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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Constant patrol and surveillance of SCP-XXXX is required, any unauthorized personnel found within 5 miles outside SCP-XXXX should be detained and questioned, before being cleared by On-Site psychologist's, and amnesticized with Class- B amnesiacs. Cooperation of Japanese authorities is required, and as such no personnel may leave the designated area without explicit permission from Project Lead. Under no circumstances are any Foundation personnel to enter SCP-XXXX without approval from Dr.O'Brien. Any unauthorized individuals entering SCP-XXXX are not to be pursued, and any individual exiting SCP-XXXX should be detained and questioned.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a forest located North of ██████,Japan. Animals inside SCP-XXXX are non-anomalous SCP-XXXX was brought to Foundation attention when several town citizens were reported missing after hiking north. Agents Hajime and Hachimo were sent to investigate, resulting in Incident Log 1223LB [Detailed Below]

SCP-XXXX emits a cognitohazardous effect when entered. Any human that enters will undergo heavy emotional stress, in which they will have an urge to commit self harm. It is noted that animal inside SCP-XXXX will avoid any the subject at this point, it is unknown if this is an effect of SCP-XXXX or if the animals are simply following natural instinct. Observed individuals seem to be listening to an entity, drones do not pick up any sound. If the individual has no sharp objects on person, they will pick up rocks or sticks off the forest floor and repeatedly beat themselves. At this point, the subject is permanently damaged, with 90% of individuals having permanent clinical depression. If the subject is allowed to stay longer, they begin to show worse signs of depressive thought, often assuming a fetal position and crying. After about 5 minutes, the subject stands and video feeds at this point are cut for approximately 15 minutes. When the feed is returned, the subject is dead, via hanging of rope or slitting of the throat. Only one instance was a subject known to be terminated in an ulterior way.

It is unknown how SCP-XXXX is able to disrupt video feeds, and the effect of SCP-XXXX have been shown to not be from the tree's themselves. However, when removing trees from SCP-XXXX it is noted that if a stump is left behind and unobserved, the tree appears again. If the stump is removed and unobserved, the ground will seem to have shifted as if the tree never existed. However, as stated previously, the process of removing trees do not seem to have an affect on the cognitohazardous effect of SCP-XXXX, proven in Test Log (). Bodies in SCP-XXXX will disappear within 30 days of death. Any man-made object left inside SCP-XXXX will be left untouched, until it naturally decomposes, or is taken by an animal inhabiting SCP-XXXX.

Test Log 1 - Date:2/2/██

Subject: D-1739
Procedure: D-Class is sent into SCP-XXXX with video camera and audio device attached. Initial Testing to see effects of SCP-XXXX

Results: D-Class is instructed to enter SCP-XXXX, audio logs begin here
D-1739: "What is this, some sort of joke? I don't even c-" At this point the D-Class enters the forest, and stops talking, camera begins to shake slightly "O-Oh god.. Karen I..I didn't mean to! I-I didn't want to!" It is noted that D-1739 was incarcerated for first-degree murder of 2 minors. "Karen" is assumed to be Karen [Redacted] , D-1739's ex-spouse."God… I'm… I'm evil.." D-1739 proceeds to pick up a stick from the ground and repeatedly beat himself, before dropping to the ground and audibly sobbing. D-1739 gets up, and video/audio feed cut out simultaneously. Surveyors report that at this point D-1739 ran deep into the forest, ignoring instructions yelled at him. Video and Audio feed return in 15 minutes, and the predictions by the researchers by the swaying motion of the camera are confirmed by an unmanned drone.

Analysis: SCP-XXXX seems to exhibit a cognitohazardous affect, containment is acquired.

Test Log 2 - Date:[Data Expunged]
[Data Expunged]

The Ethics Committee have ceased all testing of SCP-XXXX, this is order is to followed effective immediately~ 05-█

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