INT Collab - Rabe and Mew

Item #: SCP-011-INT

Object Class: Euclid (Formerly Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-011-INT and SCP-011-INT-1 are to be contained within separate secure storage lockers within Site-INT8, "Bird Cage". In no circumstances outside of testing is SCP-011-INT to be worn. To access SCP-011-INT and SCP-011-INT-1 permission from personnel of Level 3/011-INT security clearance or higher is required.

All recovered objects out of SCP-011-INT are stored in a separate storage room. All objects are classified as anomalies items.

Description: SCP-011-INT is a well-worn colourful backpack, a model typical of those used by school students. The letters "ERIC" are inscribed upon the lower-left strap in pen. A small tag on the inside bears the inscription "From Ms Mirabilis, To the son I so often dreamed". Attached to the left shoulder strap is an acrylic eight-cm lily blossom key-chain, designated SCP-011-INT-1.

If SCP-011-INT is worn by a person under the age of 15 and makes contact with SCP-011-INT-1, no anomalous effects take place.

Note: recent experiments showed an influence on young subjects by giving them “happy” dreams afterwards, most likely a result of SCP-011-INT-A. Research is ongoing.

If the process is completed by an individual over the age of 15 years old, the individual will fall asleep for exactly one hour. Every individual who has come in contact with SCP-011-INT and SCP-011-INT-1 have reported entering an environment viewed as "the ideal place to grow up" within the dream, designated SCP-011-INT-A. All individuals have also reported feelings of peace and tranquility.

To those viewing the subject wearing SCP-011-SCP-INT, the process of falling asleep appears as if the subject has fallen to the ground in slow motion, retaining a relaxed position for the duration of the hour.


From SCP-011-INT-A Recovered Notebook

Testing has discovered that upon placing objects in SCP-011-INT, they can be transported in and out of SCP-011-INT-A. Due to the unknown consequences of abusing this ability within SCP-011-INT-A, any intention to transport an object must be approved by two head SCP-011-INT researchers.

It should be noted that within each individual version of SCP-011-INT-A, there are a set of reoccurring items/places. The following is a list of the reoccurring items/places:

  • A house (of varying design per SCP-011-INT-A instance) mostly in the middle of a flower meadow
  • A sound of varying description per subject, always regarded as "pleasant" (i.e. humming, a church choir, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata")
  • A blackboard attached to a wall within the house
  • A child's bedroom full of toys from varying centuries
  • Papers with a child's drawings of a mother and son
  • A tightly locked door (See Interviews-011-INT-2)



The following is a transcript of the letter found inside SCP-011-INT.

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