Rajko Jovicic's Draft #2
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Object Class:Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4085 has no special containment procedures and is found in the cafeteria of Site-██-B.All Site personnel are permitted to use SCP-4085 for consumption.
SCP-4085 is a standard chocolate cake with no additives,frostings,ect..After consumption of SCP-4085 the subject/subjects who have consumed SCP-4085 will report side effects of
  • Euphoria
  • Better health,if not being in perfect health prior
  • Better cognitive function
  • A boost in confidence

After consumption of SCP-4085,said SCP will regenerate,however before regeneration the object on witch the SCP was consumed will leave a note,the notes are always differing and depend on the person who consumed the SCP (see Experiment-4085 A1).
Addendum-4085-A:SCP-4085 was discovered by Agent-█████████ when he was on his daily break from 9:30AM-9:50AM. Agent-█████████ reported a note on his plate and the regeneration of the cake he bought to the Site Administrator.SCP classification was given to SCP-4085 on 5/6/2012.
Experiment-4085 A1:Test organizer:Dr.James ███████.Test subjects:D-7898,D-8483 hereby referred as Subject-1 and Subject-2.Subject 1 and Subject 2 were brought to the cafeteria of Site-██-B,they were both served parts of SCP-4085.Both subjects started consumption of SCP-4085 after being told to do so.The plate of Subject 1 had a message reading:"Happy birthday!I hope you enjoyed this cake!".The plate of Subject 2 had a message reading:"This was a personal present from your best friend! Hope you enjoy it dude!".Both subject 1 and 2 were asked what their plates read,they both replied.It was confirmed that it was Subject 1's day of birth during the test and both Subject reported feelings of euphoria.
Experiment-4085 A2:Test organizer:Dr.James-███████.Test subject:D-6776 hereby referred as Subject-1.Subject has reported to have the common cold,and a temperature of 38.Subject was given a slice of SCP-4085.After consumption a message on Subject 1's plate appeared and read:"I hope you will get better soon! Much love!"After this Subject reported feeling completely healthy.1
Experiment-4085 A3:Test organizer:Dr.Michael ███████.Test subject:D-49076 hereby referred as Subject-1.Subject reported bad cognitive function.Subject was given a slice of SCP-4085.After consumption Subject-1's plate read:"Happy learning!".Subject reported feeling "Smarter".After approximately 3 cognitive tests Subject-1 was reported having a higher IQ than before and having a better cognitive function.2
Experiment-4085 A4:Test organizer:Dr.James ███████.Test subject:D-98765 hereby referred as Subject-1.Subject-1 had reported feelings of depression,low confidence and low self esteem.Subject-1 was given a slice of SCP-4085.Subject-1's plate read:"Hey buddy,cheer up! Life is not that bad!".After this Subject-1 reported a boost in confidence and loosing all signs of depression.3

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