our own O5 advice and how cool that may sound, the sadder the background story is. The O4 Council originally consisted of a surveillance unit, back in 1945, to see that everything goes right. Now it consists of the competences from our ranks. They are very seldom seen if they do not distribute reminders.

Second: Our Work Policy/
We take the SCP motto very seriously /Safe, Contain, Protect. We insulate everything that is an anomalous danger, whether capable researcher or reality supporter. We'd even contain our national drink if it were an anomalous. Things like E-Class researchers riding a Kaiju just because when is immortal, we cannot afford purely of our size and capacity. We don't want it either.
Even if that sounds like self-praise, we've had the lowest containment rate in 50 fucking years. I can honestly remember only five and only two were from the same location.
You ask what you do when it's so safe? So the next one is interesting for them.

Third: /What are we fighting?

The Caecus Carneliana Collective, for short collective or CC
A group of anomalous, humanoid Persons. Their leader calls himself Kether, the crown, and don't underestimate his 10 "branches". All arrogant to the point of no more and emphatic like a stone.

The SKP and the 4 Reich.
Oh, I see that some have informed themselves. I even see smiling faces, looking forward to kicking some real Nazi ass. I have to disappoint them. We don't kick them, we dam them.
Nobody laughs. That's fine, too.
Every now and then we find remnants of what the Sonderkommando for Paranormals have created in their lab. They're no longer a problem in our universe if it wasn't for Portal.

4Rs are much more active. Are any of you homosexuals? Don't be shy.
Five. Well, then SCP-077-DE is forbidden for them. Preferably the whole site DE6.

We know two anomalous factories, the IMBW and R.T.I..

The Institute for Human Education and Development is blindly trying to accelerate the development of our species. They're the group we most often cover up for.

Raptor Tec. Industries is the epitome of perfection in the artificially intelligent art of warfare. We're lucky they don't think much of 4R's ideals.

And the ones we only recently found out about:

Section XXV
The Stasi also has skeletons in their closet. Just because we have their shredded documents, we know so well what it was. You are surprised at everything the GDR citizens had to endure.

And a group we've only known about since SCP-149-DE.
The Magic Academy
Except that they claim that they were our "guardian angels", we have no information. Well, we're grown up enough to handle it on our own.

And now that we're working together, I'm going to clear up some prejudices:

Yeah, we don't take a joke when someone takes the last piece of ham.

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