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Special Agent Samantha Hawkins; previously in service with the Fed. Bureau of Investigations.

File Number: AXTKM#793051

Full Name: Samantha "Natasha" Hawkins

Date of Birth: 17th February 1992 in Ontario, Canada.

Gender: Female.

Languages: [Native] English & French.

Department: Mobile Task Force Unit - █████████████

  • Position: Field Agent.

Personnel Classification: +C.

  • Security Clearance: Level 2 Clearance.

Appearance: Ms. Hawkins is currently twenty-six (26) years of age, and appears to be 5'6 (167 cm) and weighing at 78 kg (171 lbs). She has long red hair, green eyes and prefers keeping her hair in a pony-style.

Career: Moved to the State of Michigan in 2002. She took a keen interest on law enforcement which she took inspiration from her father, Jacob Hawkins (deceased), who was a RCMP Officer in 2003. She was recruited into the FBI's Training Academy in Quantico, VA. And promptly graduated in late 2015. Furthermore, she was seen by her instructors as; Intelligent, and a Strategy person, however, it was noted that she was showing aggressive behavior towards other trainees which concerned the FBI's Academy Director during her physical training in the academy.

Personality: Ms. Hawkins has been showing signs of aggressive behavior. This didn't concerned the FBI's Academy Director until she received a news about the passing of her late father, Jacob Hawkins, who died during an a hostage situation in [REDACTED]. Because of the previous incidents she's been involved, regarding punching and assaulting other trainees within academy grounds, she was suspended but was lifted when she was cleared by the department's psychological evaluations unit. She's been observed to be a social person, but is aggressive when she feels threatened or offended.

Reason in the Academy: Samantha Hawkins joined the Academy to further enhance her capabilities within Combat, and Field Investigations.

Traits & Experience:

  • Education: FBI's Training Academy Quantico, VA.
  • Law Enforcement Experience: Firearms Experience (Grade III & IV Weapons), Hostage Rescue Experience, Tactical Response Experience, and Security & Coordination's Development Experience.
  • Psychologically: Aggressive Behavior, Strict, and Social.
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