*Test A - Date

**Subject: In-animates

**Procedure: Audit Incident Claims and Implement Contingencies

**Results: Contained.

**Analysis: Algorithms detected . Incident Data accessed and collated via The ScrIer Programme.

Discovered a strong concurrence between Incident Claims.

At precisely 12.00 hrs on 15/3/18 both were assaulted, the attack lasting no more than a few minutes. Occurring in two separate Locations - 965.606 Kilometres apart.

As per security protocol. Those involved will be referred to as Claimant A and Claimant B.
Their locations undisclosed.

Claimant A

A 35 year old male. Employed as the Night Watchman at his local Mall. In preparation for his night shift, The Claimant awoke somewhere just after 11.00 hrs, after reliving himself , still groggy The Claimant then after soaping up his face he proceeded to shave himself. Using a cheap own-brand safety razor, he was shaving somewhere around his neckline, when his razor began to push deeper into his skin on its own accord . Such was the force he felt the safety bars on the blade giveaway under pressure tried to pull it away but I quote - " It Stuck there like a magnet" the more he tried the pull it away,the resistance increased.

Struggling to break free, The razor cut deeper into his neck dragging it's self at a 35 degree angle, narrowly missing his carotid artery. Then it suddenly stopped. Stemming the flow of blood with a hand-towel, he managed to drive himself to the hospital before passing out from blood-loss. As well as sustaining a 27 stitch laceration, his larynx suffered deep tissue bruising and light haemorrhaging. He was immediately referred to a psychiatrists by his doctor. There he was assessed and diagnosed as being Bi-polar with suicidal tenancies.

The Claimant however insists that he possessed a healthy state of mind and had no existing emotional issues prior to the Incident.

A fact that has now become a moot point ,as he is undergoing intensive counselling sessions and has been put on strict regime of anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals.

Claimant B

A sixteen year old female. College Student, the Incident occurred while she was travelling by bus listening to music via her i Phone. She was wearing ear-buds - model - QCY QS1 T1C Mini V5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 3D Stereo with Dual Microphone.

There was a short burst of static which disoriented her as her ear-buds began to burrow deeper into her ear. Again she tried to pull them outwith her fingers but they resisted and continued to burrow further into her ear until they embedded themselves close to her semi-circular canals,rupturing both ear drums and causing massive bleeding. Fellow commuters altered bus driver to the situation as he detoured towards hospital. First aid trained commuter continued to stabilise her condition until further medical attention was administered.

Traumatised,The Claimant now deaf in both ears was sectioned into a local mental health care facility where she underwent treatment and assessment. Psychiatrists have deemed her deeply delusional and dangerous to herself and possibly others.

All evidence points towards a a hostile action from unknown entities.The nature of what they are,where they come from and what are their intentions is subject for further investigation.

There are two working theories -

Theory #1 - Something close to the Tsukumogami found in Japanese Folk-lore. These are spirits which possess inanimate objects. Though traditionally they are thought to be mostly friendly.

Theory # - 2 Using the Bryce Seligman DeWitt model, we can theorise that they exist in a Layer of Reality close to our own. This would give them the window of opportunity to temporarily cross-over into our Layer.

Containment Implemented . Detained Claimant A and Claimant B transferred to a secure facility for Observation. Until more is known or another Incident occurs we can only guess what comes next. At this time, it remains unclear if this was an isolated incident or part of a possible Incursion.

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