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Item #: SCP-115-KO

Object Class: Safe


The picture of SCP-115-KO

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-115-KO should contain a level 1 special specimen archive. While the storage and experiment procedure, SCP-115-KO should not be touched an organism.

All experiment using SCP-115-KO is now completed. As the procedure has no difference from investigating a common metal box, We considered the experiment is no longer needed. If you want any additional experiment, report to the containment team and go through the level 2 secure procedure after consult the statistical data 1-115-77.

Description: SCP-115-KO is steel-made Regular dodecadron that every edge is 30cm long. SCP-115-KO is sealed completely. Because of its size and texture, the inside of SCP-115-KO is estimated to empty. But, because of unknown reason, attempt to filming inside of SCP-115-KO can not make any result. Consult 1-115-77 about the analysis result. Inside of SCP-115-KO has nothing. Considering 'Interferece of Outer Entrophy hypothesis' to investigating the principle of current releasing from specimen.

If organism was touched by SCP-115-KO, it release the current about 7A which is 7~10 times powerful than the average lethal dose. because of its principle was not investigated, 3 agents died while the collection. According to the hardness testing result, SCP-115-KO estimated that it can bear more than [REDACTED]tons


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