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Item #: RPC-045

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-045 is to be contained in a 45x10cm titanium lock box secured with three computer controlled locks connected to three different terminals located in ██████, ███, ██████, ███████ and ██████, █████. The lock box is to be contained within a secure temperature controlled room behind a two meter thick stainless steel vault door which in turn is to be guarded by at least four armed Authority personnel. Each terminal must be logged into manually and the "unlock" commands must be executed withing 0.5 seconds of each other. Each terminal is required to be secured with a password that must be at least 12 characters long, contain letters and numbers. This password is to be changed daily. Site-██ is to be equipped with a standard "Fail-Safe" on-site nuclear warhead. In the event that the lock box is touched while locks are engaged, the locker is opened while the locks are engaged, any facility connected to RPC-045 goes into lock down or "Veritas Unmasked" mass compromise protocol is in effect, the on-site nuclear warhead will detonate.

Description: RPC-045 is a "Spyglass" telescope estimated to originate approximately during the 17██'s thirty eight centimeters in length and four centimeters in diameter. "Look at them and laugh" is etched into the side of RPC-045, as RPC-045 is immune to all other attempts to damage or destroy it the method of how RPC-045 was able to be etched into is unknown. However any and all tests on discovering the method or any method of damaging or destroying RPC-045 is suspended indefinitely. RPC-045's anomalous properties manifest when any human looks through it's eyepiece. Anything seen through the lens of RPC-045 for ten uninterrupted seconds will detonate in a nuclear explosion. The yields of RPC-045's explosions have varied from blast to blast, ranging from 10 kilotons to the largest recorded explosion so far with a yield of ███ megatons. The levels of radiation given off by an RPC-045 detonation also vary from use to use with a record high of 50,000 roentgens per hour, nuclear fallout and any radiation given off by the initial blast will dissipate within five minutes. The cause of the variation in explosive power and radiation potency from use to use has of yet been unidentified as no correlation between subject appearance, background, age, personality, ethnicity, beliefs and the results of their use of RPC-045. RPC-045 will not activate if the subject looking through it is non-human, blind, unconscious, under the age of twenty four, has never been in a boat or submerged in ocean water.

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