Spaces Sandbox 01
  1. Each branch may nominate as many contacts as they wish, on the condition that all branches have a somewhat even amount of contacts, so that during any minor votes, all branches will have a somewhat equal voting power.
  2. Each branch elects have a primary contact, who has admin rights on the O5 wiki as well as SCP-INT. How each branch decides who is to be their primary contact is up to them.
    1. Each branch should decide internally who can substitute the primary, if they should be temporarily unavailable.
    2. Each branch can vote their primary contact out. They can do this public or - e.g. if they distrust their primary - in secret, by sending PM to another admin of their trust, who then will demote said primary from all admins rights, until further notice. This will then be matter of a major discussion.
    3. The primary contact of a branch decides which representatives of his or her branch become moderator and may take care of promotions or demotions themselves.
    4. Representatives may also be admitted to staff without moderator rights.
  3. In general, every staff member can take part in any discussion or start a discussion of any kind at their own discretion.
    1. For major decisions, staff members should attempt to reach a consensus by discussion before a vote is called.
    2. Major decisions are defined as decisions that impact the overall course of this project, like general changes in policy or structure.
    3. For the sake of comprehensibility, topics can be made so that only primary contacts may discuss.
    4. If a consensus is not found, a primary-contact vote will be called.
  4. Each branch decides internally how they will vote.
    1. The primary contact will vote for the branch.
    2. There is no veto in voting, all votes are equal.
    3. There will be a time limit for voting.
    4. If the primary contact is unavailable, a temporary primary contact is elected and may vote on the branches behalf.
    5. If a vote fails, that topic needs to pass through discussions before being voted on again.
  5. In minor decisions, every staff member may take part.
    1. Minor decisions are disciplinary actions, design changes, minor staff structure changes etc.
    2. Before voting begins, a consensus can be established.
    3. If a consensus is not reached, a vote will be called. All staff can vote, all votes are equal.
    4. Primary contacts can veto any minor decision.
    5. Primary contacts can also, at their own discretion, choose to make the discussion major.
  6. Unofficial branches a get a primary contact, but neither admin- nor moderator rights.
    1. Unofficial primary contacts may take part in or start any discussion and may vote in minor decisions. However, they may not veto any minor discussions or elect to promote minor discussions to major discussions.
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