Rajko Jovicic's Draft

Object Class:Euclid Safe
Threat Level:● Orange o White
Special Containment Procedures:
—SCP-4092 is to be kept in a standard humanoid Euclid Class cell at Site █ █with fully furnished chairs,tables,ect..alongside a closet equipped with shirts and pants.Glasses are also needed for reading books within the containment cell A Samsung brand Television is also needed within the cell.03 Clearance level access is needed to enter SCP-4092's container. --SCP-4092 is to be kept in a Safe anomaly class humanoid cell at Site █ █. The cell is to resemble a standard building apartment fully equipped with furnishings such as tables,chairs a bed ect..It is to also be equipped with a closet with clothes such as shirts and jeans.There are to be 4 rooms within the container,the kitchen,living room,bathroom and bedroom.In the living room there is to be a couch,a television on a table and a sofa.On the walls of the living room are to be paintings of unknown origin (see Addendum-4092-b).There are approximately 4 paintings.In the kitchen witch is somewhat interconnected with the living room there is to be a stove,a sink and a washing machine.There are to be plates and bowls in the kitchen cabinets and silverware is to be stored in cupboards that are connected to the table.SCP-4092 is expected to clean its silverware,plates,bowls ect..There is to be a fridge parallel to the sink that contains food.When said food in the fridge is expired or eaten by SCP-4092 foundation personnel are to buy food requested by SCP-4092.The bathroom is to contain a sink,a bathtub and a toilet,additional toilet paper is also required and is to be bought by foundation personnel every time it is fully used.A few cleaning products are to be stored in the bathroom as well.The bedroom is to contain a bed,a library of approximately 67 books and a table with a small lenovo brand PC,with a chair opposite of the table.SCP-4092 is shown to use the laptop mainly to talk to his friends and family and check his Gmail.There is also to be another table next to the library containing a few icons of the virgin Mary,Jesus of Nazareth and multiple Eastern Orthodox saints.SCP-4092 has shown to pray next to these icons on his knees before and after sleeping,in hard times,ect..A lamp is to also be present next to the laptop.SCP-4092 is allowed to freely roam around Site █ █.If SCP-4092 contracts an illness that it cannot handle itself,Medical Department personnel are to nurse SCP-4092 back to perfect health.
Description:SCP-4092 Is a Human male at the age of thirty two from the Republic of Serbia that (32) weighs seventy three (73) kg and has a height of one hundred and seventy nine (179) cm.SCP-4092 possesses the ability to repair any object without any struggle and has been shown to repair objects in a time span of 5-7 minutes.SCP-4092 also possesses the ability to resurrect any living being,and has shown to do mostly on beings from the kingdom Animalia such as the Canis,the Equus,the Domus Cattus,ect.. SCP-4092 possesses the ability to speak in both Serbian and English.SCP-4092 is beneficial to the Foundation as it can repair objects such as broken glass,broken doors after breaches and has been shown at times to fix the interiors of containment cells.SCP-4092 has also shown to be very skilled at calming down humanoid SCP's during re containment.SCP-4092 has a family of a wife and 3 children living in █ ██ ██ ██ ██,Serbia,due to this SCP-4092 is allowed to live with his family every month for 20 days,although SCP-4092 does not have permission to give any information about the foundation to its family and is to cover the fact up by stating that it works in another city.
Addendum 4092-a:SCP-4092 was discovered in █ ██ ██ ██ ██ █,Serbia after a report that it resurrected the cat of its dead relative.
Addendum 4092-b:Several months after containment,on 10/17/2012,during a test approximately 4 pictures depicting people on the streets of what is presumed to be a Victorian era city,an apple next to a window,a forest with a visible Ibis specimen in a tree and what appears to be an abandoned,old house in the woods appeared on the living room wall.Neither do the Class D's present in the test nor SCP-4092 know why or how these pictures appeared.Current researching on this is being conducted by Dr.Martin Parkson.

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