Item #: SCP-666-JP-J

Object Class: even Keter is too mild

Special Containment Procedures: Because of its inexpressible and formidable characteristic, information about SCP-666-JP-J is revealed only to the personnels in charge. 1 hapless level 3 personnel and 2 or more tragic Class D personnels are assigned to SCP-666-JP-J. Once a day, class D personnels in charge are to polish sinisterly shining jet black SCP-666-JP-J with a soft cloth, conquering dreads.

Description: It is redoubtable even to document SCP-666-JP-J because of its bloodcurdling appearance, but if I had to choose, heedless of my life, it is a black bowling ball. SCP-666-JP-J, which is terrifying even to say it's name, has terrible ability which watches movements of all persons who try to explain it. When they express SCP-666-JP-J with fearless or despising expression, oh god, it will teleport to their fatal regions such as their heart or brain, jesus! It will occur no matter how the expression is, for instance writing, speaking, or inputting, and it is impossible to escape from the evil power of SCP-666-JP-J.

SCP-666-JP-J would teleport to nearby person's neighborhood at random unless someone polish it everyday with awe and worship, oh my god!
The composition of SCP-666-JP-J is the same as a normal bowling ball, unbelievable!
All attempts to destroy SCP-666-JP-J failed, how could they!?
SCP-666-JP-J can only hurt persons who try to express it, merciful however horrible.
SCP-666-JP-J can teleport only when attacking someone, or when being not polished horrible.
SCP-666-JP-J's teleportation ability isn't limited by distances or obstacles horrible.
I guess it's safe if I add "horrible" to the end of my sentences horrible.
I'll try again horrible.
This troublesome fuckin' ball horr[END OF FILE]

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