solvex's Proposal - Acquittal and Miniascape

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Item #: SCP-001-JP

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-JP and its pictures/images are contained in the standard secure locker on Site-19 respectively. Get out, SCP-001-JP and its pictures/image are limited to only when staff with security clearance level 5/001, which is involved in the Acquittal Protocol, get permission from O5.

Application of the Acquittal Protocol to all researchers has finished. Please apply it to new researchers after that.

Description: SCP-001-JP is a anomalous lamp. Anomalous was not confirmed in the material constituting SCP-001-JP. The space to fill the fuel is filled with ectoplasm solution consisting of Class-A ectomorphs. And by experiment, could not confirm the sign of extinction even if it burned for at least 744 hours.

Ignited SCP-001-JP triggers a cognitohazard for the person who views (hereafter referred to as the subject). This cognitohazard occurs even when you see pictures/images of ignited SCP-001-JP. The subject will try to avoid mentioning the deaths caused by himself. If it is inevitable, the subject will use euphemism as much as possible1. As a secondary effect, there is a reduction of the burden on the spirit of the subject due to the corresponding death event. However, it is concluded that this is not specificity by SCP-001-JP.

SCP-001-JP was found in a private house in the state of Texas in the USA. Initially it was contained as a lamp that would not burn out. However, after the turnover rate of the staff who exposed to SCP-001-JP declined, current anomalous was found out.

Organizations that protect mankind beings from anomalous objects have existed all over the world from a long ago. And how to protect it is numerous, but it is indispensable to know objects, and inevitably it was necessary to experiments by actual human beings. The human used are such as criminals, slaves, and other ethnic groups, varies according to times and regions. However, it largely eroded the spirit of the researchers. Some could not stand his sins and threw himself in the sea. Some also kept the peace of mind by eliminating the distinction between life and death. But then he killed his family with a bit of a dispute. I transmitted to a lot of people "This leads to protecting the world". But such words are only ad-hoc items after all, many people broke the heart.

But I found that lamp. The circumstances were coincidental, but its effect was noteworthy. Researchers have been able to do research on fierce anomalous entities without breaking their hearts. As a result, the work efficiency dramatically increased, and the damage caused by the abnormity also decreased in inverse proportion to it.

However, problems also arose. Those who abandoned their responsibility for death by themselves became heterogeneous in daily life where general morality exists. They had become impossible to live in the general public.

So I made a suggestion: whether it can containment anomalous people protecting mankind from anomalous objects. Many people opposed at first, but my plan steadily progressed by my hard persuasion. And finally completed. An organization that keeps those who paraphrase "death" as "termination" away from the general public. That is the Foundation of nowadays.

I still regret: person to protect mankind from abnormality were changed abnormality and containment subjects by us. But still we must keep going until we find a better way than this method. Because we must always do our best.


Summary of the Acquittal Protocol

The Acquittal Protocol is aimed at reducing the burden on researchers' spirit caused by loss of personnel during the experiment. By the result of examination, let the researcher with Psychic Resistance Scale than 60, let browse images of Ignited SCP-001-JP. This protocol also includes accommodating the subject within the Foundation.

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