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Top floor of a multiple dwelling, at the city border, 16.08.1987

Mrs. Wunder, who lived in apartment no. 8, unlocked the apartment door. Two-room apartment under the roof, product of mass production, such apartments existed everywhere in the country. This may have sounded unimaginative, but the advantage of equally built apartments was that they were easy to find their way around even when visiting other places and did not have to ask for the way to the toilet.
The lock was already at impact, so someone had gained access. She wasn't really expecting visitors. The woman looked down and found her grey cloth pants and the pale pink blouse sufficient for a foreign visit not to be ashamed.
She opened the door and later went through a gap into the interior. Her eyes fell on a woman enthroned in her worn armchair. Quite a lot of woman. Not that her counterpart was fat, not at all. She was only extremely giant and towered over her when she got up, by almost more than two heads. She wore a boring grey suit and smiled friendly. Too friendly
"Good day, Mrs. Miracle," greeted the giant, "May I ask you to come in?"
"What is it about? Unfortunately, I don't recognize you," replied the attic dweller a bit clumsily.
She didn't know this woman and even though she seemed harmless despite her size, she didn't feel comfortable having her in her apartment.
The giantess pulled an ID card out of her pocket while she asked to go on a seat.
The shocked housemate was not able to decipher anything, because she stared frightened at the coat of arms that adorned the identity card. It was decorated by the lettering Ministry of Homeland Security.
The Stasi! But why, why, why?
The owner of the apartment had an unusual talent, which she used under the pseudonym'Frau Wunder', but she had tried never to attract attention. Or was this Behemoth here for something else?
Meanwhile, the woman said patiently waited for her to sit down.
"Please take a seat," she asked.
Wunder was asked to sit down in her own apartment? She realized the fuss. The stranger wanted to make it clear to her who wore the trousers here, not the actual owner of this apartment. "First, I'd like to know why you're in my apartment, where you gave yourself access."
"It's about your… special knowledge. According to what we know, they are able… let's call it'working miracles'", in answer to the last question, she held up the landlady's spare key.
It's her talent after all. Ms. Wunder had hoped to remain undetected until better times began, but apparently the ears of the Stasi heard much more than she would have liked.
"I'm very sorry, but I don't know you mean', she said kindly,'I'm not so much of a superstition and if I'm suggesting I belong to a cult, I ask you to leave. "I pay my taxes as well as I can and I'm usually exemplary." She smiled as friendly and naive as possible.
The giantess grinned. A broad, oh, I-war-you-small grin. Miracles shuddered all of a sudden.
"How unfortunate. Then we'll have to ask Mrs. Dwarfgat again why she tells such'superstition'."
Frau Wunder smile slipped, but only because she needs all her willpower to keep it going.
Frau Zwergat was a friendly older woman who was far too nice to rat her out.
"Did she report me to you because I forgot to water the flowers?" she asked in a relaxed manner.
"What's that? No. But one of our employees noticed this interesting pan she has. The one that pancakes turn on their own. Practical, when the strength leaves you in your arms in old age. Especially when the grandchildren come to visit. Cute grandchildren, noted. So cute they talk about a'nice sorceress' on the fourth floor who promised them a living doll." The smile took on painful proportions. Mrs. Wunder swallowed imperceptibly. She had inculcated the woman to always keep her hand on the handle so that nobody would notice that the pan she had mended could fly. And she didn't expect anyone to believe the kids.
She did not want to imagine what would happen if the Stasi decided to do some more drilling on her.
"I'm impressed and frightened by your espionage skills. Is there Beeingstigt? What do you want? Perhaps more importantly, who are you?", she gave up the facade. Full panic. Maybe she could get a more merciful verdict like that.
"For now, it's enough if they call me Sandra," said the giant. "Sit down and I'll explain everything."
He did wonders as he was told.
"I'm here to make you an offer," began Sandra.
"Are we talking about an'offer' or an order? What's the threat if I don't get out of here?

At the Ministry of State Security, Berlin, 21. 8. 1987

Before Magistra Wunder lay the dark matter. She should do something impressive. She brooded with what she could convince Officer Mader. Fortunately, she didn't have to present a weapon, but something else that would prevent her from being carried behind Swedish curtains.
To distract herself from the uncertain and gloomy future, she tried to long for it as a question of honour. "I'll show you that I can't just do adornment."
She sat down and let the events of the last days go through her mind. Agent S had taken her to a classified unit. As it turned out, the Ministry of State Security had a special Section for supernatural things of all kinds. Section XXV.
There was quite a lot, from singing yoga palms and literal goulash cannons to a thing where they were informed that it had been a party official who had knocked on the wrong door. Everything aimed at one of the two tasks, either helping the Stasi to keep the GDR under control or weakening the enemy. She was not explained how a full-body swimsuit helped, but apparently someone had played a little too hard. The leader was a certain officer Konstatin Mader, who showed the same interest in the peculiarities here as he did in exotic diseases, which meant that he could have heard about them at one time, but did not want to deal with them more than absolutely necessary. An excellent choice for the post, even if it was difficult to impress him, where she was again in her dilemma. In order to show a nice statistic of success, Magister Krone had been hired as boss of all Magisters. The guy was… very, very peculiar. Brilliant, no doubt, but selfish. And an exploratory spirit, which resulted in a dangerous mixture. If it wasn't for Officer Mader, the department would have gone. Surely he had defaced the party official and there was the matter of the exotic fruit.
But she might have seen a lot of that weirdo. She would ask him if he could educate her if his mood allowed it. She wanted to use the means and possibilities to the bitter end before the department wanted to get rid of her.
She had hoped to delay the whole thing by refusing to develop any weapons. She was, is and always will be the woman who helped people. Unfortunately, Krone was able to work with it and had taken it to the espionage, defense and support corner.
Contrary to their initial fears, the working atmosphere was disturbingly calm. The other Magisters were fortunately nice there, even if not less weird. She could swear that the Magister named Feder was ticking quietly and she did not understand why the giant cage was scared of Mader.
Which brings her back to the here and now.
"I wish I could make myself invisible… Oh"
She turns on the sewing machine.

A laboratory of the Ministry of State Security, Berlin, 18. 10. 1987

Magistra Wunder sat depressed at her place of work. She was a little euphemistic in last Thursday's project report.
Although she had said 4 m2 big cape, she doubted that she would get a usable prototype at the end of the month. She could not find a solution, although she was the first one to come, and the last one to go. She sighed and rose to look at the piece of fabric again under the light.
A quiet but certain knocking pointed to the expected, or rather feared, visitor. She smoothed out the stuff and asked the experienced master in.
Magister Krone was not much bigger than she had imagined and radiated a self-confidence and experience that made her feel respect for him. He seemed younger than she had imagined. They must admit to themselves that they had imagined a "wise master". But instead of the robe he wore a plain blue-grey suit and only a well-groomed area of his chin was left of the beard. He scratched his chin beard as he watched her work after she had finished talking. "With channels and veins to create a cognitive disorder, haven't you tried, Frau Wunder?"
She hesitated: "I am still very green behind my ears, so unfortunately these things don't mean anything to me… What do you mean by disturbed perception, Magister Krone?" She had intended to make such a good impression. But his reaction surprised her.
"You made this without any idea of the craft?"
"N…No, dear Magister Krone, I've worked with fabric before. Have I… made a mistake?" she nervously asked the Magister in fear of getting very harsh criticism from this one, but it didn't happen.
"Allow me a question, Magistra Wunder. Were they on…", he thought for a moment, "… at a school or university where they were shown something like this?"
"N-no.", replied miracles, "No training as a clerk with a magus or maga?"
"No, I taught myself everything." "So they have it from books on how to use magic? What you've done here is a very complicated way to solve the problem."
She blinked briefly several times. Magic'? A grown man who worked in a socialist department used such a superstitious word. She could think of which Department. But she was too curious.
"What do you mean by magic? I thought that was normal"
Did you have access to books of the 'Akademie'?'"?
"Academy? No, even as a child I liked to make things and make toys for other children…"
Magister Krone looked at her very closely and she was unwell. A little in thought, he asked rhetorically: "Why didn't the Academy notice you? "I can always use an assistant."
He turned back to the unfinished prototype. "Let me see what I can do… You will draw such a ladder, whereby… so along", as he explained to her, he leads the finger pattern over the fabric. Magistra Wunder traced the lines because they were too complex to remember as loans.
"What do I paint the lines with?" she asked when it ended.
"Oh, I'll show them soon enough." She wasn't entirely happy with his smile.

Training room of the Ministry of State Security, Berlin, den 25. 10. 1987

Magister Krone finished the sentence and a little'Night Wisp' grew. Magistra Wunder whispered insecurely after the formula, and several flame-sized lights appeared. She sighed and made a frustrated face. Magister Krone rubbed his chin beard in anger.
After her Master Krone with a'seal' and'curse' that she wouldn't tell anyone outside the department about the internal machinations, he tried to introduce her to the basics of magic for almost a week.
Although Krone had been one of the best in his class, he was partly at his wits' end. She certainly didn't lack ambition, rather the opposite, she did him all honour. Officer Konstantin Mader had already warned several times that she should not emulate crown too much and that he could not use a second troublemaker. Miracles were able to use the formula and instructions and create something, but it was either too alive or different from what the magus pretended. Krone quickly realized that she was an ardent leader of shamans and druids, which made it difficult for him, as a submissive and bowing sorcerer, to train her properly. Not impossible, just more protracted. Krone didn't want any extra work.
His sphere of light remained obedient in the air, while her'fireflies' swarmed around her eagerly, apparently cheering her up. "Today is over, my time is limited. Study the books I have advised them", befall Krone.
"Do you think so, Master Crown?" Although he trained her only heartlessly on the side, she took this as motivation to impress him, which was evident in her progress. The only reason he even cared about her anymore
"Show the Prototype T1 "
She woke up and handed him the finished prototype T1. He flew over it. "Well, you've been very meticulous with my instructions." Magistra Wunder proudly stuck out her chest. //She's like a child. "Next Tuesday it will be time for you to show Officer Mader."

Radio Centres of the Ministry of State Security, Berlin, den 5. 11. 1987

Magistra Wunder sat nervously next to the person who received Agent Os' radio transmissions. Not only was this the first time she experienced a mission, but her skills were also put to the test. "This is Agent O. I'm in the perimeter… approaching the building," it croaked out of the speaker. Miracle came closer. She was understandably sitting on needles, which also made the person next to her nervous. "Roger that, Agent O." The next five minutes were filled with screaming silence.
"I'm outside the building. Get out of the car." Opening and slamming a door. Steps, quickly, but not in such a hurry, as it would have been conspicuous. "It's cloudy, but luckily there's a wind. We don't need rain…" Magistra Wunder leaned forward quickly before the radio operator could do anything. "If everything works out, bullets shouldn't hurt them""Hardly? How comforting…" "As long as you feel pain, they're vulnerable, but try to hit you." The radio operator pushed himself in front of the device again. "Don't risk it anyway, do you understand?" "As clear as it… I must be quiet" Miracle was cramping together. /Please, please, shut up. She knew just as well that her prototype was working. Magister Krone had given his blessing and Officer Mader had been at peace during the demonstration. Agent Os' steps became quieter and quieter, but did not fall silent completely. Like a background noise, two, three, maybe four men could be heard, not noticing the spy near them. Magistra Wunder suddenly had a horrific vision: How would the spy O get inconspicuously into the building without anyone wondering about the door that opened itself?
Agent Os strode more relaxed, but he still whispered: "I'm on the first floor. Everything is very quiet, not surprisingly, given the time. It's funny, or I'll infiltrate when I'm seen. And when I sneak in, it's a completely different route…" The radio operator typed slightly against the Mirko: "Be careful anyway, we can't use it if they get cocky" "You're right. Already in the second, … " O stopped, or it became extremely still. A muffled, stomping sound, so loud that it could be heard very clearly, penetrated the rushing silence. Terribly long ten minutes crept by.

"What with Lenin's mustache…!", hissed Agent O finally.
"The radio operator was now more worried and nervous than the woman next to him. "What have we heard? Please answer" "I don't know, but it must have been anomalous. I'll tell you more when I get back. I…", short silence, "I am behind schedule because something is always stopping me"
The quiet scratching suggested that O had tampered with a door.
A flapping and clicking of a closing door, followed by a click of a flashlight. O hummed nervously.
"I have the documents" Os's voice cracked out of the speakers. "And since most of the staff is already gone, I can go outside undisturbed."

Miracle listened to the tip of the feet that hurried the door a little conspicuously. Waiting had made her doubt the agent's abilities.
What if it wasn't my prototype, but the agent who failed? Would I be found guilty? Please, make it work.
The sound of a car door beating. "I'm in the Trabant"
"Congratulations, Agent O. We're expecting you."
«Start the coffee maker, I need something to refresh me"

Auf einer Terrasse, Berlin, den 15. 11. 1987

Zu fünft saßen Wunder, S, Feder, Käfig und, etwas abseits von den anderen, K auf der Terrasse von einer Cafeteria. Vor jedem war eine Tasse oder Glas mit einem Getränk und unterschiedlichen Stadium der Leere. Diese kleine Gruppe von Personen war mehr oder weniger Magistra Wunders überschaubar Freundeskreis.

„Und Wunder, hast du dich eingelebt?“, wollte K mit seiner freundlichen Stimme wissen.
Wunder antwortete nicht gleich: „Lustiger Weise ja. Unglaublich, das alles so gut kam“
S schnaubte. „Wir sind nicht alle wie Krone. Du weißt ja, ich mache das nicht zum Vergnügen“
Feder tippte auf den Tisch: „Ich habe dich schon in Aktion gesehen“
Wunder lachte. „Nimm ihr nicht auch noch ihre letzte Freude.“, sie sah sich den Ausblick an, „ich bin überrascht: Früher habe ich mich versteckt. Ich sitze mit euch hier, als wären wir von einem normalen Firma. Ich habe Freunde, die wissen was ich mache. Ich habe mich sogar mit S angefreundet“
S gab ihr einen freundschaftlichen Schlag gegen den Hinterkopf. „Wir sind auch Opfer dieses System, deswegen sind wir auch hier, in diesem Augenblick. Das ist der wahre Geist des Sozialismus, nicht dieses lebensgroße Strategiespiel.“
Käfig hob seine Tasse: „Lassen wir diese trüben Gedanken. Ich möchte lieber auf Wunders Erfolg mit ihrem ersten Projekt und unsere Zusammenarbeit anstossen. Auf weitere Erfolge“
Wunder bekam ganz leuchtende Augen. „Ich habe eine Idee. Lass uns ein Foto machen!“

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