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SCP-CN-999's cover

Item #: SCP-CN-999

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-CN-999 currently held by the Foundation have been invalidated, and their textual content is now filed in the Site-CN-71 high-density library. Any recovered active SCP-CN-999 should be contained in Site-CN-71's high-value containment area. The nature of the project is now prohibited from being tested; if new text content is found, it should be promptly archived.

Description: SCP-CN-999 is a two-sided printing, a total of ten pages of A4 size printing book, the material of the project itself is the same as ordinary white paper. The cover is printed with a picture of a black silhouette of a suspected Columba creature flying high and the title “Flying Out: Finding Your Advanced Employment Path”.

The main content of SCP-CN-999 is a brief introduction of many anomalous related organizations worldwide. The briefing will include the common symbols of the organization, and briefly introduce the history and nature of the organization. It is noteworthy that the bottom of the profile contains a column entitled "Optional Positions", which describes a number of positions that fit the organization's nature and the number of people who are presumed to be required for the position.

In addition to the instructions on the first page to explain how to use the project, SCP-CN-999 has a description of five (5) related organizations on each page, and a total of forty-five (45) related organizations, but did not mention several of the most unusual anomaly-related organizations, including the Foundation.


An example of one of SCP-CN-999's pages.

Each recovered SCP-CN-999 is accompanied by an A4-size tabular file (hereafter referred to as SCP-CN-999-1). In a series of tests, the file showed excellent water and fire protection. The form of SCP-CN-999-1 requires a series of personal data, as well as the relevant organizations and positions that the person intends to apply for.

The anomalous properties of SCP-CN-999 appear after the person filling the signature in the signature column of SCP-CN-999-1. The written handwriting on the project will automatically disappear after filling in the signature. The specific location on the back of the project will show the time and place in English; the locations mentioned are usually the closest to the project and the room area is between six (6) to eight (8) square meters and the mentioned time is usually after thirty (30) to one hundred twenty (120) minutes after filling in the signature.

It is worth noting that the subsequent anomalous effects of SCP-CN-999-1 can only be correct when filling out the personal data entered on SCP-CN-999-1, and not when completing SCP-CN-999-1. When the prisoner or the non-part-time paid job is not taken over in any company or organization, it will only appear in the specific position on the back with Tradisional Chinese written “Error: The personal information does not match.” or “Error: The word 'Stabilized Position' is already existed." until the qualified person to sign the name on SCP-CN-999-1.

If the person completing the fill can arrive at the destination within the specified time, than the person who filled in the room will be moved out of the room due to unknown reasons, and the room cannot be interfered in any way during the entire interview. In the room, there will be a person dressed in the commonly used clothing of the corresponding organization, the appearance characteristics and the corresponding human and a senior person in the related organization will talk with each other. According to the records of the monitoring equipment left in the room, the conversation between the two people is highly similar to the interview in the general employment process. For related monitoring records, see Appendix SCP-CN-999-A.

According to the results of the interview, the following two situations will occur:

  • If the filler passes the interview, they will shake hands with the interviewer and send out in three (3) seconds. And disappeared with the interviewer into the white light. In three-tenths of the test cases, Foundation personnel can find out that the person who is filling in is in the corresponding position among the corresponding organizations; but more often it is because the person who filled in has lost its trace.
  • If the person who filled in fails to pass the interview, The interviewer will show the feeling of regret and will force the person who filled out to move out of the room in an unclear manner and disappear out of thin air. The person who filled in will not be able to trigger SCP-CN-999-1 again.

Appendix SCP-CN-A: Video Recordings of Interviews Generated by SCP-CN-999-1.
This appendix document is the fourth trigger attempt by the Foundation for SCP-CN-999-1, and it is the first successful trigger of SCP-CN-999-1.1 Due to other related organizations involved, in order to avoid possible confidential disclosure, the subjects were scheduled to fill in the SCP-CN-999-1 at the front office of the "Standard Caring Project" (Hong Kong Branch) and successfully triggered. The information written on the back of SCP-CN-999-1 required participants to interview in a vacant meeting room in the company fifteen minutes later. The following records are what happened in the room after the subject entered the meeting room.

Subject: D-1851, whose real name was Liu Yilong, was involved in a spy case because he was framed and was sentenced to death for treason. It was later recruited by the Foundation as a D-class officer through standard procedures. In order to carry out the test, the use of political relations led the local government to withdraw his charge and exempt him from execution at the end of the month, thus making him an innocent and free person.
Candidate Organization: Unusual Incidents Unit
Application Position: Junior Detective

[Record Start]
Subjects entered the room and the screen appeared less than one second frozen at this time.
After returning to normal, the person who had originally operated the camera in the room disappeared. In the center of the room, a humanoid individual (hereinafter referred to as the interviewer) who conforms to the appearance of the senior agent Carl Bellic from the exterior to the acoustic line, sits behind a long table.

Interviewer: Hello, Mr. Liu, I am a senior agent in the department. I currently serve as an assistant to the Ministry of Personnels. Please call me Carl. Sit down.

Subject: He… Hello, Mr. Carl.

The subject sat in a chair opposite the interviewer.

Interviewer: In fact, you don't have surprised Mr. Liu, as a detective, fluent in several mainstream language is our basic skills. Now, please do a brief self-introduction.

Subject: I am Liu Yilong, graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law. After graduation, as I wrote in my work record, I worked as a legal advisor at Daping Biscuit Factory and was responsible for dealing with the various issues of the company in terms of the law… mainly focusing on intellectual property. Then… then… because the various coincidences were also framed by the villain, I was jailed for several months. After that, the prison staff introduced the job to me. I… Although I am a graduate of the Law Department, I have spent several years in the military school and I have maintained my training after leaving. I am well qualified for the detective in terms of fitness and shooting techniques. And I am familiar with China's civil and criminal laws and can provide assistance when your department needs legal knowledge in this area. My situation is roughly like this.

Interviewer: Ah… well, let me ask you a few questions. First of all, Mr. Liu, do you have a criminal record? The crime of treason was eventually withdrawn and it was really interesting. Can you talk about it?

Subject: (this part is still being translated.)

Interviewer: It seems that you are a little surprised. As you can see, we are the official organization of United State of A Mary King. If it is not the case, you don't even have the opportunity to interview. Joining us means that you will work for the United State of A Mary King, if necessary, you may even want to be an enemy of your country. Even so, will you be the junior detective?

Subject: (this part is still being translated.)

Interviewer: Our organization is also different from other departments, the threat we face can be described as unimaginably strange, your final destination may be in the stomach of a terrifying giant lizard. You don't have a problem with this?

Subject: Oh, surprises are not that strange than what I saw in the biscuit factory.

Interviewer: Well decided then. You are welcome to join the Unusual Incidents Unit and you are hired.

Subject: Wh… what? That's it? Do I need to go back and wait for the notice?

Interviewer: That's it. The salary and the date of work will be discussed next, (reach out to the subject's hand) now you are welcome to join our family, Mr. Liu.

Subject: Thank you, Mr. Carl, I'm surprised and happy.

The subject reached out and shook hand with the interviewer, both emitting a bright light with a brightness of over 300,000 lumens.
After three seconds, the light faded and the subject and interviewer disappeared.

[Record End]

Postscript: Afterwards, the Foundation made inquiries in the Unusual Incidents Unit's Office. They said that the newly recruited staff did not have a junior detective named Liu Yilong. The inquiry into the personnel base at the Unusual Incidents Unit did not reveal any information on Liu Yilong. Carl Bellic, a senior agent at the Unusual Incidents Unit, also said that he had no experience of interviewing with Liu Yilong or even anyone.

In the interview, the interviewer claimed that they were working for "United State of A Mary King", after eliminating possible pronunciation errors, it can be assumed that Carl Bellic in the interview is likely comes from other parallel time and space.

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