SCP-4000 “Plantera”

Item #: SCP-4000
Object Class: Thaumiel


Special Containment Procedures: Must be kept away from SCP-008, SCP-4000 can clone himself up to 20 times to confuse others so he can run to SCP-008, If he does get to SCP-008 and get infected he can make a swarm of Instances of SCP-008 and will start to attack you with a sword or knife, And have to be killed right after you spot him and if he look at his face he will ran away and try to hide and spawn around five clones of himself to protect himself.
How to Recontain SCP-4000: MTF task force Iota-10 and Epsilon-11 can only Recontain SCP-4000, Because they are to be trained to RC SCP-4000,
SCP-4000 is to be feared when he began to transform, How to know he is transforming he will start to spin around and stop and stare at a anyone with a gun and then run away which at that point you must have someone block his way or he’ll get to SCP-008 and infect himself and then clone himself 20 times and he’ll need to be killed if not stopped,
The only people that SCP-4000 talk to is All MTF units and O5 head.
The only thing you can do when SCP-4000 Gets infected with SCP-008 is to kill the clones and then RC him ASAP, if not then he will just make more clones, Only O5 head, and a few others can stop SCP-4000 from making more clones, The first time SCP-4000 discover his power was when he tried to stop SCP-122 from escaping from the site, the second time he used his power is when he got infect by SCP-008 and kept cloning himself, Just remember to keep SCP-4000 from SCP-008.

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