StuGland-transmutating tank

Item #: 3057
Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures:
SCP-3057 is to be stored in a 12mx5mx5m container. Entry of the vehicle is not permitted unless for research purposes. A maintenance team are to come and repair and maintain SCP-3057 on a monthly basis.
D-Class are not permitted to enter the container unless they have had a history with a military background and have received prior tank training during their military employment. After a period of 50 minutes after contact with the SCP, D-Class are to be interviewed with a multi-national interpreter for a period of 70 minutes, after the interview the D-Class in question are to be given Class A amnesiacs and retaught their original language in order to be sent back for testing purposes.
Under any circumstances animals are not permitted within the container. Humanoid creatures also count in this situation.

SCP-3057 is a transmutating armored combat vehicle that will periodically change shape after a period of 24 hours, its notable forms have been listed in addendum. The forms are noted from being from the following eras 1939-1999.
The SCP was acquired while an agent was on holiday in, [DATA EXPUNGED], Tunisia. Due to the agent speaking multiple languages the anomalous properties were observed, but was not experienced. After the agent went into town he found several civilians who were not speaking their native tongue, this was then followed with multiple background checks of the affected civilians who visited the SCP. The agent later called in foundation personnel to investigate the incident, the incident was corrected by administering Class A amnesiacs to the affected civilians and retaught their native tongues.
After foundation personnel contained the SCP, the anomalous properties were observed to be a memetic hazard that changes the language of subjects depending on the country the tank model was made, the effects of this are also considered to be permanent and subjects are to be retaught their original language as a result of exposure to the SCP.

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