Steel Terror

Item #: N/A

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-N/A is to be kept in an 30x30x50 meter titanium chamber at all times. A small hatch is located at the top for maintenance purposes. The chamber is to be cleaned bi-weekly to prevent SCP-N/A from entering an enraged state. Any cracks discovered by maintenance are to be sealed immediately.

Description: SCP-N/A is a large mass of steel components, each varying in size. SCP-N/A appears to be sentient, and capable of human speech, though speaking is rare. large "mouth" is found on the "front" of SCP-N/A consisting of multiple spinning sharp steel objects creating a blender like "mouth". SCP-N/A is capable of locomotion via steel "legs", each consisting of 3 segments. SCP-N/A's interior however, appears to consist of real working muscles and organs, however, no reproductive method is present. SCP-N/A's legs double as a method of killing prey. when a human subject comes within view, SCP-N/A's leg will impale the subject/subjects, and devour them with its "mouth". Approximately one hour after the victim is devoured, SCP-N/A will regurgitate the remains of the subject, which are almost always skeletal. However, organs such as lungs, intestines, testicles, and ovaries, have been regurgitated at rare times. Request to experiment with different animals is pending.

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