Item Log: SCP-343

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Any anomalies claiming the identity of one or more literary figures are to be tested for genetic similarities to SCP-343 using samples of its remains. If a genetic match between the two anomalies is discovered, the new anomaly is to be considered an instance of SCP-3431 and is to immediately undergo a complete memory expungement. Once it has reverted back to its ‘native appearance’, SCP-343 is forbidden access to any fictional or non-fictional literary texts.

If texts containing details of a member of Foundation personnel are reported missing near a SCP-343 instance’s containment cell, all Site 17 personnel and recent Site 17 transfers are to be tested for authenticity.

Description: SCP-343 was a male humanoid of undetermined race which, before returning to its ‘native appearance’, claimed to be the Abrahamic Judeo-Christian ‘god’. Prior to Incident 343-01, many Foundation personnel accepted SCP-343’s claims, with staff colloquially referring to it as ‘God’ after approximately 40 days in Foundation custody. However, the events and evidence featured in the addendums of this document suggest that SCP-343 was a Level 5 shape-shifting Reality Bender that took the form of ‘God’ after reading the Catholic New American Bible.

Incident 343-01

It is believed that SCP-343 underwent the first recorded instance of a ‘reinterpretation event’ between one and three days prior to Incident 343-01. Researchers theorize that SCP-343's interpretation of the Catholic New American Bible initially favoured the kind, humble portrayal of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, with the ‘reinterpretation event’ SCP-343 experienced during Incident 343-01 shifting favour to the powerful, righteously destructive portrayal of Yaweh in the Old Testament. This may explain the contrast between SCP-343’s passive attitude towards promoting its ideals (as mentioned by Father Nazarel) pre-Incident 343-01 and its active and destructive behaviour during Incident 343-01. All evidence suggests that SCP-343 retained all of its previous memories.

Post-Incident 343-01

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