Slashannemoo and Reyas

And so began the second reign of Rome.

Item #: SCP-005-INT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-005-INT is part of a series of events and items linked with an organisation known as Rome, Rebooted, a Group of Interest that aims to reform the Roman Empire by employing anomalous technology to shift the social, political, religious, and cultural fundamentals, primarily of Romance-speaking societies, to a modern adaptation of the pre-Catholic Roman Empire equivalent of these relevant elements.

  • SCP-005-INT-1 is a cognitive-memetic agent that is connected to the structure of Romance languages created by the relevant GoI.
  • SCP-005-INT-2 are anomalous materials embedded with the SCP-005-INT-1 agent published by the GoI.
  • SCP-005-INT-3 are androids employed by the GoI with diverse functions, designed A to C, related to the spread of 005-INT-1's anomalous effects.
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