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Item #: SCP-4752

‘Book of Revelation’

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-4752 is to be contained in a 10x10 Golden room with a shrine of gold lined with red felt for it to rest on. The floor of SCP-4572’s Chamber should be made of polished marble, as to satisfy the resting spirits in SCP-4752. A set of religious emblems should be kept on-site: holy water, prayer rug, crucifix, Holy book of an Abrahamic faith [Torah, Bible, etc], and golden candles. Constant Monitoring of SCP-001 and SCP-4752 is to take place 24/7 and the SCP ADMINISTRATOR should be alerted of any change of SCP-001’s behavior during the year ████. If any personnel survive the events written within SCP-4752, they are to return to Site-██ and reform the foundation. However, the events of SCP-4752 could annihilate the entire world, existence, and reality.


SCP-4752 is the identification of an ancient text in Site-██ containing the entire Book of Revelation, which is believed to be the original text written by [EXPUNGED].

SCP-4752 is believed to be a portal from heaven, where God can send angels, spirits, and beasts through. If any activity within SCP-4752 occurs, a full Site Lockdown is initiated. Any creature who uses SCP-4752 as a gate from heaven is classified as SCP-4752-1, most cases resulting in hostility from SCP-4752-1. SCP-4752-1 is classified as a KETER-LEVEL SCP.

The events of Revelation, which as of ███████, according to ancient Babylonian texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls, will occur ████ years in the future. With this, SCP-001 will enter a stage of [EXPUNGED], causing SCP-073 and SCP-076 to[EXPUNGED]. Within the coming years of this event, Site-0 and Site-██ are to remain in crucial contact, monitoring SCP-001 and SCP-4752 for any activity. If SCP-001 becomes active in the year ████, emergency order Patmos-Omega is to be sent to SCP Administration from Site-0, and preparations for a PATMOS XK CLASS-END OF-WORLD0-SCENARIO are to begin.

If SCP-4752 is dishonored or angered, it will enter a state of [EXPUNGED] and begin to glow and shake with holy light.

It has been determined that the transmission received by Foundation personnel, see ADDENDUM, SCP-001, was the starting act of the Revelation of John. The gates are opened, the angels and spirits ride forth and begin the orders of God.

When the year ████ arrives, the events in the Book of Revelation will begin. See REVELATION OF JOHN, NEW TESTAMENT.


Interviewed: SCP-4752-1

Interviewer: Dr.████

Foreword: During a breach event yesterday an angel tried to break free and enter through SCP-4752. However, Alpha-1 captured and retained the angel.

<Begin Log, █████████>

Dr.████: First question. Who or what are you?

SCP-4752-1: My name is [EXPUNGED]

Dr.████: Why did you come here?

SCP-4752-1: [Silence]

Dr.████: Ok, Next question. Do you know anything about SCP-343? Or, ‘God’, as his nickname?

SCP-4752-1: He is my master, the one who rules over all of you.

Dr.████:What is your knowledge on SCP-001, also known as Uriel?

SCP-4752-1: Uriel… one of my good friends, yes. He guards the gate to [EXPUNGED]. His master is also mine, SCP.., 3.. 43 as you call him?

Dr.████: What do you know about SCP-4752?

SCP-4752-1: The scroll is a gate from my world to yours, you seem to have been able to please it, or else it would [EXPUNGED].

Dr.████: Are you able to walk away from the restraints we’ve placed on you?

SCP-4752-1: I am able, but it is amusing watching you struggle to get info, I’m afraid I’m done here.
<End Log, █████████>

Closing Statement: After the log ended, SCP-4752-1 walked away from its restraints. MTF Epsilon-11 attempted to stop it, but it simply moved its arm and tossed them aside. The site was put on immediate lockdown, and eventually, after causing damages, SCP-4752-1 returned through SCP-4752. 2 deaths and 7 injuries caused by this.

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