Item# SCP-Tanasinn

Object Class: Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-Tanasinn is to be kept in a 15 m by 15 m by 15 m square room. SCP-Tanasinn is to be allowed to wander through the facility with no less than two armed personnel accompanying him.SCP-Tanasinn is to be allowed to interact with any SCP it requests.

Description:SCP-Tanasinn is a male humanoid measuring up to 6.1 Ft and 250 Lb. SCP-Tanasinn is capable of making abnormal/paranormal/anomalous creatures/objects/ buildings, SCP-Tanasinn has claimed to have created many SCP items
list of items are in addendum.SCP-Tanasinn usually only wears clothing that's all one color especially black or white and even purple. various tests have shown that SCP-Tanasinn is incapable of being manipulated/controlled by memeticand infohazards and mind controlling a scps.(many documents have been made for the Creations of SCP-Tanasinn) living things created by
SCP-Tanasinn are extremely aggressive towards humans and will attack if given the chance.objects created by SCP-Tanasinn commanly have the ability to mess with the mind of humans and can even kill, although some object appear to be aware of humans nearby and only have effects when a human is.

addendum01-discovery: SCP-Tanasinn was found in in a abandoned barn in the town of [REDACTED] South Carolina.reports of missing pets led several embedded agents designated as "the wildlife protection unit" into investigate the nearby
woods where SCP-Tanasinn was later found performing surgery on several animals. In persute agent Ben Zaki was severely mauled by a living creation of what appeard to me a dog crudely constructed by SCP-Tanasinn and SCP-Tanasinn was contained with little resistance.

Addendum02: SCP-173, SCP-106's liquid, SCP 178, SCP-666, SCP-420-j, And SCP-6789-JP (these are
some examples of what SCP-Tanasinn has claimed to create SCP-Tanasinn also claims
to be the founder of many groups of interest all those are found in addendum 3)

addendum03: the serpent's hand, dado, the Church of the broken God, House of the worm.

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