INT Collab - Rabe and Mew

Working Title:

Eric and Mama Great Fairy in the Land of Dreams

Tags: Eric mm+wk SCP Euclid extra-dimensional portal sleep clothing artifact de container
Erics Stuff: 066 (Toy) 4688 (helmet)

Mew concept:

Maybe the anomaly is a backpack with a keyring of a lily blossom, to which every person over 15 years old is attached, he will fall asleep and dream for an hour, while things feel peaceful and calm. You will explore a dream world with childlike wonder, where everything is wonderful and new.

Raven’s Ideas

in the dream world is a house, created by Eric and “the Great Fairy” Mirabilis
everywhere are drawings of the two persons, mostly picturing like mother and son
blackboard/whiteboard in a schoolroom
a kitchen with Eric’s favourite dishes and maybe 003-INT(?)
A tightly locked door to the “Room full of dark thoughts”, Eric’s and Mirabilis fears of the real world, they try to suppress.

Item #: SCP-011-INT

Object Class: Euclid (Formerly Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-011-INT and SCP-011-INT-1 are to be contained within separate secure storage lockers within Site-INT8 "Bird Cage". In no circumstances outside of testing is SCP-011-INT to be worn. To access SCP-011-INT and SCP-011-INT-1 permission from personnel of Level 3/011-INT security clearance or higher is required.

All recovered objects out of SCP-011-INT are stored in a separate storage room. All objects are classified as anomalies items.

Description: SCP-011-INT is a well-worn colourful backpack, a model typical of those used by school students. The letters "ERIC" are inscribed upon the lower-left strap in pen. A small tag on the inside bears the inscription "From Ms Mirabilis, To the son I so often dreamed".Attached to the left shoulder strap is an acrylic eight-cm lily blossom key-chain (designated SCP-011-INT-1).

If SCP-011-INT is worn by a person under the age of 15 and makes contact with SCP-011-INT-1, no anomalous effects take place.

Note: newly made experiments showed an influence on young subjects by giving them “happy” dreams afterwards, most likely in SCP-011-INT-A. Recherche is ongoing.

If the process is completed by a person over the age of 15 years old, the person will fall asleep for exactly an hour. Every person who has come in contact with SCP-011-INT and SCP-011-INT-1 have reported entering and environment viewed "the ideal place to grow up" within the dream (designated SCP-011-INT-A). All persons have also reported experiencing feelings of peace and tranquillity.

To those viewing the subject wearing SCP-011-SCP-INT, the process of falling asleep appears as if the subject has fallen to the ground in slow motion, retaining a relaxed position for the duration of the hour.



Testing has discovered that upon placing objects in SCP-011-INT, they can be transported in and out of SCP-011-INT-A. Due to the unknown consequences of abusing this ability within and out of SCP-011-INT-A, any intention to transport an object must be approved by two head SCP-011-INT researchers.

It has been noted that within each individualized version of SCP-011-INT-A, there are a set of reoccurring items/places. The following is a list of the reoccurring items/places:

  • A house (of varying design per SCP-011-INT-A instance) mostly in the middle of a flower meadow
  • A sound of varying description per subject, always regarded as "pleasant" (i.e. humming, a church choir, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata")
  • A blackboard attached to a wall within the house
  • A child's bedroom full of toys from varying centuries
  • Papers with a child's drawings of a mother and son
  • A tightly locked door (See Addendum-011-INT-X)



The following is a transcript of the letter found inside SCP-011-INT.

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