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SCP-750-KO at the time initial contaiment

Item #: SCP-750-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure:

Revision 02-6
SCP-750-KO needs to be contained in the room HT-021-R, which has a rectangular shape consisting of lead, steel, and titanium widths 3m, lengths 4m, and heights 3m. In the room HT-021-R, A lighting fixture capable of emitting light of about 10,000 candela or more should be placed throughout the facility and always should be operated by an automatic power supply system. The EFN-111 electromagnetic system with radius 6m and 2.3m in height should be placed around HT-021-R at a distance of 10m from the relevant room.

The EFN-111 eletromagnetic system should normally be maintained in "Low" mode, and should be set to "High" mode if a breach event occurs.

All personnel are strictly forbidden from accessing the SCP-750-KO and must obtain more than a level 3 security grade. When SCP-750-KO occurs any anomaly events or any Groups of interest personnel discovered, All personnel should report this to Mobile Task Forces Gamma-13("Asimov's Lawbringers"), Which deployed in the room HT-021-R or Dr. Lee Sung-Bin, a security head of the Site 222K section I-3.

Description: SCP-750-KO is a military humanoid unit, which stands at 1.96 m tall and weights 160 kg. The subject has an exoskeleton and an endoskeleton structure, and the endoskeleton is connected to a gas mask made of a metal such as steel or something else. The gas mask can turn all kind of gas into electrical energy and supply it to subject through the endoskeleton connected to the gas mask. SCP-750-KO's exoskeleton is consists of steel, silver, copper and stainless steel, and the endoskeleton is consists of of aluminum, silver and copper. The molecular structure of the exoskeleton and endoskeleton has an artificial lattice form, The head of the SCP-750-KO has the phrase "W-222" engraved on it. In addition the subject has a symbol of "Schutzstaffel" on its right wrist, and the logo of "Anderson Robotics" and "Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd" on its left ankle.

SCP-750-KO's arms and shoulders, and the left side of its head has the following devices installed:

  • Shoulders - The inside of the shoulders contains substance that can cause heart attack and memory erasure. The substance has fluidity and the principle of causing constitutional factors, heart attack and memory erasure is still unidentified. SCP-750- KO can administer the substance through the thumb, middle finge, and little finger. In addition, When the substance is exhausted, it started to be produced at the endoskeleton.
  • Arms - Special bullets made from Anderson Robotics in its arms, and each arm has about 300 bullets. The bullets are 30 caliber, and the Muzzle velocity is about 1300m/s. The subject can shoot the bullet through its Index finger and Ring finger. When the bullet is exhausted, it started to be produced at the endoskeleton. In addition when a bullet is shot, the gunfire is recorded at less than 5 dB.
  • The left side of the head- There is a button with a radius of 5cm, consisting of silver and copper. The button produces a second exoskeleton above the subject's exoskeleton. The second exoskeleton has a molecular structure similar to carbon nano tubes, and has a immunity to nearly all kinds of attacks and explosive weapons.

8th SS-cavalry division "Florian Geyer" photographed during the World War II. At the head, SCP-750-KO is leading the unit.

The endoskeleton of SCP-750-KO has the power plant that can output the power supply into the kinetic energy, the subject can run at an average speed of 50 m per second through the power plant. Besides concealed device which can make all of skeletons transparent is built in the subject. The transparency can be continued up to two weeks, and subject can deactivate it during the transparency. And also, SCP-750-KO can feel heat or cold depending on the external causes of pain or the temperature of macro-environment, This was confirmed to occur on all of skeletons except for the second exoskeleton, although no nervous system or similar devices existed in the subject. The principle of the phenomenon is currently unknown.

SCP-750-KO has a strong rejection of light higher than a steady illuminance. Since The high intensity discharge shut-off system in the subject which is attached to object recognition device to protect and inspect Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd's facilities is damaged by The chaos of insurgency during the event suppression in 2003, The high intensity discharge shut-off system can occur serious disturbance at the visual recognition device if the system is exposed to light higher than about 10,000 candelas.

The first time of SCP-750-KO discovered in a network of foundation is during a collision between two groups of interest in Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, South korea in 2003. At the time of the deployment, The chaos of insurgency and Anderson Robotics personnels were engaged in a collision, and SCP-750-KO was found by MTF gamma-13("Asimov's Lawbringers") deployed to quell the collision between the two groups of interest. Besides two Anderson robotics personnel were arrested at the scene, Four additional documents related to SCP-750-KO were collected.

Document 01#: addendum 750-KO-A-01

The following message is from Anderson Robotics to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

Dear Talent

Hello, Mr. Talent. The repair you requested was completed on September 15th. Model name PSHUD #11 will be transferred to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd on September 17th. At your request, We have added the following features to PSHUD #11:

  • Language embarked: English, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.
  • Concealed device repaired.
  • The high intensity discharge shut-off system embarked.
  • AI "BR-112" embarked.
  • Endoskeleton and Gas mask connected.
  • The second exoskeleton producing device embarked.
  • Energy conversion power plant embarked.
  • Heart attack & Memory-erasing causing substance embarked.
  • 200 extra bullets embarked and Noise from shooting minimized.

#11 has been programmed to take commands only from yourself and Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd personnel. If you would like to edit, The storage box we sent you will contain an NOT gate. Insert the logic circuit into the #11's back and input the signal "0". Then a touch screen instaled to the back will be activated. After that, Enter the Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd identification code on the touch screen, you can edit by running "OPLC" program located in lower left of screen.

If there is a problem or something you don't like to PSHUD #11, The storage box we sent you will contain an AND gate. Insert the logic circuit into the #11's back and input the signal "1" on both terminals. Then your request will be transmitted to Anderson Robotics in 30 minutes.

The model name PSHUD #11 we made this time will get the job done to protect Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd facilities and personnels. We hope that facility restoration and personnel security are carried out with confidence.

Document 01#: Addendum 750-KO-A-06

The following is a letter from Deishas Julian, 3rd SS-Armored division "Totenkov" to Herr Rass, a member of The third Reich during the World war II in November, 1945.

Daer Herr Rass

Hi there, Rass. How are you these days? I'm sorry I haven't written to you for a long time. I'm writing this letter because I have something to tell you.

A week ago, As you know there was a action with the Soviet Union in Hungary. We deployed a lot of units to 10 o'clock including The 8th SS unit. However, Here's the catch.

W-222 starts rejecting the command, it eventually blowed up Mr. Fegeline. And then, when it tried to kill Fegelain, the soldiers tried to stop W-222. but it didn't work. Fortunately Mr. Fegeline survived… The rest of the soldiers didn't make it. Now he ran away and disappeared to somewhere. Soon, A new division will be formed to prize it.

According to Josef Mengele, He says Since the AI you programmed was too high, eventually this accident happend. Thanks to this tin friend, the soviet union could easily invade, Countless German soldiers were killed or injured. We could barely beat them by sending reinforcements, The situation was far too late.

Many higher ups including Mr. Himmler said they felt very disappointed in you. Probably Mr. Himmler's messenger will visit your home soon. He said He has "something" to tell you. But don't worry. Mr. Himmler is not Eichmann, so he is just going to give you a some reproach.

Anyway, That's all I want to say. I will send you a letter again before long. Until then, take care yourself.

-Your old friend, Deishas Julian-

Document 01#: Addendum 750-KO-B-02

The following message is from Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd to The chaos insurgency.

Dear The Chaos insurgency

Hi there. I'm Talent Menendez, Marketing manager of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. I'm writing this letter to warn you.

Lately, You tried to seize the droid that we owned. Thanks to you, Major facilities in our company were paralyzed or opened to the public, Countless Company employees were killed or seriously injured. Originally we found this droid first after the World war II. And you guys saying that we've taken the droid from you? I think that is a very contradictory argument.

According to our research, You guys were discussing the issue of how to get the SCP foundation dunked on. That is, You didn't care anything about our droid at that time. But what do you want us to do when you suddenly change your mind?

Anyway, If you keeps on like this, Our company won't stand still. Anderson and his friends promised to help our company, You'd better be ready. Considering the move we are going to make? Well, I leave it to your immagination.

- Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd Marketing Manager, Talent Menendez-

Document 01#: Addendum 750-KO-B-03

The following message is from The Chaos insurgency to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

Dear Menendez

Hi, Mr. Menendez. I read your latter. First of all, What i want to say to you is that You people had better be ready, not us.

The discussion we had after the war is that How to take down the SCP foundation with W-222. And like i said, We found this droid first. It was the gift Joseph Mengele was preparing for us when he was helping our fleeing. Although the droid damaged a lot, Wouldn't it be all right if we repair this droid? So we went to collect that tin friend. However, When we looked closely, There was only a web and tiny lump of dust where the droid was sitting. That's right. You people had taken our droid.

And you say we made a contradictory statement? Can't you recognize that the order has completely changed? We found that droid first, and this situation happend that Ltd did. So why you are say we plunder that tin friend first? We think the argument of Ltd is a contradiction.

Anyway, I want to tell you something. We, The chaos insurgency, are ready to fight for enemies. I think you'd better be ready rather than us.

Document 03#: Interview record 750-KO-B-06

The following is a record about one of Two Anerson Robotics personnel arrested during the suppression .

Interviewed: Cho Soo-Ho

Interviewer: Agent Griggs


Foreword: The following record deals with interview between Agent Griggs and Cho Soo-Ho, Anderson Robotics personnel. Cho Soo-ho was a Andersen Robotics personnel, along with Gespenst Rodbird, who was found at the scene.

<Begin log>

Agent Griggs: Please take your seat.

Cho Soo-Ho: Thank you.

Agent Griggs: First of all, Please state your name for our record?

Cho Soo-Ho: I'm Cho Soo-Ho, Andersen Robotics director for Sector B07.

Agent Griggs: How are you related to Rodbird?

Cho Soo-Ho: She is my friend. And a coworker.

Agent Griggs: I see. So let's get down to business, Was SCP-750-KO created by Anderson Robotics?

Cho Soo-Ho: So to conclude, That's not our work. This droid was made in Germany during the World war II, It was damaged and getting rusty at an underground base in Hamburg after the war. And Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd discovered it by accident.

Agent Griggs: Did they made only SCP-750-KO? Or they made the others?

Cho Soo-Ho: They made the others.

Agent Griggs: When did they specifically started to produce it?

Cho Soo-Ho: Well… It was 1936 when Hitler commanded Project "Reversal of RebersalUmkehrung der Umkehrung", That's when the droids started to be produced.

Agent Griggs: Can you tell us more about the project you mentioned?

Cho Soo-Ho: Project "Reversal of Reversal" is a military robot unit production project that Nazi has been running since 1936. It was composed of Hitler's lead to secure buildings and occupy bases efficiently, to deliver operations rapidly, and protect the main Nazi members.

Agent Griggs: Was SCP-750- KO also one of the results of the project?

Cho Soo-Ho: Yes, it was. He joined 8th SS-cavalry division "Florian Geyer" and he was in many actions with Herman Fegeline. At the same time, So many Jewish people and civilians were killed by his hand.

Agent Griggs: Which combat did he typically participate in?

Cho Soo-Ho: Well… If I remember correctly, Babi Yar massacre, Belarus scorched earth policy, and Warsaw uprising suppression.

Agent Griggs: How the offiers thought about SCP-750-KO? Was it positive on the whole?

Cho Soo-Ho: It was. Wherever he went, the Allies began to retreat or surrender. PSHUD #11 was a most capable droid they've ever produced. Even Hitler went from Berlin to Munich in order to meet him.

Agent Griggs: And SCP-750-KO was then found broken at an underground base in Hamburg, Germany after the war. And Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd discovered it, right?

Cho Soo-Ho: You know it very well.

Agent Griggs: Did SCP-750- KO got break down during the war?

Cho Soo-Ho: Nope, I'm afraid it's not. He is a really strong droid. You can't even destroy it in any way. Rather the Nazi abandoned him.

Agent Griggs: Abandoned? So he was spreading all over the floor?

Cho Soo-Ho: Yeah. Nazi neutralized PSHUD #11 and put it in an undergrouun base in Hamburg.

Agent Griggs: Why did the Nazi no longer want to utilize SCP-750-KO? Did he ever "malfunction"?

Cho Soo-Ho: As you say. Well… To say about that situation, The 8th SS-cavalry division including PSHUD #11 was sent to the Eastern Front in 1943 to stop the Soviet Union. It was a natural step, Since he was completed his massacure missions perfectly and ruthless with formidable power. However, When they got to the front, #11 refused orders. He wouldn't budge despite Fegeline tried hard, As Fegeline get riled up and draw out a pistol, He suddenly grabbed him and with his hands, and then… threw him away. He got fall headlong nearly 6 M. According to the report at that time, #11 was emitting smoke in his gas mask with showing a blue light on his facial recognition device's lamp… As he muttering "You murderers(Die Mörder)" to his colleagues…

Agent Griggs: A blue light?

Cho Soo-Ho: Judging from our production standard that Probably "Artificial emotional deadlock error" Indicator lamp has been light up.

Agent Griggs: Is it common for AI to protest like that?

Cho Soo-Ho: It's not entirely absent. As you know, The AI is difficult to make and control. Even with technology like Anderson Robotics. If you set it too low, it's meaningless, and if you set it too high, you can't control it. Probably Herr Rass, a person in charge on PSHUD #11, caused the result like this since he edit AI too high… said our company's engineers. You know who Herr Rass is, right? The founder who initiated the fourth Reich afterward.

Agent Griggs: I think SCP-750-KO was "malfunctioning" 'cause "Herr Rass" took charge of it, What do you say?

Cho Soo-Ho: Well, Some people have the same thoughts like you. According to the report, #11 acted like a "real human soulless", not like "emotionless and empty tin robot".

Agent Griggs: I understand. Then, Is this a reason why Herr Rass left the third Reich?

Cho Soo-Ho: No, It isn't. But it gave shock to many people at that time. While eastern front was getting dunked on by Soviet Union, They were betrayed rather than utilizing high-tech mechanical soldier. Maybe this is the origin royal guards started viewing Rass unfavorably.

Agent Griggs: Can you tell us what happend to SCP-750-KO since then?

Cho Soo-Ho: The Nazi has quashed related documents for embarrassment, Some people know about it. Helped jiwish people escape, smashed Heydrich's tomb, rescued civilians on the front line… What's more, I heard there are several cases to Allied records that he passed the Nazi's classified informations through resistances. So he suit himself for about three months, and he captured and neutralized by the 001-Armored division.

Agent Griggs: How did they neutralized SCP-750-KO? They used tools like purpose-built weapons, or Remote control device, or something else?

Cho Soo-Ho: They could neutralized it with blueprints for #11 that the Nazi scientists gave them. If it wasn't for blueprints, The 001-Armored division would have been kicked their asses by #11.

Agent Griggs: Do you know anything about that blueprints? For instance, Someone or group has blueprints right now…

Cho Soo-Ho: Don't know, but i heard Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd had a ownership, but all burned out when the Chaos insurgency attacked them.

Agent Griggs: That's what happened. I understand.

Cho Soo-Ho: Well, that's all I know. Besides, I don't know anything about it in detail.

Agent Griggs: That's good. Let's call it a day. Agent Alexey, I'd like to ask you to take Mr. Cho Soo-Ho outside.

<End log>

Closing Statement: After the interview, Cho Soo-Ho said he would like to join the Foundation, Rodbird, arrested along with him, also to be on the same stance. This request is currently pending, Additory interview will be conducted about Cho Soo-Ho and Rodbird.

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