Members of the Alger Lodge, 1913.
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The Society of Atheists for the Protection from Perilous and Hindering Institutionalized Religions Everywhere, better known as "SAPPHIRE", is a Group of Interest mostly set up in all the Western Europe but also present in the Eastern countries, in Nothern Africa, as well as the East Coast of the United States.

The oldest known actions linked to SAPPHIRE go back to 1909, although the organisation stayed very vague until the sixties, moment when SAPPHIRE seems to have known a real expansion. Its precise origin is unknown.

SAPPHIRE is a group promoting the struggle against any form of belief, religion and superstition, that they believe to be the root of all Humanity’s misfortune, as well as the SCP object, they consider to be the source of all the said beliefs, religions and superstitions.

Despite the ideal of rationality and humanism that SAPPHIRE pretends to support, they don’t hesitate to use anomalous means against religions, global or calibrated, occult or public, for terrorist purposes, whom first victim often are civilians. Those attacks can also be directed against superstitions, for example by attacking clairvoyance enthusiast civilians, or rival organisations, such as the Foundation.


"Selection of the RUBIES for the 12th June operation."
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Inner workings:

SAPPHIRE isn’t ruled by a real leader or a central power, but is divided in approximatively fifty semi-independant Lodges. Each Lodge is free to act in its own way, but if they are willing to they can collaborate with each other. The members of each Lodge are however under the responsability and the authority of a Lodge Leader. Those Lodge Leaders meet themselves anually during Summits taking place in an undetermined place, only known by the name "Stoa".

In spite of the egalitarian politic that SAPPHIRE claims to insure at its members, all of its Lodge Leaders and most eminent members seem to be part of an intellectual and/or wealthy elite, which is authoritative in the fields of civilian science. Several personalities known by the general public are believed to be secretly part of this elite, among which N███ ████████ █████, C███ █████ or R██████ ███████.


SAPPHIRE seems to obtain a part of its financial means from a cotisation of its adherents in one hand and the generosity of several rich patrons on the other. Among those monetary supports, the Foundation actively watch the Silverstein dynasty, based on the East coast of the United States, and the Faustil dynasty, in Switzerland, whose most members are part of SAPPHIRE since at least the thirties. It is also assumed that other organisations which are not part of SAPPHIRE but having interests in the eradication of the anomalous and/or the religion could offer them financial assistance. Those suspicions are however unconfirmed.


SAPPHIRE’s activities are centered around intelligence gathering, terrorism, research, active proselytism for the atheist cause and the destruction of anomalous objects and phenomena. To do this, the organisation is divided in several unities:

  • Repressive Use of Bias and Irreal Entities Suppression: The RUBIES is the field unit of SAPPHIRE, more or less the equivalent of the Foundation's MTF. Their objectives, as stated in the names, is to collect discovered SCP objects, to manipulate them when they have to use it against religions (during attacks for example) and to destroy them, or to counter or limitate their effects if they are indestructible.

Because SAPPHIRE doesn’t have military forces like the Foundation, and because most of its members are civilians, each team of RUBIES is improvised depending on the situation by voluntary members having knowledge, practice or precise means adapted to the circonstances. Consequently, a RUBIES can be formed by one or one hundred individuals depending on the operation. Though they are often charged with amateurism, RUBIES’ operations are successful more than sixty percents of the time.

  • Extorsions Manœuvres, Espionage and Reconnaissance inside Agencies, Leagues and Dogma: the EMERALDs refers to the undercover agents inside other organisms linked to the anomalous world. They are especially pernicious and are probably the biggest strategic advantage of SAPPHIRE, present inside "Agencies" such as the SCP Fondation, "Leagues" such as the Global Occult Coalition and "Dogma" such as the Horizon Initiative.

EMERALDs are particularly numerous, discreet and efficient. Most of SAPPHIRE members being scientists, they have no problem to infiltrate the Foundation, which often goes and search them itself without knowing. It is also assumed that several researchers already working for the Foundation and suffering from the Filbuson syndrome end up joining SAPPHIRE secretly. ██ EMERALDs have already been discovered within the Foundation since the seventies, and around ███ employees have been put under surveillance by the Intern Security Department.

  • Zetetic Investigation, Rational Cognition and Oddities Negation: the ZIRCON is an unity comprised of debunkers, sent as pathfinders on the scene of anomalous phenomena in order to write a precise report about "why it isn’t possible". Scepticism and rhetoric experts, they also mainly works in the communications, intern or extern, of the Society, as well as in the "scientific" research (although clearly oriented and negationnist) on the SCP objects.

The research on the anomalous objects, pursued indepently by SAPPHIRE researchers, seems to limitate itself essentially at the practical abilities and the limits of the SCP objects, in order to know how to destroy, inhibit and/or use them. SAPPHIRE has no personnal interests to know more about them, and the discovery of several technical documents from their researches mentioning "morphic fields" and "telluric resonance", largely outdated terms in the field of the paraphysic, prove that they are largely behind in the scientific sector.

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