• 虽然是废话但还是要说:别添加你没写过的条目。
  • 每个作者只能添加一个条目。
  • 不许放合著条目!这必须是100%你的作品、你的风格。
  • 如果要有所改动,每位作者仅有一次“加击”Mulligan1机会。要保证这一篇可以完全代表你的作品。不管你这个星期最喜欢的是哪篇,不管什么时候这都不是个给你随便换作品的地方。
  • 任何更换作品超过一次的作者,他们的作品将从SCP名人堂上移除,并禁止往后对该清单做出任何贡献。
  • 和用户推荐清单上其他的条目一样,在投票正式结束之前不可添加正在参与征文竞赛的条目。
  • 请别改动页面上其他内容的格式,附上您的Wikidot ID2并引用原文的一句话。可以添加注释,但请用可折迭方块折起来。
  • 别忘了在加好的条目前面编号。



This page is meant to be expanded based off community input. Anyone may submit a proposal for articles they wish to see displayed. Here's how it works:

  • Proposals must contain at least 10 articles. Longer lists may be submitted, but the total number of works must be in multiples of 10 or 25 for nice, even lists.
  • Individual lists should adhere to a certain "genre", or "category" of articles. For instance, lists of "Top Mythological SCPs" "Top Cute SCPs" "Top Picks for New Readers" etc. This is to make things easy for people looking for particular content - we don't need thirty generic "Favorite SCPs" list because that shit will get redundant fast.
  • Look at what has come before. See if what you're going to propose isn't a heavy retread of an earlier list from another user. Some repeats are fine. This is to only cut down on multiple lists that would otherwise be wholesale regurgitation of content.
    • Feel free to propose an expansion for an existing list, though.
  • Articles should be listed with their title and author.
  • Lists are locked-in once incorporated onto the page. Users should not change or remove works that have already been included.
      • Only minor edits (formatting fixes, correcting attribution, SPaG) are permitted.
  • Users may include blurbs for articles they choose, and they may include their reasoning for their inclusion.
  • No articles can be included if they are part of an active contest.

Proposals for similar content may be combined or changed at the discretion of yours truly.

If you would like to propose a new or expanded list, comment here with your selects. If you get the go-ahead, draft your list up and add it to the page!

What we still need:

  • Top Tales for "Ambassador" category
    • Goal is two (2) lists of 10. One list for series, one list for stand-alones.
  • "Romance" category
    • Goal is a list of 50 SCPs
  • "Mystery" category
    • Goal is a list of 50 SCPs
  • "Heartwarming" category
    • Goal is a list of 50 SCPs
  • "Tearjerker" category
    • Goal is a list of 50 SCPs
  • "Characters" category
    • "Villains" section
      • Goal is 25 Tales/SCPs
    • “D级人员”一栏
      • 目标:25篇SCP/外围
    • Shaggy的推荐清单 - 人物群像Expanding the Shaggy's Selects - Characters
      • 目标:100篇(任意文档)
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