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Manufactured Intel
Summary: A collection of recovered intelligence
summaries on "the Hive", each from separate sources.
There are remarkable gaps but it will have to do.
But there are the exact same gaps everywhere.
Are they maybe manipulating the intel about their own?
If so, they must have an tremendous net of spies
and saboteurs, the likes of which has never seen
Threat: Low, as long as I try not to meddle in their business.
Interest: Their means of communication could
benefit me for contacting my allies. However, these
communications seems to occur over a telepathic network.
Problems: This network makes infiltration impossible. Once I am
spotted, they know I am not one of them. The least favored outcome,
since the Hive seems to be able to indoctrinate people. There must be
a powerful telepath at the core of all this. I am not equipped to
handle such an adversary.


The Hive

The Hive is an organization with a peculiar, normally outright impossible structure. It consists of over 8000 individuals, a number that is continuously increasing with each passing day, apparently under the influence and effect of a non-descript parasitic psionic entity. The presence of its operations, membership, and influence is already on a global level, further obscuring the precise location and origin of the aforementioned relevant entity; it has been theorized, based on hints that the entity emerged during experiments conducted by the CIA; investigations are currently in progress to determine the accuracy and veracity of this data.

The projected goal of this organization appears to be the construction of a hegemonic social-technocratic society. The members are structured in cells like enclaves whose development is supported through paratechnological means. Except for the non-descript entity, these enclaves lack definite management and leadership figures; once a figure is eliminated or impaired somehow, a new individual is promptly designed to efficiently execute the function.

The members of The Hive do not exhibit significant differences that are traceable without the proper recognition tools, and thus, are capable of maintaining a masquerade of normalcy even throughout stressful conditions or continuous surveillance; this ability appears to be a developed mechanism of defense.

Structure: The Hive's organizational structure is unorthodox. Individuals affected by the parasitic entity are connected into a singular, complex psionic network that transmits data and information throughout its structure; one or several administrative components are responsible for partitioning and allocating its resources.

Members are not required to excel in any definite competences; individuals are appointed to fulfill roles that are most appropriate for their talents and psychophysical-intellectual abilities. General deficiencies appear to be eliminated through selective conditioning.

Resources: What characterizes The Hive as a major threat is not only its vast repertoire of data about the paranormal but the means that they utilize to collect and utilize these pieces of information extensively. The organization possesses a complex network of spies and defectors whose current and actual extension and influence is on a para-dimensional scale, and has been proven to encompass multiple organizations, including the GoC itself.

As such, it possesses intel from almost every paranormal group the GoC has encountered over the years, including parareligious cults such as the Sarkicists, and defunct organizations. Given its access to a diversified range of paraknowledge and the means that this information and know-how is managed through their networks, The Hive is adept in several parascientific fields of research — be it paratechnologies such as thaumaturgy, physical modifications, memetics, etcetera.

Moreover, The Hive infiltrators appear to be capable of spreading the parasitic influence of their network in similarly to telepathic influence, slowly turning those that are under the effect thereof; it is to be noted that such a process appears to require the willingness of the affected part.

The Hive also operates in the global market, utilizing its paratechnologies cost-efficiently to produce goods that are capable of outcompeting both ordinary and paranormal products; this tactic is used especially in underdeveloped and developing countries to hegemonize their presence in a region of interest.

Standing Orders: Engage with maximum prejudice and efficiency. The Hive's operatives are to be considered KTEs standardized as Response Level 4, up to Response Level 5 in case of extreme retaliation. GoC operatives spotted in its ranks are to be considered traitors and dealt with equal prejudice.

Capturing operatives of The Hive is ill-advised unless special precautions to dampen the psionics have been enacted to prevent the parasitic telepathic influence from spreading. Additionally, current interrogation and information-extraction methods are mostly rendered ineffective when applied to its operatives, as the damage and shock, invariably, conclude with collateral termination.

Berlin, the 09/ 10/ 1977

Ministry for State Security

Section XXV

Investigation Report Regarding „The Hive“

The mandatory screening of the designed functionaries led to the arrest of 15 individuals for the possession of a telepathic connection with the rogue organisation known as „The Hive“. The experiments conducted on these subjected individuals yielded or confirmed the following information.

The Hive is a collective whose members are integrally connected by a homogeneously shared telepathic connection that is extensively utilised for transmitting information at an incredibly fast, if not instantaneous, rate to its members, with or without reserves.

This neural link is spread to individuals who are willing to accept the incorporation into the collective, though, occurrences thereof indicate that one of the collateral effects of being incorporated is the complete reprogrammation of the psyche of the newly linked individual.

Magister Krone's theory is that the individuals comprising this collective are secretly controlled by an exceptionally-skilled telepathic entity that utilises this network to the maintenance of its objectives and purposes.

Thus far those objectives and purposes entail the collection of intel about the paranormal from a varied and extensive quantity of available sources. This knowledge is then filtered, and refined to outfit the collective's members in established communities that employ a technocratic system of social hierarchy, increasing their development and consequent expansion.

Whilst this system shares many aspects with the socialist society of the GDR, there are key differences that are incompatible with the State doctrine. Furthermore, as already stated in other reports, The Hive poses a high-risk to Section XXV's concealment.

Though unsuccessful in remaining undetected, the maintenance of the secrecy of Section XXV's assets has been successful with the removal of suspicious, and guilty elements from organisation ranks.

Nevertheless, the major threat remains active; The Magisters, as well as other specialists, unanimously recommend taking steps to identify and neutralise the entity that is the source of this collective to break and destroy the threat posed by The Hive.

Amongst these recommendations, one of utmost importance is the development of espionage and counter-espionage assets available. Additionally, a program to research means of purging the telepathic link of this collective has been assembled and awaits the approval of the higher authorities.

In this interim, it is advised to intensify the employment of Zersetzung against members of The Hive and those suspicious of comprising the collective as means of disconnecting them further from society to cripple their influence and means of operating undercover, and discourage further involvement in the operations of Section XXV and the maintenance of the GDR.

Of the Emperor of Many Voices

Beneath the surface the monster lies,
Suppressing all its victims's cries,
Promising prosperity and perfection,
While planning to enslave all since inception,
Left and lost, his maddened prey rejoices,
For he is the Emperor of Many Voices.

The Emperor of Many Voices is an extraordinarily enigmatic being in this Cosmos amongst the collection of the most mysterious thereof. Believed to be the product of men, it is whispered that the empire of the Emperor of Many Voices begun in an especially plagued mind-palace in the city of Bagdad, capital of Iraq, during a series of gruesome experiments that gave him his first voice.

Since then, the Emperor of Many Voices has sought ways to expand its palace through the mind of others, counting now over ten thousand voices of his subjects, and thus growing more powerfully with each new vassal that bends the knee.

The palace of the Emperor of Many Voices is so wide and expansive that he could never be found, as he wanders his domain constantly to ensure the integrity of his subjects. Many telepaths have tried to fathom the nature of the Emperor of Many Voices but have never returned from his royal dominion. Those that did return lost their memories partially but told accounts of a being far greater than a mortal mind, regal and speaking in the voice of its thousands of subjects at once.

Those that are under the vassalage of the Emperor of Many Voices still retain what makes themselves their selves, although their selves are the collective same.

Those that are under the vassalage of the Emperor of Many Voices are enthralled by the Emperor of Many Voices's concerns about the suffering of mankind.

Those that are under the vassalage of the Emperor of Many Voices join in the Emperor of Many Voices's cause of creating a bright future for his subjects, wistful that his dominion will encompass most, if not the entire humanity, and perhaps, whole universes.

Few of those under His vassalage become entirely different people. All under His vassalage gain more knowledge than any man alone could grasp within a life-time. Knowledge of the Occult, of the Beyond, knowledge from some of the darkest of tomes stored within the library; all ready to use it to frightening ability. Only a few are left untouched, for they are immune to the Emperor of Many Voices's influence.

Those claimed by the Emperor of Many Voices move as one whilst not being the same although with the same goal; building a world of wonders where matters such as gender, race, ideology, and personality have no impact. To this end, they use their vast knowledge of the Occult to create apparatuses and beings of extraordinary quality. Their vast knowledge comes from many sources, including the Book Burners, the Jailors, the Robber Barons, and many more. They refine it, and make it fit to what their desires are and need it to be.

The Emperor of Many Voices seeks the hegemony and homogeny of his Empire of Many Voices. His Empire is not truly allied to any other, be it inimical, amical or neutral.

The Emperor of Many Voices awaits unrevealed, using every opportunity to efficiently increase his dominion and vassals; to take in their knowledge to incorporate into His own, and share His incorporated knowledge further and forevermore.

What creature would go as far as causing an entire species to cower fearfully of its kin?

Business Associate 10A78/C01ZM/939BG
Associate Type: Supplier (Goods)
Known Locations Language(s) Comments
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Primary associate with MC&D due to location, goods acquired are of outstanding quality. Personnel in the area expresses worrying amounts of sympathy for this associate.
Sochi, Russia Russian Take-over of the business has been attempted but not succeeded until now. Several Agents are MIA.
Massachusetts, USA American English Astouding competition with Business Associate 29A83/C56ZT/943ML. The goods produced constantly increase in quality and amount. Imitations from Business Associate 29A83/C56ZT/943ML have been observed to outcompete the original on several occasions. Management is considering to terminate the supplier contract with Business Associate 29A83/C56ZT/943ML in this area.
Kiel, Germany German Infiltration of the establishment has been attempted but failed. Since this attempt, several employees have resigned from their post to work for Business Associate 10A78/C01ZM/939BG.
Production Items are of high quality regardless of nature. Method of manufacture is unknown in all cases.
Employees Workers are drawn from the surrounding region. Employee management and morale have been described as "exceptional".
Planned Ventures Attempts for direct incorporation into our own establishment are being considered.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Investigation Report
Author Michelle Hudson Date May 20th, 2009
Interest High Identifier Hive
This is an investigation report regarding the new player in the anomalous world. The Hive, as the brand is called, operates everywhere in the world and has set up stores akin to supermarkets everywhere.

This competitor, while small now, poses a threat to our enterprise that should not be underestimated. Resources used for their goods could not be traced to any retailer, meaning that the Hive produces them itself. That alone would be of little concern but during our investigation, we found several "knock-offs" of our products in the Hive's product range. Problem is, we can't simply call them knock-offs so easily because they are of the same quality or higher than the original and are sold at drastically lower prices. With their current rate of improvement, our enterprise will be overtaken in only a few decades.

It has been observed that products of the Hive include properties only observed in other Groups of Interest as well as our goods. How this know-how is acquired remains a mystery. We were not able to convict one of our employees or members of the Hive of industrial espionage. Records acquired from other organizations hint that Hive employees are linked by some sort of hive-mind. If that is indeed the case, we will have to rework our security protocols. R&D has already worked out the procedures but the new devices will cost 80,000,000$ minimum. Not to mention the drop in workers's morale.
File Opened Under: D8924/0RE18/045AM
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

[BURNT] the Fourth Reich operations have suffered a severe setback thus. Regardless, at least one good thing is that we managed to acquire one specimen of this group thanks to Kraft's quick-wit in teleporting the specimen to our hideout for study.


The aforementioned corroborates to what our research has shown about the lack of internal and external physical abnormalities regardless of the peculiar and astoundingly strong telepathic link of the specimen; the information output thereof was not enough to reveal our location given the numerous precautions I took to keep its influence from spreading.

Nevertheless, its strength is concerning even whilst minimised by my measures; presumably, it is still powerful enough to consume any fool trying to gouge exactly what sort of hive-mind it is. Thankfully, none of my Acolytes are stupid enough to even fathom divining it.

However, I could gather that this hive-mind has prolific experience and expertise in several schools of anomalous sciences and the technologies developed with them. We [BURNT]

[BURNT] gathered suggests that this hive-mind is highly-dependent on the communities it establishes. [BURNT]

Regardless of that apparent isolation, [BURNT] whilst they appear to work for the benefit of society instead of the individual, a positive characteristic which I admire, they take no measures to prevent the Unclean from participating in said communities. Their philosophy is that anomalous enhancement for the individual whilst in a collective is enough for the improvement of society as a whole; err is present even within a vast intellectual repertoire.

Interestingly, I was unable to pinpoint the exact point of origin of the core of this hive-mind. It is as if the information has been erased even from the metaphysical planes. [BURNT] or how-so-ever integrated, I presume there are powerful magicians amongst the ranks of this hive-mind.

Whilst this may sound like a tough foe to pick a fight with, I believe that it is possible to steer this monstrosity; by planting fabricated evidence at different locations, we could provoke wars between this hive-mind and our adversaries. [BURNT], the possibilities are endless.

Always remember that, at the end of the day, this hive-mind, as connected as it might be, is still comprised by humans, and that they incorporate Unclean elements. The only difference between fooling It and a mere human is that It is a human at several locations at once.

Department of Archives
Internal Memorandum: The Psionic Network of a Collective Gestalt Conciousness

The continuous harassment displayed by the officially nameless Psionic Collective towards the maintenance of the Academy's sovereignty and other organisations and individuals associated with the scenario of the anomalous, including valuable investors, created the necessity of furthering the actions taken since the incident with Project Mel.

Through the efforts of Project Mindbreaker with the asset captured during the incident, Academy specialists managed to reconstruct an artificial mind emulating the network of this Collective, virtually granting access to the idiosyncratic psionic sequence utilised by its integrants.

Given the fragility of the asset and equipment, and the necessity to remain undetected by the administrators of the network, the research team could not perform complex research into the psionic influx thereof.

The Psionic Collective in question is officially nameless; whilst the alias "The Hive" has been adopted informally by its integrants to objectively communicate their primary nature as an organisation, but it is unclear, even amongst the integrants themselves, where the alias first appeared, and when internally-wide use begun.

This psionic network possesses a centralised administration for the collective but does not centralise the components thereof, rather, the components that manage this specific information are distributed amongst the integrants of the network. It is important to note that, although there are leadership positions amongst the groupings those leaders do not represent the administrative body of the entire Collective, and are, factually, only in charge of their designated grouping.

Considering that, it might be efficient to preemptively disrupt the operations of these groupings in detriment of targetting the integrants themselves until we devise means for the secure research of specimens so we may develop our current understanding of this Psionic Collective.

As per the request of our investors, Project Mindbreaker has been extended to comprise counter-espionage and the disruption of these operations in conjunction with the already-established research and experimentation.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the full study and the results of Project Mindculling will be published amongst the evaluated articles within a week.

— Professor Cinthia Rosabela

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